On December 19, 2016, all states meet with their electors of the Electoral College.  The courts have said over and over that Electors WILL vote as their state voted.  Therefore, ALL the hundreds of thousands of emails, phone calls and threats against electors were just pure intimidation and window dressing for the leftists.  No substance. An annoyance, like a mosquito buzzing around but you can't kill it and it won't just disappear. But eventually, even they die off!

Arizona Freedom Alliance was invited to attend the ceremony at the Arizona State Capitol.  Pretend you were there, too, and some of you were!

We arrived to find the room filled to capacity and people were waiting.  At first, we didn't think we would get inside. The door keeper said, no, at capacity. Hmm. What to do.  Send word to our host that we were being kept out.  Bingo.  In we went!

The room was filled but it was not a large room. There were just around 100 people inside, milling around, chatting, several lawmakers there to witness history being made.

After the milling died down, the Electors rose to stand for press photos.  Then Secretary of State, Michele Reagan, took the podium and started with the Pledge of Allegiance. She then swore in all the Electors who swore they would elect Donald Trump as President and Mike Pence as Vice-President, "so help me God."  Oops!  Don't tell the democrats!!

After the swearing in, the Electors were told to please affix their signatures to two Certificates.  One to elect Donald Trump and a second one to elect Mike Pence.

After that, the ceremony came to a close and people milled around again and got photos taken by the press. Hands were shaken, people breathed an enormous sigh of relief that this part of the electoral process was behind us and there were smiles all around.  

The best part was how many parents brought their children to witness what may be their only opportunity to see the Electoral College at work.  A great lesson in civic duty for kids and many of them were heard to be asking questions about what they were seeing.  Because this is so unusual, many parents had to admit, they weren't sure themselves.

But the day did not go by without....

The obligatory protesters!  Front and back of the Capitol, no matter which way you came in, you had to wade through the protesters with their homemade signs proclaiming the end of life, the destruction of children and our "democracy."  One attendee made the perfect statement: "We need to tell these people and all people that we don't live in a "democracy."  America is a REPUBLIC and we need to start educating these people at every chance."  Amen!


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Quote me on this "The poor little rich boy named Francis, did not win and is a sore loser that now has to find a job".


Today, the rest of us, finally won!


One step closer to victory. Now our stupid U.S. House has to certify the election. Then only the inauguration!

Oh, one last thing.  Some branch of the military was on site to keep the peace. Perhaps the National Guard.  They were locked and loaded and relieved all was peaceful.  People leaving the Capitol thanked them for their service!  Didn't see the Governor there.  Hmmm.

The Democrats either get their act together, remove Communism and Fascism from their ranks..........or we destroy them.  I don't like having almost lost my freedoms and my country.

Our Freedoms are still at risk both in AZ and America as long as the Incumbents run things and they still do, as we continue to go to the AZ Ed Board meetings and watch the continued Common Core or AZ standards being implemented with the aid of Supt. Douglas who for many who supported her originally now see her continue to march to the drumbeat of Ducey.  The only hope is that Trump closes the Dept. of Ed in DC and remember one thing if Federal Monies go to Charter, Public, Pvt., Religious schools then fall under the control / standards set by the Fed under the guise of School Choice which is also a con job to gain control, the Fed has no Constitutional Authority to be involved in to begin with, those powers are for the states as are many others the Fed Gov. now controls and must be pushed back on.  I hope all who Supported / Voted for President Trump contact him and remind him of the Depts. that must be closed.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

3:51 SMT  It's official. Trump has been elected by the Electoral College to by our next president.  So far, only two electors in Texas refused to vote for Trump.  Since the courts have ruled that the Constitution requires them to vote for the people's choice, in this case, Trump, they should have been replaced on the electoral panel and two new electors seated.  Just our opinion.

I'm so glad that some really hard working conservatives got to attend this momentous vote today.  I heard that the defectors that left Trumps' camp voted for Bernie so Hillary lost all the way around, and some of her electors switched and voted for Bernie.  Sigh, a loser she is and a loser she must remain.  History was made today.  TRUMP WON!!! and so did WE THE PEOPLE



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