It has happened again in the Special Election in CD8, just like it always seems to go.

A vacancy occurs where there is no incumbent.  Mouths start to water. Hands are rubbed together in glee. Many people, too many people, get the idea they are the perfect candidate (after all, their families and close friends tell them so) and are sure they are electable (after all, their families and close friends tell them so).  They race to the Capitol to file their paperwork, make an announcement, gather their cadre of buddies around and start to get signatures or find someone to pay to get signatures.  First one candidate, then a dozen in a blink of an eye.

There are just so many voters to go around.  Voters are generally uninformed.  Candidates are very good, for the most part except the truly honest ones, in playing to their uninformed audience.  Suddenly, there were 13 Republican candidates running for a single seat and two democrats for the same seat.  One Republican had the good sense to withdraw, leaving an even dozen.  You see where we are going here! Theoretically, any one candidate could have won with 10% of the vote.  Theory rarely works out and in this case, Lesko got 36% of the vote, 14+% less than a majority.  Hardly a mandate.

In the CD8 race, there were plenty of looooong shots and a few viable candidates.  There were a few, very few, conservatives, in this race.  That is conjecture on our part because half of those running were total unknowns and it was hard to find out anything in depth about them due to the short time period.

The outcome, as is so incredibly predictable, went to an establishment candidate, Debbie Lesko.  We remember when Lesko was a conservative.  We can say the same about Steve Montenegro, who came in second.  Maybe both are handled by CQ.  We don't know, but CQ has a way of spoiling conservatives and making them into.... well, something else.

The win by Lesko essentially assures her election in this very conservative district.  But don't get complacent. We know how the democrats cheat and we know that Adrian Fontes, the democrat Maricopa County Recorder, is outdoing himself in that space.

Here's an idea: the next time a seat previously held by a republican in a heavy republican district is open, all you conservatives get together and decide on ONE to run and the rest get behind that candidate. We don't care how it gets worked out but hopefully, it would be based on electability and there are ways to measure that.  We know everyone who files and qualifies has every right to run.  Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.  

Do it for the rest of us.  Whatever district we live in, we all have to live with the votes cast by the seat-holder.

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Good one, Angie. I was a Mack fan, too.   I just couldn't vote in that district. He surely was shut out by the establishment. Remember, Franks was owned by McCain and it's clear they are still at work in that district.  I was glad when I saw Franks pull away from that machine when they could no longer hurt him. I think it was that machine who brought up what I see as benign charges.  When it comes to "baggage" that is often in the eyes of the beholder.  Not happy with Ms. Lesko.

Didn't know Franks was owned by McCain. What is the inside scoop regarding McCain's "miraculous recovery?" Was he really sick or did he scam Americans because of his Steele dossier involvement?

I doubt McCain has had a miraculous recovery. No one does from that kind of cancer. It's a death sentence. I have not seen him or heard of him doing an interview on radio or audio for weeks, before Christmas.  I heard Cindy and Meghan were on the View (who watches that tripe?) and all they could talk about is how awful Prez Trump is. Say hubby/dad was doing GRRREAT after brutal chemo. Yeah, sure.

Tragic deception as usual. Thanks for the update, Jaspergoat!

Looks like Sheriff Mack lost again against horrific odds.  I wonder at the stupidity of the voters in this state let alone in others.  We look like Ca. when we vote for the Lesko's of this world.   How stupid are we as a voting class.  I don't blame the candidates just the voters who would vote for the loser again.



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