So yesterday when the SCOTUS said Trump could go on his merry way with his travel ban, they said it was temporary – now they’re saying he’s good all around.

From the Hill:

The Supreme Court agreed late Tuesday to lift restrictions on President Trump’s travel ban until further notice, allowing the administration to continue barring most refugees under the ban.

Justice Anthony Kennedy on Monday temporarily blocked the part of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that barred the government from prohibiting refugees that have formal assurances from resettlement agencies or are in the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program from entering the U.S.

Take THAT, Ninth Circuit!!

Kennedy issued the stay pending the receipt of a response from the state of Hawaii, which was due by noon on Tuesday. Late in the day, the court issued an order blocking the decision indefinitely.

In a one-page order, the court said the application for stay of a mandate presented to Kennedy and by him referred to the court is granted.

The Supreme Court is still gonna take up the case in October, so even this permanent block is temporary, BUT all signs point to their decision going in favor of Trump’s ban….

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Mark Levin tonight said that the champagne bottle should not be opened yet as this is a temporary ruling. There will be more reviews on this in October.

From the post above: "The Supreme Court is still gonna take up the case in October, so even this permanent block is temporary, BUT all signs point to their decision going in favor of Trump’s ban…."  Most likely this opinion is due to the fact that it was Kennedy who wrote the order and he's the swing vote.  Doubtful he would reverse his own order.  Also on Trump Train News:

Then, perhaps, we can open a different bottle of champagne?  Why pass up a good opportunity?! <g>

'everybody loves somebody........', oh excuse me.  I'll drink to that.

I figure this will cut another million DemoCommunist votes in 2020.  Along with the 800,000 decrease from DACA, should be a Trump landslide for another 4 years.   The DemoCommunist Party is dying.

One certainly hopes so, Larry.  But history has shown that similar parties have an incredible resilience and continue to pop up.  Sadly something for nothing looks wonderful to many.



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