It has happened again in the Special Election in CD8, just like it always seems to go.

A vacancy occurs where there is no incumbent.  Mouths start to water. Hands are rubbed together in glee. Many people, too many people, get the idea they are the perfect candidate (after all, their families and close friends tell them so) and are sure they are electable (after all, their families and close friends tell them so).  They race to the Capitol to file their paperwork, make an announcement, gather their cadre of buddies around and start to get signatures or find someone to pay to get signatures.  First one candidate, then a dozen in a blink of an eye.

There are just so many voters to go around.  Voters are generally uninformed.  Candidates are very good, for the most part except the truly honest ones, in playing to their uninformed audience.  Suddenly, there were 13 Republican candidates running for a single seat and two democrats for the same seat.  One Republican had the good sense to withdraw, leaving an even dozen.  You see where we are going here! Theoretically, any one candidate could have won with 10% of the vote.  Theory rarely works out and in this case, Lesko got 36% of the vote, 14+% less than a majority.  Hardly a mandate.

In the CD8 race, there were plenty of looooong shots and a few viable candidates.  There were a few, very few, conservatives, in this race.  That is conjecture on our part because half of those running were total unknowns and it was hard to find out anything in depth about them due to the short time period.

The outcome, as is so incredibly predictable, went to an establishment candidate, Debbie Lesko.  We remember when Lesko was a conservative.  We can say the same about Steve Montenegro, who came in second.  Maybe both are handled by CQ.  We don't know, but CQ has a way of spoiling conservatives and making them into.... well, something else.

The win by Lesko essentially assures her election in this very conservative district.  But don't get complacent. We know how the democrats cheat and we know that Adrian Fontes, the democrat Maricopa County Recorder, is outdoing himself in that space.

Here's an idea: the next time a seat previously held by a republican in a heavy republican district is open, all you conservatives get together and decide on ONE to run and the rest get behind that candidate. We don't care how it gets worked out but hopefully, it would be based on electability and there are ways to measure that.  We know everyone who files and qualifies has every right to run.  Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.  

Do it for the rest of us.  Whatever district we live in, we all have to live with the votes cast by the seat-holder.

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Arizona just voted for AZ swamp

They sure did and we get to suffer as a result.  I agree wholeheartedly about conservatives. They are either too egotistical to give up on a losing campaign or they are just too stupid to know what damage they cause.  Either way, we are stuck probably forever with Lesko.

Yes and it happens in every single Conservative organization.  Usually the one with the ego is willing to bring down the entire organization rather than do the right thing FOR the organization.

Well, I don't know what "organizations" has to do with this discussion.  this was an election, not an LD meeting with a really bad chairman. There are plenty of those around though.  Generally what I have found in organizations, it is those who pretend to be conservatives that have the egos and they would never step aside for anyone or anything. They get tunnel vision on what THEY want, reality bedamned, and like a bull dog  with a rag doll full of dog treats, won't let go.  Like Obama, they fight against any legitimate votes they don't like, just can't take no as an answer.

You are so right, Silence. I see it over and over: a normal person gets a title and they suddenly think they run the world. It's only a title but they really start to act like tyrants. I try to stay away from such people.  Too toxic

I couldn't agree more.  Conservatives never learn.  There's always going to be a RINO in every race.  When more than one conservative enters the race, it splits the conservative vote, and the conservatives lose.  This has happened over and over and over again in Arizona.  Democrats are much more disciplined (and they are probably laughing their heads off at the stupidity of conservative Republicans who keep repeating this mistake, ad infinitum, ad nauseum).  Maybe someday conservatives will learn this lesson and stop destroying themselves in every Primary election.

Great answer, Karen. But don't count on conservative republicans to ever learn that lesson. Take a look at the senate race: Arpaio got in and he's going to be 86 on primary day? You have to win Maricopa County and he couldn't do that in 2016. So people may nominate him in the primary but he can NEVER beat Krysten Sinema.  Keeping the Senate in the hands of the republicans is critical and I would vote for the worst republican (fortunately, that would be Flake or McCain and we don't have to worry about either of them for now) just to keep the Senate due to 1. no impeachment of our president and 2. Supreme Court. Both are critical above all else.

Yep some never learn or some are paid to upset the apple cart, drain the swamp/ MAGA

You make great points, and I hope future wannabes learn from them. Unfortunately, I doubt that will happen, in part because there seems to be an endless supply of newly surfacing wannabes, and in part because those who flopped in this race will go to ground and fail to publicly acknowledge the foolishness of their attempts. If anything is heard from them it will be the "value" they brought to the race. Considered objectively and measured mathematically the calculation of that value is nothing from nothing is nothing. I'm tempted to point out specific deficiencies each candidate brought to their campaigns, but most of that is already available for anyone desiring to assess the race. I will, however, note that five candidates received less votes than the number of signatures they submitted to get on the ballot. It's likely the smallest levels of polling, data collection, and analysis would have revealed those candidates had zero chance of winning the election--even those candidates with fervent followers and strident supporters who viciously attacked anyone with the "audacity" to point out their candidates' obvious deficiencies.

Election Results (candidate and votes received):

  1. Lesko:  25,508
  2. Lovas:  17,031
  3. Montenegro:  16,987
  4. Stump:  3832
  5. Van Steenwyk:  1692
  6. Sylvester:  1370
  7. Lien:  1261
  8. Mack:  1014*
  9. Yates:  799*
  10. Allen:  747*
  11. Dilley:  734*
  12. Dolgos:  345*

Those with an asterisk had more nomination signatures than votes. And, if the numbers from the county recorder's website are correct, Lovas was second, and Montenegro was third.

This is interesting, George.  I don't trust the county recorder to get it right but I was on the Fox 10 Phx webpage who reported Montenegro was second by just few votes over Lovas with 100% reporting. If 100% were counted, I wonder how the numbers changed.  As to the candidates getting more signatures than votes, that happens when paid gatherers are used which is why a campaign should always get their own signatures. I wonder how Mack would have done if he had been included in the many forums that he was left out of including the ones on TV and if he had gotten in much earlier.  Seemed it was a last minute decision but I do think he was the best choice.

I tracked the numbers from first release at 8:00:33 to the final numbers shown on the recorder's site. It's true that after the initial release of the early ballots through the next to the last release, Montenegro was in 2nd place, but with ever decreasing leads over Lovas. During that timeframe, the race was called for Lesko, and the positions went out on the newswires. The final release was where Lovas jumped over Montenegro. In reference to Mack, I refer you back to my comments about fervent followers and strident supporters. He had/has way too much negative baggage in his carpetbag, and those who weren't blinded by the claims he made and the things he ignored, saw clearly. His final vote count is a reflection of the facts--not the hyperbole. I agree about signature collection, but that's merely a symptom of willful ignorance. Regardless of how a candidate chooses to collect signatures, zero from zero is still zero. Although politics is a fantasy sport, reality will always rear its head and rule in the end. The delusionals should watch the show on television and not try to play in real life.

Liberty is doing what you should, not what you can. I stand by my pick of Sheriff Richard Mack and reject any inference that he had "baggage." He was shut out by the establishment, plain and simple. So, go FISH!



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