I don't know who else reads the dirty repugnant that passes for a newspaper.  Worse, I don't know if anyone actually pays attention to Laurie Roberts who's brain works just like Killary's.  But this time, I am disgusted at myself for agreeing with her but for much different reasons than normal.

So I saw this pic and it drew my attention as it was supposed to do. It's a picture of that sick woman, Kathy Griffin holding the bloody head looking smug as could be. I wondered why anyone would reproduce that shot again so I looked at the column.  It's a photo of a mail piece sent out by Senate candidate Kelli Ward of all people. Does Ward really think AZ voters want to open their mailbox and find that?  What if the kids get the mail?  Did she ever think of that?  This is like when Cruz sent out that mail piece in IA during the primary intended to shock people into voting for him instead of Trump, but so much trashier.  Same effect. I hope people are as outraged as I am.

AZ is a big state. I should think someone with some decency could be found to run for that seat but if this is what she passes off as credible campaigning, I might as well vote for the devil I know. I think this is what we Arizonans get for voting year after year for the least worst devil.

I refuse to re-produce or post the pic of that mail piece and I hope very few people saw it since the repugnant is like MSNBC, no one sees it.  If you are one who can stand looking at a train wreck it's online at this link  http://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/op-ed/laurieroberts/2017/08/... just so you don't think I'm making this stuff up. Very poor judgement for a person who wants to represent decent people in the Senate.

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Sounds like something she would do. We really don't need her as our new Senator and this just proves it.

You've got that right.

Actually, it sounds like much ado about nothing. That "horrific" picture has been in the public consciousness for three months now... hardly anything to be shocked by anymore. Kelly Ward used that image as a fund-raising appeal and sent it to a select group of potential GOP donors. How is it not even more outrageous (and telling) that the Republic published that same image statewide in an effort to bash a Flake opponent? It's clear that the Republic would rather tolerate Flake's brand of pseudo-conservatism and that it fears Dr. Ward.

I was on Facebook for about 2 hours arguing with people who were more concerned about the envelope and the " children seeing it " than the real issue which is the left and having Flake continue as our Senator.  They were attacking Ward's personality . My response is I am not marrying her or any candidate. I am looking at their policies , Ward now has a  benefactor which is important to fight the McCaine$$. Flake is essentially a mini McCain. 

Precisely... McFlake takes us all for fools... and they both take our votes for granted. He'll run a faux conservative campaign, just like McCain does every six years, saying all the right things at the right time, then once elected, all those promises become just so much partisan rhetoric, and party politics becomes the #1 priority in order to ensure party support for re-election. 

Truth be told, we ARE fools.

There are only 9 "true" conservatives in the senate, and even that's stretching it, requiring only a rating above 75% from The Conservative Review to make the cut - https://www.conservativereview.com/scorecard?party=&state=&...

McCain gets a 33% rating, while Flake manages a paltry 53% only because he votes for conservative issues he knows will fail, thanks to the cover provided by the likes of McCain, Murkowski & Collins.

Ever since ratification of the 17th Amendment, the notion that a US Senator represents the voice of his or her state legislature has been a joke. As a state, Arizona has no representation in the US Senate whatsoever, and hasn't since 1913 when the state legislatures gave up control of the selection process. All a candidate has to do now is return every six years and deceive enough gullible, uninformed, do-as-they're told people to get re-elected.

Don't you ever wonder, with control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, why the GOP still can't put anything that's genuinely conservative on the president's desk?  The answer is simple: This is what happens when we forget or ignore the genius of the Framers who gave us the best system of self-governance ever devised.

Michael:  You are probably aware of the 17th Amendment being a fraud from the very beginning but if not you might take a look at http://thecnc.org/Documents/17thAmendment.htm.

As you may know: to repeat a process and expect a different result is the definition of insanity. And the typical voter fits this description. To hopefully elect people having the knowledge, courage and integrity needed to do what is right we must do a better job of vetting them. The questionnaire at http://thecnc.org/Documents/Questionnaire.htm might be of help if people would use it or something similar. Unfortunately, the typical voter makes her/his decision based on name recognition and personality more than issues and answers.

Walter: The typical voter, indeed, is exactly who career politicians rely on for re-election, and it would appear that in the case of Arizona, at least, we are inundated with typical voters, just waiting to be told what to do.

With the exception of one word, I agree with everything said on the website that you've linked to above. That one word is "nullified." The Seventeenth does not need to be nullified, it needs to be REPEALED.

While Article V of the Constitution provides a method for repeal, there is no method (nor is there the authority) for the states to "nullify" an amendment when Congress refuses to act. Some would point to the Tenth Amendment as the authority, but that only provides a principal, not a process nor a remedy. Some may see this as mere semantics, but in matters of such grave consequence, particularly in constitutional matters, words mean something.

We, as individual sovereign states, have successfully identified constitutional errors in the past and have come together and repealed them... not just for the individual states that voted to ratify, but for the entire nation. We have never done so or even come close through nullification.

Again, we find ourselves where we are at this point in history due to our own negligence. The Founders provided us with the remedy, and we've turned away from it. All we really need is the wisdom to acknowledge that remedy, and the courage to use it.

Just because a candidate's name is on it doesn't mean that the candidate sent it out.  Who funded it? Last election cycle I received some repugnant and vulgar mailings. When I gave them to the candidates involved, I was told they were in legal disputes with PACs to stop them.

I would like to see all political mailings stopped.

I got that disgusting letter.  YUCK!  I didn't want to see that the first time and I don't appreciate disgusting mail that I didn't sign up for. BTW, it was paid for by Kelli Ward for Senate printed on the letter, not a PAC.  If it was paid by a PAC it has to be printed on the material. We need a real conservative to run but it doesn't look like there is one coming. Ward screwed up the count last year by being the third one to file, McCain was the forth.  If anyone good gets in, she will beat the tar out of them for doing just what she did, split the conservative vote.  Now it looks like Sinema IS going to get in and Ward can't beat her. Neither can Flake.  I wouldn't make excuses for dems and I won't make them for this either. Thx Jasper and your goat

The only problem I have with this article is there is no mention of any attempt to contact the Kelly Ward campaign and verify she sent it out.  No attempt to get her comments on this.  Typical one sided reporting we get now days.  Can't we do better than this as well?

Before we all jump to conclusions, has anyone ask Kelli directly whether she posted this or not?  Maybe someone should ask, before jumping.  Just saying....

My understanding is the flyer went out.  I didn't see it but a friend received one.  We should find out if the Ward Campaign actually sent them out.  Who knows.  If they did, it wasn't the best move on her part. This coupled with her comments on McCain's health and wanting to take advantage of the situation is a little concerning.



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