...That Russian Official Sought Trump Meeting

An offer of a “Russian backdoor overture” that made its way to Jared Kushner last year was initiated by a devout Christian with concern for veterans and not Russian operatives devising a plan to collude with the Trump campaign.

Johnny Yenason, the owner of a Pennsylvania-based pipefitting company, says that it was his Christian and veterans advocacy work that prompted him to reach out in May 2016 to Aleksander Torshin, the deputy chairman of Russia’s central bank, and his associate, Maria Butina.

That outreach effort, which made its way from Yenason to a friend of his named Rick Clay and then to members of the Trump campaign, became the subject of intense scrutiny last Friday after the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Kushner, a White House senior adviser and Trump’s son-in-law, accusing him of improperly withholding the email exchange. (RELATED: Kushner Was Forwarded An Email Offering A ‘Russian Backdo...

Kushner’s emails show that he shot down the meeting request, but Trump critics saw the initial overture as an attempt by the Trump associates to collude with Russian operatives or by Kremlin functionaries trying to infiltrate the campaign.

Several news outlets reported Friday that Torshin, a former Russian senator, tried to arrange a meeting with Trump. But in interviews with The Daily Caller this week, Yenason directly disputed that Torshin or Butina made any outreach to the Trump team.

Yenason says that while Clay’s email — entitled “Russian backdoor overture and dinner meeting” — does suggest that Torshin sought a session with Trump, Clay “misstated” his message to the campaign.

“Rick’s email may have stated that, but that was not communicated to me in any of the requests or emails that I exchanged with [Butina and Torshin],” Yenason said.

Yeneson’s own email correspondence with the Russians undercuts the notion that they “tried to get involved with me and manipulated me because I was some dumb American,” he says.

[Editor: There is some very interesting information in the rest of the story]

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When I hear of an outreach with Russia it brings to mind the "Muslim outreach" that the Obama administration festered upon Europe, Canada, and here in the USA. That outreach allowed the invasion of Europe by Islamic fundamentalists and its hate and Caliphate against western democracies. It was his administration, in outreaching, and its neglected foresight of what became ISIS and its Islamic terror to ferment, which gave way to civil society's destruction. His "outreach" was to allow the seeds of "chaos" directly in line with the Cloward Piven Strategy to overthrow government from the inside, which he still does today by following Trumps overseas visits.

The issue is that Russia DID NOT change any election result, it did not influence Trumps campaign tactics .. but it was a direct attack on those who would oppose Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, the pay-for-play, and its accesses by way of hundreds of millions of dollars to insure government access through the FBI, CIA, and our National Security once she was President. The real manipulation is of our leftist media to change the narrative of the Truth that evil pervades the swamp waters in Washington DC ... all controlled by money ... not the will of the people. Worldwide peace REQUIRES talking with our nation's enemies and friends. It REQUIRES information that gives us the K N O W L E D G E of what their plans are. Without it, we are blind just as the Obama pundits are .. blinded by evil and the worldwide threats we as human beings face. Advancing "Christian interests" is not what evil does nor wants!



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