Today, AG Jeff Sessions finally stepped up to the plate, under Pres. Trump's orders, and terminated DACA.  In the words of the AG, this is as unconstitutional as it gets and Obama enacted it not because it was a legal act but because it was his opinion.  We don't make law based on opinion.  Doing that results in the chaotic country we now see America to be.  Sessions called it an "open-ended circumvention of the immigration laws."  Correct!

Ending DACA, said the AG, will help to eliminate the drugs, violence and other extremist activities that we see today and it will surely cut down on illegal border crossings.  In fact, the end of DACA has already been initiated!

Eight hundred thousand (800,000) young illegals now under the DACA program will be rolled off the system.  Those with legitimate jobs will be rolled off slower than those on government benefits.  Nobody gets amnesty but deportation will be deferred from immediate deportation.  Permits to stay in the USA that expire before March 5, the day the President gave Congress to come up with immigration legislation, can re-up if they do so by October 5.  If Congress does it's usual side-stepping on legislation by March 5, thousands will be subject to deportation.

Said Sessions, if the people and Congress want a DACA-like program, they have to go on the record and pass legislation and send it to the President. That is the lawful and Constitutional way America is supposed to work.

It will be interesting to see what happens here.  As we know, Congress "passed" many bills to end Obamacare when they knew Obama would not sign them, giving them cover. The cover is now ripped off and the liberal elites have been unmasked.  During Obama's terms, Congress also sent him many bills to end DACA, knowing that would never happen. Covered again.  Well, now there is no cover on the road to making America great again.  We see our "conservative" lawmakers being exposed daily for the progressives they are.

A test of Congress is coming!

But don't wait for massive deportations of those who have lived the American dream: gotten an education, stayed away from drugs and other illegal activities and hold down good jobs and are contributing to society and the tax base.  Those high on the deportation list will be those who have taken advantage of free government handouts, Obama-phones, welfare, free college educations that American citizens don't get and so on.  It's sayonara to those people.  Or maybe we should say Hasta la vista, baby! (Thank you, Swartzenegger)

Since Congress has until March 5 to come up with legislation, they either get on the stick and finally do something or be further outed as the liberals under their desks we have come to know many of them to be.  Or they send one of two kinds of legislation to the President: one that no one would sign (probable) or something that makes sense, limits the numbers of visas issued to immigrants who are unskilled and puts a tracking system into the bill, since thousands of illegals in this country today have overstayed their visas.  And a plan to deport those who can't figure out how to follow the law and be productive.  There are 1000s of those and we see them in ANTIFA weekly!  Many are marching in downtown Phoenix as this is being written!  If they are out on the streets at 10 am, they aren't working and contributing to America's greatness.

Time will tell!

Now that's out of the way.  Can we count on the DoJ to investigate Hillary/Obama/Podesta/Schumer/Pelose?

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"Spare me the outrage" by Carl Denninger

The ethics of the rights of anchor babies and illegal aliens. What is the right thing to do?


Churches and Pastor's loses their moral authority when they leave the moral authority of the Law of God. Churches fear the Law of God because they teach not and do not understand the Law of God. The natural flow is to Cheap Grace, which, of course, is not Grace at all.


Theft is not Charity whether it comes from the left, right, CEOs (who love cheap labor damn the law to Hell) or others, just spare me the tears, ok?

I'm not swayed by the claim that the kids involved are blameless.  That doesn't matter; the fact is that they have accessed and consumed services in this nation to which they were not entitled over the previous years, and nobody is demanding that they pay the cost of said services back.

Theft by conversion is still theft.  Yes, if you have no ability to reason at the time (because you're a young child) then you cannot be held criminally liable for said theft, but the fact of the matter is that you still got the benefit and paid nothing for it.

That it was your parents that worked under the table (and thus evaded said taxes) or worse, stole someone's identity (and thus committed both a criminal act and imposed direct cost on someone else) isn't material.  You were the beneficiary of that conduct -- both directly in your home and indirectly in your access to schools, infrastructure, medical care and more that you wouldn't have had.  You've benefited greatly over these years.

May I remind you that President Obama, when he announced this program, admitted he had no legal authority to do so.  Congress could have changed the law over the intervening time, and indeed prior to that time, but did not and has not.

Speaker Ryan's mealy-mouthed nonsense is even worse, as the person who could have brought said bill to the floor of the House and hasn't done so.  He is the worst sort of hypocrite and jackass, in that he's made a nice name for himself by claiming to be for the Rule of Law -- right up until it is proposed to be enforced.

Then he turns into someone who condones said theft instead.

DACA is illegal folks.  This is not about compassion, it's about the rule of law.  If someone manages to break into a bank every day and steal $20 without being caught for years or even decades that does not change the fundamental nature of their act, nor the fact that's illegal.  Getting away with an illegal act does not make it lawful; it just means, especially when it's done openly and notoriously, that you managed to sufficiently bribe the cops.

The latter, may I remind you, is a second and more-serious offense, because corruption of the rule of law is usually considered more-serious than simply ignoring or breaking the law.

No, holding cute babies up to the camera won't change my mind.  Nor will appeals to my alleged "better side."  The fact of the matter is that our nation's immigration laws are what they are and those who intentionally broke said laws and/or profited from same must not be rewarded for doing so by giving them the ability to stay, permanent residency or even worse, citizenship.

Nope, nope and nope.  All of the DACA folks have a nation -- but it's not the United States.  They're citizens of some other country, to which they must return.  Once they've done so if they so choose they may petition to enter the United States for the purpose of residency via the established and lawful basis, and should be expected to repay, with interest, all of their previously ill-gotten gains.

If they have acquired skills and education while here then on a score-based system they'd actually have an advantage in requesting legal status -- from their nation of citizenship.

But not while here -- while here they are illegal invaders, whether they knowingly broke the law or not, whether carried by their parent(s) or wildcatting on their own.

The law either must be applied evenly or it is meaningless.  Congress neither has a right or an obligation to retroactively change these facts -- only prospectively.  The administration, for its part, has an obligation to enforce the law -- not an option to do so or not, as President Obama asserted.  That obligation stands as one of the primary pillars of our Constitution and in fact is an explicit component in the oath that the President, and those who serve in the executive or legislature where oaths are required, take before ascending to the office in question.

DACA must end and those who promote otherwise must be driven from public office and the boardrooms in which they sit.  Those firms who profit from and advocate for the intentional violation of Federal immigration law must find the firm and all responsible executives charged under said law as accessories before and after the fact and their companies must have their charters revoked and be disbanded.


But where would the big donations come from (esp. our GOP) if these executives were held responsible for their roles in violating the laws to get cheap labor?

I have asked for years, being completely tongue in cheek, when do the rest of us get to ignore the rule of law in what we choose to do?

We either have the rule of law -- or we have an anarchy.  We DON'T get to have both.

It is absolutely time that we started holding accountable congressmen like Jeff Flake, who blatantly and unapologetically believes that he and his family can build a ranch on the backs of illegal aliens and not face the consequences for doing so.  Grrr!

We do have Anarchy, just look in the streets, college campuses, marches, burning cars, throwing rocks etc. at police, Illegals Marching Demanding and getting what they want no enforcement of Immigration laws for 90% of all illegals, aid to illegals and on and on. This is what the Feel good government has brought us and more than that if they sort of fix the economy then all is forgiven, as to many Americans only care about having enough money to go shopping and fill closets with clothes, shoes etc. or guns, toys, tech and then they don't care who comes into our nation and totally changes the Culture, maybe when they blow up the Black Hills Monuments then someone will get upset, just maybe. God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk

But our two AZ Senators both like DACA and have said it would be unfair to deport these illegals.  I suspect they will fight for a bill that is similar in intent and content to Obama's unlawful decree.

A small step toward returning America toward being a lawful nation once again; but a step. Prayerfully, we will see the day when those who have clearly "adhered" to our Constitution's enemies by passing and perpetuating legislation designed to support the New World Order by destroying our ability to enjoy an unalienable Right are held accountable. 

Is Trump Losing Base Support?

The question as to President Trumps losing his base due to his lack of following thru on his Campaign Promises.

President Trump promised his supporters he’d End DACA upon taking office and begin Deporting All Illegals not just those his  Liberal Staff considers to be Criminals, and now 6 months later kicking the Political Can down the Road with no End is Sight as Congress is being asked to Act with the 2018 Election Cycle coming up, what will his Base Do?  His base believed President Trump said and meant shortly after taking the Oath of Office, and not 6 months later kicking the Political Can Down the Road to the GOP RINOs who run Congress and are anxious to give Amnesty to All Illegals within the Borders, and yes this will include I believe those who also over stayed Visas.

I’ve been following closely reports I receive from other supporters in AZ and elsewhere as to their displeasure at his lack of following thru on the promises he made while campaigning where he also stated I’m not a Politician so you can trust me.  It now appears President Trump doesn’t have the Political Courage to even make the announcement himself but is using AG Sessions who he’s spoken out against to be the Front Man in making the Announcement and thereby escapes making the Announcement of Surrendering to the 800.000 Dreamers himself as still no mention of truly enforcing the Existing Laws in the case of Dreamers, this isn’t leadership as he passes the Buck to Sessions rather than having to Choke on his own Words of the Campaign, once again Promises Made & Promises Broken.

The lack of following thru and adding to that his dancing around the issue of all Illegals by moving it to just deporting Criminal Illegals either demonstrates his lack of knowledge of what a Criminal is or just moving back to the Left side where his Daughter & Son in Law are and have always been along with most of his White House Staff, they believe in almost every Social Justice Issue and especially in Amnesty for the Children.

If President Trump believes his Base Support won’t erode, then he’s truly not a good reader of just how many of them supported him because of his stand on the Illegals and Border Security.  The lack of following thru on his Promises may not cost him the states he won by large margins, however those he won by single digits such as: Wisconsin won by less than 1% & 10 Electoral Votes, Michigan less than 1/2% & 16 Electoral Votes, Pennsylvania less than 1% & 20 Electoral Votes, this totals 46 Electoral Votes minus those from the 306 and Trump loses the Election, this doesn’t include a swing state with low percentages as well like Florida won by 1.20% & 29 Electoral Votes.

The swing of just a small number of votes or a higher turnout of Democrats will bring us right back to another Total Socialist in the White House along with a mostly Big Government Congress no matter the Party, as recently demonstrated by the failure of the GOP to End Obama Care and I also don’t believe they’ll secure our borders or give us meaningful Tax Reforms, as most are in the pockets of Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce who want Illegals here now and forever.

The Swamp Managers don’t want a WALL as they know once its’ built you can’t take it down, whereas with extra guards, technology etc. that can be changed quickly and most won’t even know it’s happened to them, and the Lie they tell about how much Illegals contribute to the Economy is mostly never exposed by anyone in the Media, just check the #’s Link:

I’m hoping all of you will contact the White House by Calling: 202-456-1111 or the Comment Line: 201-456-1414, and let them know what you think of the back tracking and not doing what was Promised to the American Voters to gain their Support & Votes.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

I have a weekly discussion group that mostly talks about what Trump is or isn't doing. Most understand what he didn't understand before and neither did we. We all thought it was the dems who were the obstructionists and since we held both houses Trump could make good on his promises.  A couple want to blame trump but they are getting over that.  Don't tell me YOU knew the Rs would be the big problem because we all knew some would be but the others could yank them on to the train.  Now we know and Trump knows that 2/3 are obstructionists too.  My guess is that Trump is playing it smart (my discussion group agrees) by not yanking everything away at once. Boiling frog. My guess is that the legislation they bring him will stink or they won't bring anything. Then the deportations go into full throttle from semi-idle. I understand they will start to deport the criminals now whether they are locked up or not.

Hi Jasper; I've been fighting the Establishment GOP of years now and have written and done several shows on it so yes I did know and have known they'd be the problem and always were, that being said this problem will continue as long as the rank & file GOP Voters continue down the Road of the GOP Theology of Better of Two Evils which is what they've used successfully to stay in power and keep anyone daring to challenge them from getting in office at almost all levels.  Now on the other comment about playing it smart I truly hope you're right although I don't believe President Trump will follow thru on his Promise to Deport Illegals and is probably very thankful that someone came up with the Doctrine of Deporting just the Criminals and believes this will satisfy the Base, from the feed back I've been getting it doesn't but believe it's all we'll get and if Congress does do something it will be some form of Legal Status for all as the my article states including those with Over Stayed Visas, as the Big & Small Businesses with the aid of the Chamber of Commerce have been lobbying for years now and those Incumbents know they can get away with this and get Re Elected as they've proven over the yrs. with the Better of Two Evils, we do hope you're right and I'm wrong for the sake of the Country.
God Bless You; Van 

Why is so difficult for people to acknowledge there is little difference between the major political parties? The evidence is very clear! Both have supported those seeking to establish a New World Order on our Constitution's ashes for well over 100 years.

As for Trump: he can't "Make America Great Again" so long as America isn't in control of its destiny; and it isn't!  To be in control it must exit the UN, restore a sound monetary policy, and shed itself of the ungodly and unlawfully created debt that is a result of the unlawful monetary policy. That every politician is guilty of Treason is also clear. All that I can identify have - by an act of omission - shown their support for the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto; thereby "adhering" to an enemy of the Constitution. It's sad that there aren't enough Americans having the common sense needed to realize it will take millions of them working together to make a difference/


What is your thought on what groups or group of individuals are really directing both parties from behind the scenes?  For a while I thought it was the international bankers who own the Federal Reserve.  Now, I'm starting to lean in the direction that the people calling the shots are Marxists embedded throughout the U.S. and in the U.N. (OWO).  But, still, there has to a smaller group of leaders for what seems to be a well-orchestrated and very effective (brilliant from their perspective) campaign to bring us down.  I don't see how it can be hundreds or thousands of disconnected Marxists magically marching in unison.  And as evil as Soros is, I see him as an enabler with his money, but not as a charismatic leader and strategist behind something so complex.



My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
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