[Editor: Now THERE is an understatement!]

With incumbent U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake out of the 2018 Senate race, Arizona Republican primary voters have not yet settled on nominating his main challenger, former state Sen. Kelli Ward, as his successor.

Polls showed Ward with big leads over the unpopular Flake, but now that he's withdrawn from the race, Republicans and GOP-leaning independents appear receptive to an alternative to Ward, who failed in her 2016 primary challenge to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

Voters 'extremely uncertain' who they'll vote for

A new poll of 500 likely primary-election voters from Higley-based Data Orbital found 32.38 percent either definitely or probably voting for Ward, compared to 29.21 percent who said they were definitely or probably not voting for her.

Another 33.73 percent said it would depend on who gets in the race and 4.68 percent refused to answer.

The poll, a combination of automated and live questions conducted Thursday through Saturday, has a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points.

"With a little under a year left to go, GOP primary voters are still extremely uncertain about who they will be voting for," said George Khalaf, the Republican pollster and consultant who conducted the survey.

"Pundits disagreed about whether Senator Flake’s announcement would hurt or help Ward’s chances and these numbers seem to prove that his departure from the race has definitely hurt her numbers," he said in a statement.

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[Editor: We would like to see a poll that does include all possible contenders, including Jeff DeWit and Rep. Paul Gosar, who is said to be considering a run.  With those two included, which they were not in the poll, the numbers would be wilding different on the downside for Ward.]

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Thank You Clair, Walter, and Mike ... for using that "common sense" just like Thomas Paine did. We are clearly at a crossroads, just like Adam & Eve were at with the fruit from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Two very important pieces of that "knowledge" is the information we learn from and the information we use to express our "principles of the matter". We need a PASSION for the Truth that our Christian God has given America. Allah didn't do that, yet we allow it to change God's vision for American greatness. We must stand firm in our principles and chose those who will lead us with those like-minded principles and actions, after all it was all purchased by a Cross for our safe keeping and adoration of what Grace is.

The humanists are not winning.  You could say that if The Witch were President, but, Trump is President, the Wall is going to be built, we're getting out of Syria, our economies doing great, etc.  I think you're one of those holdouts,  still watching the Elite controlled MSM news.  Most people have gotten away from that by now.  Better alternatives:  Trunews.com, http://www.breitbart.com/, https://consortiumnews.com/, http://www.watch.org/,

Larry:  I have to agreeably disagree with you. 1. I seriously doubt a wall will keep people from going over, under or around it. 2. With troops in over 170 countries I suggest our effort to be the "supranational authorities" world wide police force called for in the definition of the New World Order will continue. And now we are picking a fight with NK and Iran to force a regime change that will agree to set up a Rothschild bank with which to economically enslave their people as they are two of the three remaining countries yet to have such a bank. 3 With our having over $100 trillion in public and private debt and no way to repay a single penny of it under present monetary policy I fail to see how you can think our economy is doing great.

Unless and until the US gets out of the UN, out from under the debt dominant system of "money" (debt) creation and out from under the ungodly and unconstitutional debt we cannot repay there is no way to MAGA. And this won't happen so long as we continue to elect people to Congress who lack the knowledge, courage and integrity needed to honor their oath of office.

We cannot get out of debt until we take back ownership of our money from the privately owned Federal Reserve.  Under Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution, only the Congress has the authority to issue U.S. currency.  Nowhere is there justification for a third party (Central Bank owned by international banks) to issue Fiat notes that they own, not the U.S. government or citizens.  Each of these Federal Reserve notes is literally a debt to the Fed, with no value backing them.  The more money created (and presumably earned and spent) means more debt by definition.

And the U.N. and its NGOs (e.g., IMF, WB, etc.) love to redistribute American tax revenue to its other member countries (and themselves) who do not have our best interests at heart, to say the least.

Mike, finally someone has put in writing words that I've thought & said for years!!  Why have we allowed this to happen?  Because we thought the government had out best interests at heart or was it because we have been programmed to be"harvested"?  Either way we have been duped!

Barbara, most of the mess with the Fed goes back to 1913 and Jeckyll Island.  In that period of time, Congress gave ownership and control of U.S. money to the Fed, Federal Income Tax was born (or greatly modified), and the Constitution was changed to allow direct election of Senators (vs. being appointed by the states).  And Woodrow Wilson, a short while later, tried to get the League of Nations going.  Fortunately, that fell through, but the U.N. was born about 30 years later. 

The situation with centralized control of money got even worse in the early '30's with the creation of the Bank of International Settlements (World Central Bank), but that's another story.

Walter, I agree with you on some points. Especially that last part about electing people to Congress. Good people won't run. It they do, they don't get the funding to win. Look at how many ppl jumped immediately on the Ward bandwagon and yet, I never hear much from anyone sold out for her that they have actually vetted her. At this moment it doesn't matter because there is no one running who should get elected.  i include the AZ Leg in that comment with a very few exceptions.

To Barbara Smith I agree with you. Please tell me why everyone thinks Kelly Ward is so great? Other than not being Flake, does she have any qualities to be our next senate candidate? I say candidate because she will get her clock cleaned by Sinema and anyone who doesn't know that is just plain foolish. IMHO

Guess I'm just plain foolish then!  Please tell others what Sinema has done?  Or as a matter of fact anyone else that may be running!  Time to take a good look, we elected President Trump because we think he can do the job, especially if he has people who are going to work with him!  Just saying.

To Barbara Smith: NO ONE whose name has been seriously considered (I heard Robert Graham is at the McCain compound) can defeat Sinema. Maybe someone will surface but none of the names I have heard are General election winners.  Remember, name ID and money don't any more win elections. Ask Hillary! I think a lot of people think DeWit can and I do too but he's too smart to run. It seems.

I thought I heard Flake said he was going run as an independent. that was a couple days ago. Never heard more?

Remember the polls that said Hillary would win?  Enough said.



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