Today, AG Jeff Sessions finally stepped up to the plate, under Pres. Trump's orders, and terminated DACA.  In the words of the AG, this is as unconstitutional as it gets and Obama enacted it not because it was a legal act but because it was his opinion.  We don't make law based on opinion.  Doing that results in the chaotic country we now see America to be.  Sessions called it an "open-ended circumvention of the immigration laws."  Correct!

Ending DACA, said the AG, will help to eliminate the drugs, violence and other extremist activities that we see today and it will surely cut down on illegal border crossings.  In fact, the end of DACA has already been initiated!

Eight hundred thousand (800,000) young illegals now under the DACA program will be rolled off the system.  Those with legitimate jobs will be rolled off slower than those on government benefits.  Nobody gets amnesty but deportation will be deferred from immediate deportation.  Permits to stay in the USA that expire before March 5, the day the President gave Congress to come up with immigration legislation, can re-up if they do so by October 5.  If Congress does it's usual side-stepping on legislation by March 5, thousands will be subject to deportation.

Said Sessions, if the people and Congress want a DACA-like program, they have to go on the record and pass legislation and send it to the President. That is the lawful and Constitutional way America is supposed to work.

It will be interesting to see what happens here.  As we know, Congress "passed" many bills to end Obamacare when they knew Obama would not sign them, giving them cover. The cover is now ripped off and the liberal elites have been unmasked.  During Obama's terms, Congress also sent him many bills to end DACA, knowing that would never happen. Covered again.  Well, now there is no cover on the road to making America great again.  We see our "conservative" lawmakers being exposed daily for the progressives they are.

A test of Congress is coming!

But don't wait for massive deportations of those who have lived the American dream: gotten an education, stayed away from drugs and other illegal activities and hold down good jobs and are contributing to society and the tax base.  Those high on the deportation list will be those who have taken advantage of free government handouts, Obama-phones, welfare, free college educations that American citizens don't get and so on.  It's sayonara to those people.  Or maybe we should say Hasta la vista, baby! (Thank you, Swartzenegger)

Since Congress has until March 5 to come up with legislation, they either get on the stick and finally do something or be further outed as the liberals under their desks we have come to know many of them to be.  Or they send one of two kinds of legislation to the President: one that no one would sign (probable) or something that makes sense, limits the numbers of visas issued to immigrants who are unskilled and puts a tracking system into the bill, since thousands of illegals in this country today have overstayed their visas.  And a plan to deport those who can't figure out how to follow the law and be productive.  There are 1000s of those and we see them in ANTIFA weekly!  Many are marching in downtown Phoenix as this is being written!  If they are out on the streets at 10 am, they aren't working and contributing to America's greatness.

Time will tell!

Now that's out of the way.  Can we count on the DoJ to investigate Hillary/Obama/Podesta/Schumer/Pelose?

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You have several groups, a few work together and others not so much, you're right on the initial thoughts of Bankers & Big Business etc., however they've always said they take us apart from within and the School System has helped to do just that as the youth meaning most 45 and younger weren't taught what we were, as the system wasn't controlled by the Federal Gov and run by the movement of the 60's and has been for decades now and unless this is fixed America will basically be just a memory as Rome is today for most except with a much shorter history.  This isn't something I enjoy saying and will continue to fight against as long as I'm able but to think Incumbents at all levels can continue to be in office and make a difference is Einstein's definition of I call it Political Insanity, continue voting for the same people and expect a different result. I hope anyone who see this will begin to work against all of them.

I think most activists know all about our Uniparty. It's the great uninformed that is the problem.

Hehehe, Jasper. You knew someone would claim to be the smartest kid on the block. Based on the lousy Congress we have I think you are right about how they will treat this March 5 mandate.  I hope they test Trump and he starts to throw all of them out.  Really, I hate to do that since they didn't make the decision to come here and have never lived anywhere else. If they are contributing to our economy, I'd give them a green card and let them stay as long as they have a needed skill but NO AMNESTY. They have to get in the baaaack of the line for citizenship.

Hello Again Jasper; Since my honesty is being brought into question here's a link to the Internet Radio Shows I've done over the yrs. which were also simulcast with my AM Shows, rather than trying to find them myself, anyone caring to can look up the shows as the titles usually tell the story and go from there.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk /

Uhhh, can you point out where I questioned your honesty, or anyone's?  I can't seem to find that.  I'm just saying everyone is an expert in hindsight.  I didn't point any fingers at anyone specifically and you posted your comments after I did anyway.  But I'm not interested in going through your links of internet shows or whatever.

Hi Jasper, I said my honesty had been questioned, not by you but done never the less so since it started with my post to you posted it in the same post, sorry for misunderstanding. God Bless You;Van

This is the story of a young woman who was happily married with three children, without thinking about her children or her marriage she starts using drugs, she is able to hide her drug use from her husband and children.  After a while she can no longer afford to maintain her drug use so she starts to steal, she gets in trouble with the law a few times she is booked in jail, her husband wants to help her and advocates for her as she is not a violent offender plus her children need her, she gets three years probation and the judge gives here another chance.  

A few months go by and she starts using drugs again, she knows that she cannot spend her husband's money to get high as she would be found out so she decided to rob a convenience store using a gun things go wrong for her, she gets arrested for breaking the law once again and this time she faces prison time.  She is sent to prison because she broke the law, she is literally "separated" from her children for her bad choices.  Her children have nothing to do with their mother's bad choices, yes they are innocent victims and luckily they still have their father to take care of them but the government does not jump in to give them FREE EDUCATION ALL THE WAY TO COLLEGE!  Her children do not go on public/government assistance.  

My take on the Unconstitutional Barack Hussein Obama's DACA is that it is wrong to protect and make examples of the unfortunate circumstances that surround these children that to no fault of their own they ended up in the USA.  They should be grateful that they got a free education, they should go back to their respective countries and start using their education to better themselves in their countries of origin and perhaps help their countries become great as now they have tools they can use.  The United States does not owe them anything, it is not the United States responsibility to repair what these children's parents did.  I am sick and tired of the government we have not willing to stand for lawful Americans that cannot afford healthcare and repeal Obamacare, but now they are saying that 800,000 illegals have rights to get free education, free welfare, free food stamps, free medical care as all they have to do is go to the emergency room and they will not be denied medical care.  When is our government going to do the right thing for We The People, The AMERICAN PEOPLE?  

Drain the swamp

That truthfully means you can't vote for Incumbents and the Voters return better than 90% each election cycle and use the Better of Two Evils GOP Theology for their excuse and until they stop settling for someone just because of party nothing will change in DC or America. God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk

The landscape is, as I've seen many times, I hate our lawmakers.  They are terrible.  They need to go at the next election.  YOU, yeah, you over there in that state.  Your Senators stink.  Vote them out.  My Senator stinks too but we are going to keep him/her because it's the best we can do but you go ahead and vote YOURS out. 

Everyone thinks all others Senators/Congressmen are the worst and should go and they are right but so is theirs that them keep electing.  And the wheel goes round and round.

Clair:  I suggest two things as being needed if we hope to cure our ills via the ballot box: an organized electorate singing off the same sheet and a set of questions that would allow us to separate the sheep from the goats. A suggested set of questions are at



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