You Can't Call THIS A Conspiracy Theory:
IT'A OFFICIAL: The UN Wants a Borderless World 
                          and Free Migration Throughout
I am glad to report that our President Trump made this announcement at his Pensacola rally, yesterday: “I recently withdrew the United States from the United Nations plan for global governance of immigration and refugee policy, “I heard about this recently … no borders, everyone can come in! If you don’t mind, I rejected that plan, is that OK?”
"Hey, when did we get into that," you might ask.
Answer: The Obama administration pledged the United States participation last year (2016). Talks began this week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on the massive United Nations (U.N.) plan to create “safe, regular and orderly migration,” from the third world to wealthy countries in Europe and North America. On the eve of those talks, however, Trump reversed Obama’s decision and pulled U.S. negotiators." (quoted from):
It's called​ the UN Compact on Global Migration, and its plan is very simple. There shall be absolutely NO restrictions whatsoever to stop anyone from migrating anywhere. The implication of the plan is pretty simple, too: It means that no nation will have any control whatsoever over who migrates to live in their country. 
Like everything the UN does, this program recognizes NO national borders, NO national rights, which succinctly defines the bases of the whole UN agenda. The UN was invented and created by globalists. it's entire purpose is to eradicate the concept of the nationstate and to impose a despotic world government over all peoples. How could it be otherwise? It would have absolute power over every human on earth. And we well know the old saying: "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely."
People often have a hard time believing that it's the UN really doing this. But you can't quarrel with hard proof, in the form of the UN website reporting on this very program. (see this link):   Note the benign tone of their description of this massive interference with nations worldwide, which I took directly from that link: 
"The global compact for migration will be the first, intergovernmentally negotiated agreement, prepared under the auspices of the United Nations, to cover all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner." 
Love that! When they say, "in a holistic and comprehensive manner," they mean that literally, because holistic means "whole," as in "the whole world," and "comprehensive," well, that means "across the board," as in "no one escapes." 
It is important to realize what's being done, here. They are agreeing to give the United Nations total control over who migrates, how many, and where. No nation will ever again have the right to say "No" to any of it. The world will have officially become one huge nation. And who, then, is the government? Well, government-in-waiting would be more accurate. For this takeover of control over national borders is just one piece of the entire effort to control all. Admittedly, it is a very large piece, and we need to see that as a signal that they are getting very close to the endgame. ​

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Today - the UN Global Migration Compact.

Tomorrow - the UN !

I will fight The U.N. Until my Death

I'm fairly new here.  But I've noticed a lot of other reports that the US has permitted the troops of other nations to come into the US for "training purposes".  There have also been many stories of the government setting up the equivalent of many strongly fenced areas with hundreds of shelters built.  I've also seen photographs of such things.  However, location is never pointed out.  Are such things actually taking place?  Or are these scam operations to frighten the public?  They "appear" to be part of the endgame mentioned above.  I'm curious if there is actually any evidence of this sort of long term planning?  (I dislike being an alarmist, but am seeking further information.)

I know they (UN) have stated that you have no right to protect yourselves. Meaning to me, no firearms.  Back in the 60's my dad had a bumper sticker that advocated getting us out of the UN.

Here's a link to the John Birch Society website that has similar bumper stickers (about a buck.) There are also many books there on the UN.

Bumper sticker

Here's a few more stickers...

Get us out of the UN

And, while we're at it, get the UN out of the US. And stop contributing to its upkeep.  That's some incredible real estate and I'm sure a more productive use can be found for it.  And think of all the apartments which would be vacated.  And parking spaces!  :)

Even the leader of the opposition party in the Italian election has seen the light of what the invasion by refugees has done to his nation. The EU supports this invasion, and Germany's Merkle is the poster childe for the continuance of the invasion.



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