[Editor: We don't think posting vicious comments on this woman's facebook page or elsewhere is the right thing to do for several reasons.  It seems to us that it only confirms that republicans are vicious (some are) and makes this candidate more sympathetic.  Of course, it's true that the comments may be posted by democrats for the same reason - to make her look more sympathetic.]

A Muslim candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arizona is being bombarded on her Facebook page by hateful attacks on her faith.

Now Democrat Deedra Abboud is getting support from what might seem to be an unlikely place: Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, the man whose job she wants.

Abboud, an attorney and activist, is believed to be the first Muslim statewide candidate in Arizona history. 

Her campaign emailed reporters Tuesday afternoon with an alert that she was being "cyber bullied" online.

An Abboud campaign video on Facebook, with 206,000 views, has been the target of dozens of vicious comments: [Very few vicious comments.  Mostly just negatives on her campaign and saying "no way."  Not exactly bullying.  If she thinks this is bullying or too tough for her to withstand, she has a surprise coming if she gets in the Senate where REAL bullying takes place as a matter of business as usual.  This is no job for snow-Flakes (pun intended)]

See video and read more at link above.


This is not the first time Flake has reached out to Muslims in Arizona.

In December 2015, as then-candidate Donald Trump was inflaming rallies with harsh rhetoric toward Muslims, Flake and his family attended the Friday noon service at a Scottsdale mosque.

"I'll bet you never thought you'd see a Mormon speaking in a mosque," he told the worshipers. "This is a surprise to me, too."

Abboud is the only announced candidate so far in the Democratic field for the 2018 primary.

She responded to Flake's tweet late Tuesday: 

Thank you @JeffFlake for leadership in rejecting behavior that doesn't reflect our American values. AZ's amazing people deserve more of this

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Not a fan of Flake, hoping he loses in the primary, but I don't see anything wrong at all with his showing some class as a gentleman.

The god of her faith says to hunt down all Jews and Christians and kill them. 

It also says that the followers of this god are required to lie to further the agenda of taking over the world.

So, we're supposed to continue to believe anything this woman says?

What, am I an idiot?

It's really too bad about Flake. Once McCain got hold of him, he became one of the most disliked swamp people in Congress. Maybe this is a glimmer of the person he was raised to be but I've known a few Flakes and there is something overly-ambitious about many of them. But I will say it is odd to give such support to his opponent. He could have called for an end to the candidate bashing (I went to the FB page and sure enough, nothing was bullying but many did not want a muslim of any kind to represent AZ) but it's almost like he's trying too hard to be fair.  In politics, there is no such thing as "fair"

It wouldn't signal to me that we are fair.....it would signal to me that we are defeated.  Why don't you run for office?



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