[Editor: You won't often see us posting anything from New Times - or several other leftist republican or leftist anything blogs/websites - but this has a ring of truth.  AFA team members at the Trump Rally - Spirit of America had plenty of time to observe the Ward camp try to hi-jack the rally for her own purposes.  ONLY Ward was there to advance her personal agenda.  Everyone else was there for one purpose ONLY: to support Donald Trump as President.  Some candidates just refuse to see it's not always about them.  Remember, Ward gave us McCain because she refused to remove herself when a well-known Congressman, with name ID and plenty of money and ready to take on McCain, asked her to step out so the chances of getting rid of McCain were better.  All other candidates in 2016 agreed to do that. But NOT WARD. Nope, she was convinced she was a winner. She swallowed her own kool-aide, believed the Soros poll showing she was tied with McCain was valid while the rest of us got it.  She and ALL other candidates combined couldn't get enough votes to defeat the most hated man in Arizona!  Now, she thinks she can beat Flake on the same playing field.  Sorry, Kelli, cooler heads know that just won't happen for you.  You have consistently overplayed your hand after a team of rats posing as conservatives wanting to get rid of McCain fooled you into believing YOU were the one.  Bad judgement is never in short supply.]

Hell hath no fury like a trans lady scorned, as perennial candidate Kelli Ward has learned by way of a dust-up with conservative activist and former U.S. Senatorial write-in candidate Joanne Selena Lopez Cervantez.

Seems the hapless Ward desperately wanted to be a speaker at the recent Arizona March4Trump rally on the lawn of the state Senate. She was turned down, according to event organizer Barb Heller, because she already has declared herself a candidate against U.S. Senator Jeff Flake in the 2018 GOP primary.

Heller explained her reasoning during an interview for this piece: The theme of the event was unity and support for the president, and the event's sponsor, the nativist biker group, Riders USA, is a nonprofit, and cannot be seen favoring one candidate over another. 

Nevertheless, as the rally date approached, Ward schemed for a turn at the mic. In a purported text message from Ward to an event participant, she practically begged for some podium time. 

A snapshot of Ward's purported text, posted to Joanne Selena Lopez Cervantez Facebook page.
A snapshot of Ward's purported text, posted to Joanne Selena Lopez Cervantez Facebook page.

Then she lashed out at one of those already billed for the pro-Trump hootenanny.

"Joanne Lopez is speaking?!" reads the screenshot now being passed around Facebook. "Really? Are we now about transgender issues in the GOP?"

Cervantez, who self-identifies as transsexual, gave one of the better speeches at the Trump rally, mentioning her gender identity briefly and thanking her fellow Trumpkins for the support they'd shown her. 

The Peeples Valley resident has posted the screenshot of the Ward text to her Facebook page, and has been ripping both Ward and hubby, Michael, new ones online.

In a back and forth with Cervantez on Facebook, Michael Ward called the rally "an event planned by a bunch of Kelli haters." He bragged about how much campaigning he and his wife did at the shindig. 

After the exchange turned testy, Michael Ward ended by advising Cervantez to "stay off of the crack."

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Tea party Congressman  Salmon and Schweikert did not have the $ to run against McCain. Alex Meluskey and Clair Van Steenwyk were the only candidates besides Ward going for McCain's seat.   I do not know of anyone else. If the candidate does not have a campaign war chest it is going to be next to impossible to beat Flake. 



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