Strategic Omnidirectional MAGA-Winning is Ongoing… Just what you have been waiting for

Don’t be so caught up watching the granules moving at your feet that you fail to step back and recognize the entire landscape is shifting.  It Has Begun… and there’s so much of it, it’s hard to believe it is just another Wednesday.

When candidate Donald Trump said:“and we will win, and you will win, and we will keep on winning, and eventually you will say we can’t take all of this winning, …please Mr. Trump …and I will say, NO, we will win, and we will keep on winning”, I can guarantee you there was only one person who comprehensively understood what the heck he was talking about; and it wasn’t anyone in the audience.


In the past week, President Trump has held three full cabinet meetings.  Why?  Because common sense would tell us he’s executing an omnidirectional strategic agenda-push, and direct communication is critical.

♦ Tomorrow FBI Director Christopher Wray is going to testify to the House Judiciary Committee.   The MAGA-allies in the House are positioned to bring all of the issues surrounding the FBI and DOJ ‘Black Hat’ management to the forefront.


FBI Agent Peter Strzok is representative of a much bigger issue. There are dozens of high-level officials about to be knocked out of their Corinthian Leather high-backs. That’s coming this month (DEC). Additionally, for each of those officials, there’s a host of mutually aligned political staffers/operatives in the FBI and DOJ who are going to get swept out amid the deluge. That follows in January. [No one wants to fire the staff just prior to the holidays… But the usurping Managers, who cares? Take their coats.]

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BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER.  Be sure to read the Inspector General's report.  And notice the date which means this has been going on for a year. WOW

"Using the Inspector General report, Admiral Mike Rogers (NSA), Dan Coates (ODNI), Christopher Wray (FBI) and Jeff Sessions (DOJ) appear fully positioned to execute a planned, strategic and comprehensive removal of most ‘black hat’ IC leakers."

Not tired of winning yet!

I spent most of the morning reading this and all the links. OMG the research and archives they built to follow all of this makes my head spin.  CTH has been right on most everything and I think they are right here after reading all the links provided. I'm putting on my shield because the fall out will be YUGE.  This is a must read and I mean that sincerely. Read ALL the links to tie it all together.

Circling the drain

My word! Trump got you to alter your response!!! LOL  Let's hope he continues. :)



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