Before announcing his intent to roll back Obamacare by using an Executive Order to allow the purchase of health insurance across state lines, something that has not been done since the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945 was passed, President Trump announced that his team has worked successfully with Pakistan to arrange for the release of a family being held hostage for five years by the Taliban.  The family including an American mother were hiking in Afghanistan at a time that the Taliban was supposed to be "on the run."  Pakistan said this was a sign of the respect of the United States under President Trump.

Obama should be very embarrassed over this since this family was captured under his watch and he did exactly nothing to try to get them released.

“The Pakistani government’s cooperation is a sign that it is honoring America’s wish that it do more to provide security in the region,” the president said at the White House. “They worked very hard on this.”

Pakistan has been an on again off again partner in the war on terrorism.  Maybe this new president gives them comfort that they can now actually count on the United States to stand for freedom around the world.

The family, which includes a Canadian father, are now in Pakistani custody while awaiting return to the United States later this week.

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Reported today the couple's three children were born in captivity. Think about that. Born in captivity like animals in a cage and the Left with all their self-righteous rhetoric did nothing. Think about the positives for these wonderful kids! They were born with a story that will carry them through their whole lives. They can choose to honor it with celebration or hide it in darkness. On another note, the children were allowed to be born!

But how could the family possibly have handled those births and the following required infant care without ObamaCare coverage?

Pakistan is also realizing that it has encountered an unstoppable force and an immovable object...........President Donald Trump! 

Trumps executive order also STOPPED the payments to insurance companies ... as part of Obamacare ... that allowed the taxpayers to cover the losses incurred by the insurance industry which did allow for "subsidies" to lower the payments of a "mandated government approved product". This fraud will be paid for by our grandchildren and great grandchildren by an increased National Debt. Bankruptcy and the removal of the Dollar as the world's reserve currency thanks to the government's  spending drug.

Yes, John, you have made a very important point. I do believe that we conservatives are so accustomed to being negative that we are having a difficult time crawling out of the hole. We have been stuck in Obamacare for seven punishing years. We should not expect an executive order to clean up a seven year mess, should we? I am so very grateful that Mr. Trump is willing to defy the "cabal of thieves," as you so often use.  You are quite right and thank your for your message.

I will agree President Trump...."is willing to defy the "cabal of thieves" if and when he acts to restore America's ability to control its destiny by getting the US out of the UN, out from under the monetary policy supportive of the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto that has Americans buried under a mountain of debt that cannot possibly be paid under the present monetary policy and out from under the ungodly and unconstitutionally created debt. I fear too many people are deluding themselves into believing President Trump is an answer to their prayers. I wish he were but by surrounding himself with many of the insiders of the cabal, taking advice from Henry Kissinger, and silently ignoring those issues which must be addressed if there is to be hope of "Making America Great Again" I must conclude he is a politician; not a God fearing statesman.

Gee, Walter, I'm so glad you've got all the answers and feel free to "if and when" Mr. Trump takes the actions YOU believe are necessary. 

This a huge swamp he's taken on and many who are "supposedly" on his side are not and actively working to make him fail.  I believe he's fox who picks his targets carefully, often drawing them closer...then decapitating them.  I'm willing to give him more time and less criticism to get the job done.

Two things come to mind: "The trouble with some people is they know so much that isn't so." Ronald Reagan  The other is "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." I don't know who said that but they were a genius because unless you know the mind of your enemy, you cannot be effective in defeating them.  Ask any military officer!  I continue to be amazed that so many seem to know more about everything than Mr. Trump does.  Who is there right there in the WH?  It's none of us.  Eric is so right.  The swamp is YUGE. One of my very close friends is working in the Trump admin, has been in DC for years. You would be amazed what I hear that no one else ever talks about because they don't know what it is that they don't know.  There is plenty of good news, some not very good news and we all know that every mortal makes mistake including Trump. Not being perfect while passing themselves off as perfect is a major defect of man.  What happened to forgiveness?  What happened to being happy we are not dealing with Hillary?  Can we focus on how blessed we are and pray for wisdom for Trump instead of criticizing things of which we can only speculate?

Trump either has the wisdom or he doesn't.  All in all, I think he's done pretty well in life and I'm willing to give him all the time he wants.  He sure has done better than *I* have!  Now he's going at his job as a businessman would.  My bet is he knows FAR MORE than anyone on this list.  I'm just enjoying the journey, especially since there is so little I can *actually* do to change things.  So blessings be on President Trump and hope he makes more Constitutional supported moves.  I also finds his way clear to put Obamacare into the garbage for good. 

As for God, I've never been able to figure out if He/She "takes sides". 

Gee, Eric, no one ever indicated God "takes sides"!!!!   I feel blessed that we don't have to deal with Hillary but others may feel blessed if she had won. BUT, if you read the Old Testament, you would clearly see that God did, indeed, take sides.

Pat, if you're going to quote the Old Testament, so very different from the New Testament, you'd find an incredibly unforgiving and rather vicious "being" who demanded the slaughter of all who did not worship his way.  I've never been able to put together the god of the old and the god of the new.  That people do...and then accept the sharp division...has always puzzled me.  The Christ said, "Love thy neighbor as thyself".  The Old Testament god "Yaweh" demanded slaughter and slavery. 

And many here have asked for God's wisdom to go to Trump.  I state again, God does not take sides.

Eric: please show me a quote from the Old Testament that I made. You can't because I did not quote anything.  I merely spoke to your thoughts about God "taking sides."  To understand why there is a striking difference between the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament (He is all the same God because if you are a Christian, you know there is only one God. Period. I won't go into the Trinity. If you are of some different religious position, you would have a different idea but I am a Christian so I speak from that perspective), you would have to study the story of Noah. This is not the only parts of the Bible that explains that difference but it is a good place to start.  I am NO SCHOLAR on the Bible but I have read it cover to cover.

It is unnecessary for you to restate that God does not take sides. Only you brought up the issue.  But just because God does not take sides in the way it appears you are talking about, He does bless those who ask for blessings.  At least in my religion, that is the case.  Asking for a blessing or wisdom or grace or whatever is a prayer. All prayer is answered.  We don't always get the answer we desire.



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