[Editor: We know this man and think he is an excellent candidate to take out the very establishment, Paul Boyer, in LD20]

For Immediate Release
Charles A. Loftus, Ph.D. announces switch to Arizona Senate.
District 20 - 2018 Election

Phoenix, Arizona - February 7, 2018

Due to the changing landscape in both the Federal and State legislatures, it has become obvious that to best serve the people of District 20 and Arizona, Charles Loftus should pursue the Senate rather than the House. He is not a political insider and is the true conservative in this race. As a result, Dr. Loftus is curtailing the run for State House LD-20 and announces his candidacy for State Senate LD-20.

Charles Loftus, Ph.D., is an Arizona native, born in Nogales and raised in Phoenix. He entered law enforcement after high school and has been an Arizona law enforcement officer for over 30 years, having served with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Arizona State University Police, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and the Office of Inspector General at DES. He earned his Ph.D. in Public Administration with an emphasis on Criminal Justice Public Policy (police and public corruption) from Arizona State University. He also earned a Master in Public Administration with an emphasis on organizational behavior and public policy analysis from Arizona State University.

He became an instructor with the Arizona State University School of Criminology and Criminal Justice teaching counter-terrorism, domestic terrorism, intelligence, and research methods. He is the director of an intensive study abroad program through ASU that takes students to Israel to learn about counter-terrorism, Islamic fascism, jihadism, martyrdom and emergency responses to terrorism.

Dr. Loftus has witnessed firsthand how Arizona government has worked and at times failed its citizens. Over the years, he has had to implement what previous legislators enacted. He has been witness to the many faults and corruption within Arizona government and it is something he passionately wants to change, to improve. He believes that there is a effort in this country that is dedicated to restoring our Constitution and the Bill of Rights and he strongly feels that he can contribute to it. He feels that in this way and many others, he can help his neighbors in LD20 where he and his family have lived for the last 25 years.

He would describe himself as a Republican Conservative with very pro law and order leanings. He would like to help expose and eliminate corruption in government. Like you, he is fed up with politicians that say anything to get elected then support the lobbyist who provides them the most.

Please go to the “Loftus 2018” website at http://www.loftus4az.com . There’s lots more information there. He is an Arizonan who is tough, smart and passionate about Arizona. He's a true conservative and not a political insider. He's also the most qualified to work for his district and state.

Contact: Duane Loftus – Campaign Manager
Tel: (602) 774-0823
Cell Phone: (602) 228 6379
Email: info@loftus4az.com
Website: www.loftus4az.com

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From the Southern Poverty Law Center? You kidding me?  I also read the report on the Bundy situation while I was there and it is full of provable lies. So I read the next one.  Can't remember the name of that one and don't want to go back to that site but also lies.  You're going to have to come up with something better than this.

I know Attila well and he was not espousing the Southern Poverty Law center as any source of credible news. He posted this link as an example of how low this Marxist organization can go by twisting and spinning fact in order to fit their Anti-America agenda. Attila is on our side and a true Patriot. I had a hard time reading this article because I was a principle in organizing this presentation and the article as depicted by the SPLC was filled with inaccuracies and outright lies! However I'm glad I did read it as a refresher on what these phony organizations are up to!   

Well thanks for clearing that up for us.  The Attila post is sure not clear.  I couldn't imagine AFA allowing anyone on this site who believed SPLC's crap

We questioned Charles Loftus on the charges made by SPLC just so everything is clear.  Here is a statement from the campaign:

"It is pure liberal pontification and not worthy of getting into a distracting verbal match over. The issues in this campaign are many and focusing on just one would be a mistake."

This came in to a request from an Arizona news organization editor:

"[We] love Charlie Loftus! We have to get him elected – have to!"

And from AFA, we know the SPLC is as rabid a left wing rag as there is that hates America and everyone who loves her.  Just to be clear.  The link from Attila Revesz is simply an FYI on what the left is saying.

From Liberty Council in the case of SPLC vs Liberty Council:

This case is extremely disturbing because it reveals how the dangerous ramifications of the Southern Poverty Law Center's (SPLC) blatant targeting of Christians and Christian groups could spread like a deadly virus across the country.

As I'm sure you recall, Guidestar relied on the SPLC's "hate group" designation in labeling Liberty Counsel. If the judge's ruling against us stands, organizations like GuideStar may be further emboldened to target and label Christians and Christian organizations with the SPLC's "hate" label without fear of repercussions.

We know (and I know too) very well SPLC and its activities.

That's the reason why Charles Loftus' dealing with them is also disturbing.

In this case not SPLC is the issue but the possibility to elect a RINO of whom we have too many in Arizona.

To proof is his speech at RidersUSA meeting. Recording is posted.



I need to clarify a couple of things.

I am a member of RidersUSA therefore you don't need to introduce me to SPLC.

I attended the February 5, 2018 meeting and was listening carefully because the announced subject was very interesting.

However, the alarm bell started to ring when I heard that Loftus gave interview to SPLC. What? Is he dealing both sides?

Let me quote from the SPLC's interview (what you probably didn't read):

"Loftus, a retired cop who teaches courses on international and domestic terrorism at the university’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, told the Southern Poverty Law Center on Friday that Riders USA created the ads on its own and that he has no intention of joining their cause or coaching them on how to combat other groups. He went further to say that attendees of the event probably won’t like what he has to say on a number of topics, and that he’s prepared to do “verbal judo” with them."

Yeah, that makes you thinking!

Additionally, I know that SPLC is full of lies, however, they also include some truth in their dirty reports.

Let me quote from another source about Loftus' DES involvement:

On November 15, 2017, the private law firm of Cohen Dowd Quigley representing the State of Arizona made a motion to dismiss the libel and defamation lawsuits filed by former DES Director Timothy Jeffries and former DES Chief Investigator Charles Loftus, claiming in part that the DPS audit of DES found no wrongdoing by Jeffries or Loftus, and therefore, no claim of libel or defamation could be made. This unusual legal argument begs the question: if they did nothing wrong then why were they fired?

It is widely believed that Governor Doug Ducey’s dismissal of Jeffries and Loftus was politically motivated because Jeffries’ team was investigating large dollar pork programs operated by persons with ties to the Governor’s Office.

In late November, 2016, Jeffries and Loftus were fired and escorted out of the DES building by members of the DPS SWAT team. At the time, neither Jeffries nor Loftus were given a reason for their terminations.  However, the Governor’s Office immediately began publicly accusing DES of stockpiling immense troves of weapons and ammunition intimating that Jeffries was attempting to start his own armed militia."

These are facts.

But let's go back to the Loftus presentation.

Later my alarm bell was ringing like crazy when Loftus stated that he did not consider BLM a domestic terrorist group. One of our RidersUSA member interrupted him questioning his statement. He also reminded Loftus about the five police officers killing in Texas during riot. Loftus said that was not domestic terrorism but just murder. Beside many other questionable opinion, Loftus put equal sign between George Soros and the Koch brothers. I felt betrayed after Loftus' presentation and left immediately.

My message to Jaspergoat: Don't shoot the messenger! You wrote: "I couldn't imagine AFA allowing anyone on this site who believed SPLC's crap." Jaspergoat, are going to kick me out of AFA? Or the country?

My message to AFA: If you still endorse Loftus after all the facts out that's fine. You have the right for your opinion.

Finally, before you make your conclusion here is the recording made by a RidersUSA member:


I understand and appreciate your insight and opinion into the material that Dr. Loftus introduced at the RidersUSA event on Domestic Terrorist Groups. I haven't spoken to Dr. Loftus since his presentation as I have questions concerning his interview with SPLC. For now I'm tabling my opinion about that interview because I felt a bit uncomfortable with that article as well. We all know that whatever SPLC promotes or writes, it is going to be slanted in such a way as to benefit their Marxist agenda. If they can pit Conservative against Conservative and create chaos among us, then they have accomplished their goal. In my many communications with him I sense that Charles Lofus is definitely a Conservative. How Conservative is the question in my mind. I'm going to take the opportunity to question him further at our upcoming 2nd Amendment Rally on Saturday about the SPLC interview and what his platform is on immigration and other issues before I come to any definite conclusions. We have enough RINO's in our Senate and I certainly do not wish to support another. At this point in time he appears to be more right of center than his Republican challenger (s) in the upcoming primaries. I lend some weight to the opinion of AZ Freedom Alliance as they are more focused upon the vetting of these candidates than I am personally. Besides that, I always consider if a candidate for any political office "hangs" with the "unwashed" (us) and is not intimidated to discuss and/or debate the issues most important to us.

To Attila Resvesz:  We never endorse any candidate.  We support some of them.  That is different than an endorsement.  Again, we DO NOT and never have used the word "endorsement" of any candidate, no matter how much we like that candidate.

To Attila's message: If I had been at that meeting, I would have asked him to define the difference between "domestic terrorism" and "murder" In the police world, the language is different than in the rest of the world.

You say it's unknown why Loftus and Jefferies were fired. Political firings happen all the time. Then you quote "the Governor’s Office immediately began publicly accusing DES of stockpiling immense troves of weapons and ammunition intimating that Jeffries was attempting to start his own armed militia." Now, we know Ducey is owned lock, stock and barrel by McCain and the article gives no reason for the escorting of the  DPS from the buildings or for Ducey's accusations.  You say those are the facts but it's untrue that accusations are facts.  Why not show us where charges were brought against Loftus on this matter?  Then we can deal with facts. A guilty verdict or acquittal would also be helpful.  My guess is that Loftus was getting too close to something bad about Ducey and I can tell you, there is plenty there on Ducey.

I will keep my comment short.

To: Jaspergoat. If you didn't attend RidersUSA meeting then don't comment on it (or until you listen the full recording).

Make more research to figure out DES stories including about weapons. Good source: DPS. He was fired.

Beside these I am not interested why the Governor fired him and how he dealt with weapons.

More important, he freely gave interview (nobody forced him!!!) to SPLC.

Now, let's see what Loftus said at the RidersUSA meeting:

1. Black Life Matters is not domestic terrorist organization.

2. George Soros is the same than Koch brothers.

3. Five Texas police officers killing during riot was not terrorist act.

These are facts. Just you need to listen. Listen. Loftus said those. You must believe what hes says.

Personally, I support Blue Life Matters.

If you want more RINOs then go for it. Vote for Charles Loftus.



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