I've been increasingly worried, in recent days, as the Left has seemed to have trumped President Trump by enmeshing him in a losing court battle, defending his refugee pause in the most leftist appeals court in the nation--the 9th Circuit. 

In the back of my mind, I keep thinking that Pres. Trump must have a plan. But I don't do well hanging on, strictly on faith. And I've not really seen clear signs of a plan at work, so far. At least, not until I found this article (as usual linked to by that incomparable website TheConservativeTreehouse.com, without which I wouldn't know half of what I do, these days.)

The article makes a very cogent point about the way to win at chess, then compares that to what Trump is doing, right now, while the rest of us (I presume I'm not the only one!) are fretting over the ugly news reports coming at us all the livelong day.

The article doesn't say exactly WHAT Trump is doing. What it does is to reveal what the author believes is Trump's underlying strategy.

Here is an excerpt--one of the best paragraphs in the whole piece--that should make anyone who's been suffering some worry, as I have, feel a lot better. (Hat tip to NicklethroweR, who wrote the article)

"In the end it would appear that Trump is playing the kind of game that I was taught to play by my coach. His opponents are never given time to mount an attack. Their queen – the MSM has been removed from the board and their favorite piece – the Celebrities are locked in a war of attrition while Trump gets the rest of his pieces on the board. Remember, these are all Tactics but Strategy flows from Tactics. Sooner or later the Left will find itself in some terrible position and the Strategy to drain the swamp will present itself.

Here's the link to the entire article, which I heartily recommend: https://www.theburningplatform.com/2017/02/08/a-game-of-chess/#more...

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Loved the analogy with Chess.  I've said to all my friends that Trump may look like he's flailing but I don't think he does anything without a complete and undetected plan.  This article convinces me that's true. No one has laid a glove on him yet and the court of public opinon as well as several hi-profile liberal lawyers agree with Trump on the refugee issue.

To legally stop the charade of leftists in the judicial branch Trump needs to get his man on the Supreme Court ASAP. This will give us a fighting chance ... but it is the next Justice nomination ... that will be the real "line in the sand" to defeat this judicial tyranny from those who want to undermine the Constitutionally limited government. 



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