Today, Democrats and establishment Republicans in the Senate and the House are weeping while a handful of those are cheering.

Today, President Donald J Trump bypassed these dysfunctional politicians and acted on behalf of all Americans when he signed an Executive Order to allow insurance companies to sell insurance across state lines.  Today, health insurance is now in a free market status; companies can compete for every customer.  We who understand the power of free markets are doing our happy dance.  Those who paid the penalty, something that is unconstitutional on a grand scale, for not being about to afford insurance, have been unleashed.

Today, health insurance in America has undergone a complete reversal by the stroke of a pen.  More is stolen by the point of a pen than by the point of a gun. That is what happened seven long, excruciating years ago when Obama signed Obamacare into  law.  What he stole was not just our money and our health care, he stole from hundreds of millions of us our peace of mind, our freedom, our ability to make our own decisions.  For some, he stole their very lives as they waded through piles of red tape to get treated, only to die before they got care.   Maybe the democrats should lobby for the ban of pens in the hands of democrats!  

Today, President Trump restored most of that for the benefit of American consumers. The dismantling of Obamacare has begun.

Today, industry associations can offer health insurance to their members and their families.  Political clubs can band together as an association, clubs like the National Federation of Republican Women and National Federation of Republican Assemblies and even AFA can contract with insurance brokers to offer group health insurance for members.  Who wins? The customers and the insurance companies!  Synergy!

Today, 28,000,000 Americans who did not have insurance under Obamacare can now seek to purchase insurance on the competitive market place.  Who are these people?  The self-employed.  The lawn mower repair shop, the small restauranteur, the baker, shoe repair and family owned businesses in your neighborhood can get health insurance at competitive pricing.

Today, a burden has been lifted from millions of Americans; the worry and concern for their families has been lifted; the small business owner can now breathe again.  Health insurance is NOT a right, but it is a necessity.  It's entirely possible that this will improve productivity and thus, have a positive impact on our economy almost immediately.

Today, President Trump became a hero to all who live in America, even those who hate him and don't realize the gift he just gave to all of us.  The end of socialized medicine, a blow dealt to single payer insurance mandated for all.  


Now, it's time for Speaker Ryan and Senate President McConnell to realize, no matter what hurdle they throw in President Trump's path, he will find a way around it.  Hopefully, they learn it soon or are replaced.

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This applies to those in Congress Promises Made / Promises Broken!

We must now contact all in DC and Demand they get the Tax Reform done or in 2018 all Incumbents will be looking for jobs, and no more Political Theater where the House passes it knowing the Senate won't it must be All or Nothing, this is the only way to Hold their Feet to the Fire. If we as the American Voters can't give orders to those we've chosen to Represent US then they must be fired or we'll remain Slaves to them and the Debt they continue to Build for US and All Future Generations. 

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 


Bingo, Clair. The House was safe and now can claim they did their job. Hogwash. a deal was cut with McConnell. We are not stupid, Lyin' Ryan. Now he's doing the same with tax reform. Did anyone see him on TV this morning? Oh, we will stay in session through Christmas to get tax reform done. Sure!  NOW, we have to dissolve the state mandates to make this happen

The Leadership is trying to help the members by allowing them to vote for bills knowing they won't pass in both houses. The general voting public has no idea of the Political Theater going on by these actors and in the end if they win their Primaries we'll be right back to the GOP Theology of Better of Two Evils, and yes some may have opponents but beware of their records as well, it's their Records vs. Rhetoric we must vote for or against. God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Yep, all of us on this site knows that. AFA does a good job of keeping us informed on most important issues. Lyin' Ryan is right now out there pledging to PASS TAX REFORM before Christmas knowing full well that he had a deal with McConnell to shoot it down in the senate.

The problem with not voting for the better of two evils is that we rarely have a choice. Right-minded people won't run. Thinking about DeWit who could keep the Senate in Republican camp.

I am breathing a sigh of relieve today.  Even the mandated Medicare has been affected by such a bad law. I do so hope that those needing Medicare supplements can also have more choices.  Thank you, President Trump, for caring for the people of America.

Hallelujah for sure. Now my kids can have health insurance again. My son was in the emergency room last year. The cost was enormous.  He was there for an unexpected blackout while at the mall.  He had no choice.  This will be one less worry for him.

Why selling insurance across state lines is a good thing from The Federalist:

Dems hate it, Republicans like it

Free-market competition lowers the true cost of insurance not subsidy payments from taxpayers. When capitalism returns by competition then the best will survive across state lines, the others belong with the socialists ... and the Cabal of Thieves. 

so now we have yet another POTUS doing Executive Order, using the POTUS powers that Lincoln started.

totally UnConstitutional.

We need to start somewhere. Trump is kicking the can down the road hoping all will praise what it he did and overlook that fact that he is just another Obama. :-(

I wonder if MARC knows that the House and Senate are trying to game Trump into keeping Obamacare.  I wonder if he knows that they have refused, not failed, to pass the repeal of Obamacare. I hope this is just a stop gap for Trump  to back these lawmakers into a corner forcing them to repeal Obamacare or get replaced in 2018 & 2020. ALSO unconstitutional.  I don't like the EO but in times like these one has to use the tools provided or sink the country. Easy choice. Choose to keep unconstitutional Obamacare that is decimating many families or use unconstitutional EOs to release these people to live their lives the way they choose.  Now let's see if Congress vetos this EO as they have the right to do. Since they have never exercised that power it will be interesting to see if they haul it out of the basement and use it against Trump.

Yes. Short strokes on a painting can only screw it up.

I don't really care about this BS. This country is lost. You guys are not going to fix it politically. Most of you have spent a lifetime of trying to fix what you are unwilling to acknowledge as the problem. And it all started during and after the so-called Civil War/Act of 1871.  the Civil War still rages on.

The solution you guys are praising is trying to fine tune Communism!

I was married to a fine arts painter. Believe me, short strokes do not screw up a painting. There are times when short strokes save the painting.



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