[Take heart, true conservatives.  Here's the guy to carry on what Congressman Franks began. Sheriff Mack is a man of unwavering principles. How often does a district get such a stellar candidate?  Not very.  We fully support Sheriff Mack.]

The Founder and President of CSPOA, Sheriff Richard Mack, announced today that he is a candidate for Congress in Arizona’s 8th District.  Here is his news release:



Rick Dalton 480-234-2687

Dawn Mack 480-840-9091

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Sheriff Richard Mack


Former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack Announced today his intention to run for Congress in Arizona’s 8th district. The current occupant of that seat, Trent Franks (R-AZ), announced recently his resignation from Congress. Sheriff Mack, who served two terms in the early 1990s, has been well-known for his strong stance in defending the Constitution and his victory at the U S Supreme Court against the Clinton Adm.

Mack has been inducted into the NRA Hall of Fame, has served as the communications director for Gun Owners of America (GOA), and currently is the President and founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA.org). CSPOA has been in the forefront of training law enforcement officers and elected officials to keep their oaths to protect and preserve the Constitution.

Mack’s candidacy will focus on bringing justice to the thousands of Americans who have been imprisoned by federal bureaucrats. He stands against the feds “creating criminals,”

the ruthlessness of the IRS, and the Department of Education’s utilization of SWAT teams. “If we are going to really ‘drain the swamp,’ then these atrocities cannot continue.” (Sheriff Mack)

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*** HOORAY !! ***

I will do everything I can to help this true patriot win!

We the people, will drain the swamp

This is most excellent and totally terrific.  I've been scanning the field and my opinion is that all other candidates might as well move on now. Mack is a shoo in.  Unimpeachable and proven to be so.

I pray Richard gets elected and that he will talk to Trump on the need to get the U.S. out of the U.N.; replace current monetary policy with that called for by the Constitution, and shed America of the ungodly and unconstitutionally created debt we theoretically owe as a result of the present policy if America is to be in a position to control its own destiny. These are issues I know Congressman Franks was aware of but would do nothing about. Perhaps at long last Arizona will be represented by a man who will truly honor his oath; something none of the others have done or will do.

YIPPIEEEEE!!!! Hot diggity dog!! Thank You Jesus!! HOOORRRAAAYYY!!!

Ok, I am a bit excited. Ya think? :-)

This is great news!! Sheriff Mack will be heavily opposed by the RINO-CINO cabal, Dimm 'party', fake stream media & the rest of the deep state. They will be as afraid of Mr. Mack as they are/were of Roy Moore.

I will start praying now. We need to be ready for vote fraud. They weren't ready in Alabama...not good.


He will indeed be heavily opposed; especially so if he agrees on the need to exit the U.N., to the need for a Constitutionally correct monetary policy and for shedding us of the ungodly and unconstitutionally created debt we theoretically owe due to the present policy. But these changes are essential to MAGA if Trump truly wishes to do so. 

Overcoming the resistance to getting true patriots elected is the reason voters need to be united through a viable plan such as that proposed by the CNC while the late Governor Mecham was its Chairman. The plan is summarized at http://thecnc.org/Documents/RestoringGovernment.htm

Any true conservative will be heavily opposed, especially if they pull ahead in real polling data.  I doubt he will run on any of the issues laid out on this thread.  All are controversial and I don't see any candidate running on controversial issues.  "Overcoming the resistance to getting a true patriot" is by far the much bigger problem and we can look back at good people who ran but couldn't get elected because they were true patriots.  The voting public wouldn't know a true patriot from a bucket of mud.  They spend their free time watching garbage on late night TV or drinking at the local watering hole.

Just found another candidate for Frank's seat at Freedom's Phoenix. Jon Ritzheimer sounds pretty good. I do think though that Sherriff Mack is better. Mr. M is more experienced, a bit older than this gentleman but not THAT old like McLame  ;-), has been in public office & has a stellar track record. I am sticking whith the good Sherriff.

The good news is that more conservatives are finally stepping up to run for office. 


We agree with your assessment of Jon Ritzheimer.  He's a very conservative activist with a wide recognition.  But not as well known as the Sheriff.  JR has been more of a researcher/reporter on politics, behind the scenes.  We are waiting to see just how many are conservative patriots who voluntarily pull out of this race so a conservative with the most capital can have a better chance.  The sign of a true patriot is not "what is good for me" but "what is best for the country."

"We are waiting to see just how many are conservative patriots who voluntarily pull out of this race so a conservative with the most capital can have a better chance. The sign of a true patriot is not "what is good for me" but "what is best for the country."

Well said. Not to stir up the past, but I recall a recent previous election where a conservative candidate with much lower polling than the conservative front runner finally did pull out, but not until the ballots were printed with his name on them. And we lost that election to McCain.

Just to keep the facts in mind, AFA had the latest internal polling on that particular race. We also had the one that was paid for by a Soros PAC.  You can rest assured the one candidate ahead was only a few points ahead of the other candidate on the internal poll.  This is probably why he did not withdraw sooner.  But the fake poll did it's job and pushed Ward further ahead.  People like to back a winner.  In polls, it all depends on what the questions are, how they are structured and who is polled.  Internal polls are the only reliable polls because they are done by the campaigns looking for the facts so they can alter their strategy.  NO candidate was ever tied with McCain!  That was a Soros poll, polled only 2 of the 4 candidates and polled mostly democrats.

This is wonderful news that a man we all know, and is for Law and Order has come forward for this seat in Congress. I will back him, and I am sure many others will too. God Bless America and Sheriff Mack. Go for it, and we will help you.



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