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With incumbent U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake out of the 2018 Senate race, Arizona Republican primary voters have not yet settled on nominating his main challenger, former state Sen. Kelli Ward, as his successor.

Polls showed Ward with big leads over the unpopular Flake, but now that he's withdrawn from the race, Republicans and GOP-leaning independents appear receptive to an alternative to Ward, who failed in her 2016 primary challenge to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

Voters 'extremely uncertain' who they'll vote for

A new poll of 500 likely primary-election voters from Higley-based Data Orbital found 32.38 percent either definitely or probably voting for Ward, compared to 29.21 percent who said they were definitely or probably not voting for her.

Another 33.73 percent said it would depend on who gets in the race and 4.68 percent refused to answer.

The poll, a combination of automated and live questions conducted Thursday through Saturday, has a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points.

"With a little under a year left to go, GOP primary voters are still extremely uncertain about who they will be voting for," said George Khalaf, the Republican pollster and consultant who conducted the survey.

"Pundits disagreed about whether Senator Flake’s announcement would hurt or help Ward’s chances and these numbers seem to prove that his departure from the race has definitely hurt her numbers," he said in a statement.

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[Editor: We would like to see a poll that does include all possible contenders, including Jeff DeWit and Rep. Paul Gosar, who is said to be considering a run.  With those two included, which they were not in the poll, the numbers would be wilding different on the downside for Ward.]

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Polls are like the wind no one really knows where it comes from or why it suddenly stops. I believe we can all wait and see who decides to run for the now open seat, and then check their qualifications and records and go from there.

I believe it would be best if all the sniping at every person who's considering jumping in wait and then once we have Candidates do the Research and post their Political History whether voting or what or who they've supported or opposed then move forward.

I for one don't like all the Political sniping just for the sport of it, as at the present time most Voters aren't paying nearly as much attention to this as the Choir is.

If a sitting Congressman decides to run they'll have to give up their seat to do so, as an East Valley Senator passed a bill last session to limit anyone from running for more than 1 Federal Office at a time, which I also believe is Unconstitutional as it restricts access and limits who can run and this is a consideration Rep. Gosar or others would now have to make or challenge the Law, one more law with I hope unintended consequences or maybe it's what the Elites wanted so assure Incumbent Flake no Challengers from them. 
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Well at least we won't have to worry anymore about multiple primary candidates diluting the opposition to Flake.  And hopefully a spirited, but not mean, primary contest will provide positive name recognition for our candidate.

The name calling has already started and that's why I asked 4 just facts, hope all will heed this or we'll end up with damaged good in General and possibly Democrat in the Senate and then no Wall at all.
God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

I suggest voters should adopt a litmus test for all political candidates. Though there are many issues of importance none exceed that of America regaining its ability to control its own destiny. Only then will it be possible for other important issues to receive the needed attention. 

If a candidate will not agree to support America getting out of the U.N., bringing monetary policy into compliance with the Constitution, and getting out from under the ungodly, unconstitutionally created debt that cannot possibly be repaid under present policy that is in consonance with the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto they should be shunned by every voter.

All candidates that have previously held office and failed to act on these issues would automatically be eliminated from consideration; and rightfully so for it is clear they are Communist sympathizers if not card carrying members. Surely, there are a few people who could be convinced to run for office who have the knowledge, courage, and integrity required to honor their oath to support the Constitution. I pray one or more will step forward.

Walter; This would exclude every Federally Elected Official now holding office as they've all voted to Increase the Debt Ceiling even when their votes weren't needed and even Gosar did this at 1st, however don't believe he does any longer and remember our budgets fund the UN.
The other issue is Voters most don't even know who's in office and don't pay much attention as well, so educating them will be done by who?
God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Good points Clair: A few facts people should keep in mind. 1. Government was created to secure people's unalienable Rights. 2. Any Act that has diminished or destroyed a persons ability to enjoy a Right is an illegal Act. 3. Those responsible for the Act and/or its perpetuation are criminals. This includes every politician I'm aware of[ including Flake, McCain, Gosar, Ward, etc. 4. Many of the unlawful Acts were passed and perpetuated on behalf of our Constitution's enemies and therefore amount to Treason. 

Discussion: If we lived in a nation of law rather than a lawless nation so far as politicians are concerned our law enforcement personnel (military and civilian) would arrest the criminals and put them and the facts before a grand jury. If the grand jury found it appropriate those charged would go before a trial jury. If the trial jury found them guilty of Treason (a crime punishable by death according to the Constitution) the only question would be should it be by injection, a firing squad, walking the plank, or some other means.

Unfortunately, we are a lawless nation and our problems will continue to multiply to the point I fear we will again see America involved in a civil war. This time it will be "we the people" v politicians. The alternative is for people to quietly accept being enslaved; something I don;t expect to happen when the holocaust called for by the New World Order begins.

Walter: You're correct and the funny part is allowing these Oath Breakers to even stand for Re Election. I worked for several companies and my boss made the rules not the employees, however in Gov. the People are ruled by the Hirelings and this in itself is the main problem.
We need to elect people who realize they represent us and they must abide by the Oath they take and we must hold them to it by not voting for them or just like giving a kid a candy bar for behaving poorly they'll do it again expecting another candy bar or Re Election.
The problem lies with the voters and yes even activist voters who refuse to support those who they may agree with on Policy but don't personally like, this has to be looked at like War because it is and be glad for those who show up to fight it. God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Clair: We are at war. It is a spiritual battle. It is God's way v humanism. It is "we the people" v politicians. It is right v wrong. Unfortunately. the humanists are winning due to poorly informed and apathetic voters who either can't decipher the difference between right and wrong or lack the self control to do what is right.

The Black Robes were critical to winning our Revolution, today most in the churches don't allow any form of political discussion, in that lies a major stumbling block to victory.
God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Except for the churches that preach socialism under the guise of social justice.  And for churches like Obama's Reverend Wright that preach forms of Communism.

Clair: Could it be the so called "churches" don't allow political discussion because they aren't really "churches" but incorporated businesses whose creator is a Secretary of State and as such, the State is their god and won't permit political discussion? 

Walter; I do believe you've hit the Nail on the Head, as I've found over the yrs. most hide behind the Johnson Act to be able to excuse their Silence on what use to be preached when I was a child.

Many are happy they don't have to take Stand for the Gospel which calls all to spread it to convert non believers to Faith in Christ, but then they hide behind this and of course the Thou Shall Not Judge as well and still have never figured out how you know who is or isn't a Christian without doing just that.

There's a difference between encouraging a fellow believer who may have strayed and a person who's never accepted Christ but then for many discriminating between who's who isn't allowed.




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