This is the second part of campaigns that are acting like democrats, using democrat tactics. Part I here These two are by no means the only campaigns in Arizona this year where this is happening.  It would be worse if McCain or Flake were running, so we have that to be thankful for.

We have heard from so many of our readers that they are sick of ugly, negative campaigns, Republican against Republican.  We don't think it is limited to campaigns - we are seeing it in organizations, between two groups or two individuals who simply disagree and let it become like a nuclear waste dump.

We are also seeing, and so are you, that every Republican candidate this year got on the Trump train from day one.  Of course, we don't believe that.  Today, we are focused on Wendy Rogers and how she is running her campaign.  She, too, touts her Trump Train bona fides.  The problem is that it's untrue.  Rogers was actually on the Bush slow boat to nowhere.  She proudly announced she was a bundler for him and also served as some type of advisor on his campaign until nearly the end of Bush.  We don't have a problem with candidates who did not jump on the Trump train until later.  We have a problem with those being untruthful about it.

Rogers is what we have called a gadfly candidate.  Over nearly a decade, she has been running in some race or another.  In 2010, she ran for State Senate in LD17.  She lost.  In 2012, she ran for CD9 House.  She lost.  Again in 2014, she ran in CD9 again, won the primary but lost again.  The year 2016 was more of the same, that time in CD1 for a House job.  Yep, lost.  And here she is again, running in CD1.

There are three candidates in that race.  Tiffany Shedd is far back in the field and not a threat.  Rogers is running second to state Senator Steve Smith.  Smith has served in both the House and Senate in Arizona and has consistently been ranked by such groups as Matt Schlapp's American Conservative Union Foundation and AFP as one of the most conservative lawmakers in Arizona.  We have no doubt about his conservative principles since he has been tested.  And he was tested in his first run in a district that had elected only democrats for decades, all from a dynastic family.

Back to Rogers.  When she ran in CD9, she created a disturbing video ad that showed ISIS cutting off the head of James Foley.  Foley's family lives here in Arizona.  Imagine how painful that was for that family to see those on their TV screen.  That was very bad judgement on the part of Rogers.  She was forced to change the video after a loud hue and cry.

Not to be outdone by herself, she has now crossed a horrible line that is truly despicable.  Here we are at the 11th hour.  Early ballots are out and being voted.  Rogers launches a campaign ad on radio and in emails saying Smith, who works for a respected talent agency in his hometown, is engaging in kiddie porn.  There are also references to his company being likewise engaged and suggests that child trafficking is also involved.  These radio ads seem to be running in northern AZ counties in CD1. This ad is not designed to win an election.  This type of campaigning is designed to place untrue reports into the public square and these reports never go away. They have the capacity to not just defeat a candidate, but to ruin a life - a family's life - forever.  This shows a considerable lack of character in Wendy Rogers, just the kind of character already prevelent in DC.  

Both of the other candidates have run clean campaigns but we hope Smith answers this in some appropriate way.  

NOTE:  We personally have not heard the ads on local radio because we are not in the market where they are running.  Credible reports have come from folks in Coconino and Pinal counties who tell very similar stories.  Of course, a bit of common sense applied would tell us if this had legs, it would have come out long ago.  Smith has been a public figure running in races against Democrats for many years. This is just the kind of despicable thing a democrat does to their opponents.  Think Pres. Trump!

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This is just sickening.  This woman has no boundaries, anything goes to get what she wants.  Desperate to be important. She came to my LD when she ran for cd9 the first time.  Her entire speech was to try to make PCs feel guilty for not donating to her and she closed, I will never forget the arrogance, by demanding that each person there donate $5000 immediately.  My LD was not even in her voting district

I have heard the despicable radio ads while traveling in Cochise County (CD2) but I was listening to 790AM KNST out of Tucson. CD1 does cover northern Pima County so the ads are reaching those voters. The ads are a new low in the Rodger campaign. 

Holy $-_t  What kind of person would do something like this. A desperate one yes but one without a moral thread in their body.  I'm disgusted beyond words.

A press conference was held this morning by the Smith campaign and other conservative leaders to call for Rogers to withdraw from the race.  This is such egregious behavior on the part of Rogers that withdrawing seems the right thing to do at the very least.  This is a dark, dark situation in Arizona politics.  We will bring you details when we get them.  There is supposed to be a release later today.



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