Where is Sessions?  Some say he's in the witness protection program.  That's as good a guess and any considering all the evidence of criminal conduct by Hillary, Comey, Powers, Rice, Obama and all the rest of them.  CRIMINAL conduct.  Ignored.  Why?  Paid off?  Too cozy to his former Senate pals?

OR... is there a secret plan in the works? We know Trump doesn't believe in spilling the beans until everyone is counted and in place!

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While our own "hope and change" was why Sessions was the chosen one ... do we really believe that he'd be kept quiet for so long ... even though the evidence is right in front of his face? I think he's a soft spoken southern RINO who just wants to "get along" with the swamp creatures, and Trump being a "non-politician" is being swayed by it. 

AG Sessions is a politician and realizes once you open the door to one its' open to all, and this will include politicians at all levels and in both parties, this is something he's unwilling to do at the Federal Level knowing what this may very well bring about as far as the Government losing any trust it may still have left and therefore don't believe AG Sessions will ever do the job many would like and time for Pres. Trump to fire him when Congress goes on break and appoint a new one that won't have to be approved by them and then give the orders to Investigate and Prosecute any and all.
God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Huh?  You, Clair,  are the winner of the longest run-on sentence contest ever posted on AFA.  Along with your many other ones.

Punctuation is for sissies.

Oops Larry. You used a period (.)  Us sissies would like to understand without having to re-read everything. Clair should be proud of such an award.  Good thing he didn't get elected to anything. No one would have understood any bill he wrote.  On second thought, that might be the intent in DC and state legislature. Clever, Clair.

Thank You; I had no idea this was a contest in sentence structure, as I've explained several times before I write as though I'm doing a Radio Broadcast which as I've said before is called Conscience Flow Streaming by Professor who teach writing in our colleges, and also prefer it as they explain to classes as in doing so then gives a clearer view of the authors thoughts without stopping to punctuate, this isn't a excuse just an explanation to my AFA english teacher, and if you'd like I'll send my posts to you 1st for your correction before posting, here's my next blog on my site let me know what you think ( http://vanscrossroads.com/2017/09/dreamers-demand-amnesty-illegals/ ). God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

You can't dislike a man that has a sense of humor and isn't thin-skinned. 

Until the Lord comes.

I never called anything a contest. I just think you might have something important to say but I'll never know because I don't come here to work that hard.  It sure does not give me a clear idea of what you were saying. In fact, it gives me no idea at all.  They sure teach some crazy things in some colleges.  I think I'm just going to pass your posts by in the future.  It's easier for everyone.

Ok then we all fail at something .. maybe one divorce or two ... so let's just stay on topic of what we are dealt with. Information is dangerous to those who want to enslave us ... Hello Mr. RINO in congress.

One can only hope that draining of the swamp continues and all corrupt politicians are exposed for what they are CROOKS !

He's doing the absolute minimum to keep the office of AG.  The RINOs need that office badly and will do anything to keep it......including allowing Sessions to do some damage to their agenda........but NOT TOO MUCH.  NO going after Comey or Hillary or Obama or Eric Holder or Lois Lerner. 

Now you are on to something, Alan.  He should not have taken that job if he didn't want to do it.



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