In his speech to the world’s leaders, President Donald Trump delivered the message of the voters who elected him.

“The United States will forever be a great friend to the world and especially to its allies,” Trump said on Tuesday. “But we can no longer be taken advantage of.”

It was a blistering call to action, as Trump urged other nations to do more, much more, to confront the “band of criminals” in North Korea, the “murderous regime” of Iran and the loser terrorists, among others.

There was no talk of nation-building or deploying the U.S. military to create and sustain democracies.

See video here.

          Trump Today: Says North Korea on Suicide Mission       



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President Donald Trump kicked off a United Nations speech on Monday with a plug for his nearby residential tower, beginning a week of meetings and speeches in New York.


Trump opened a speech about UN reform by saying he saw “great potential across the street,” a reference to the Trump World Tower, a residential skyscraper in the United Nations Plaza. “It was only for the reason that the United Nations was here that that turned out to be such a successful project,” Trump said.

Beyond the plug for his property, he said the UN had not “reached its full potential” in recent years due to “bureaucracy and mismanagement.” Arriving at the General Assembly, he said about North Korea: “I think most of you know how I feel.” North Korea shows no sign of halting the country’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs, and dealing with Pyongyang is expected to be a focus of this week’s meetings. 

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Full speech:

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The UN is nothing more today than a bureaucracy that lives off the American taxpayers. When was the last time that our own Congress lowered our payments to this Socialist cabal of thieves of mankind? What have "we the people" received from them? More incursions into stalemates. While Trumps words were encouraging, and just like Congress, he has no way to enforce those words from the dictators or the European Union elitists who can't agree on anything except that they love our way of life for themselves ... not their own citizens. They hate Israel, the USA, and love a worldwide "chaos" that they claim to resolve but never do. May God bless America ... and those who side with Him and his goodness for mankind. The Spiritual War continues within the heart of each of those 193 nations.

Trump did not say what I had hoped he would say. To "Make America Great Again" America must control its own destiny. We can no longer take joint and separate action to enforce United Nations (banker) policies. The policies we are pursuing toward North Korea and Iran are designed to force them, as two of the three remaining nations yet to establish a central, Rothschild controlled, enslaving banking system, into accepting such a system so their people can also be forced into bondage. Will Americans never learn?

Yes, we have control our govt.

I for one watched the entire speech and agreed with what President Trump stated as Facts to the Entire UN Body.  I however don't believe that it will change much at the UN unless of course we as a Sovereign Nation move forward to protect ourselves from both NOKO, IRAN & CHINA, two of the three are eminent military threats and I believe if we deal with NOKO quickly it will put IRAN on Notice, and now CHINA can be dealt with economically and must be and we can use the lack of CHINA following up on the Sanctions they themselves voted for to begin with, most I don't believe realize that the US gave them the Dollars to grow their Military only because our Corporations Love Money more than America and the Citizens of the US Love to spend money as proven by the Credit Card Debt and don't even realize their spending habits put our entire Nation at risk as China used it to build their military. The time has come for All Americans to draw back on filling up closets and drawers, along with buying every new toy to entertain their children and do what my parents did in the 50's spend time with them doing homework, going for walks and trips to visit family & friends, these are the things that will truly build a lasting memories and hopefully family bonds that are for many now just held together with the next toy or other article purchased to buy the attention or gratitude if you will of your children. I hope & pray President Trump stands by his words and doesn't allow our Weak Kneed State Dept. move him back to giving into to just more NOKO Blackmail as has happened in the past.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

The full speech in video  has been added to the article.  Suggest everyone watch it to the end.  When Netanyahu gave his speech, the Iranians walked out, as usual.  Not surprising, North Korea walked out on Trump's speech and didn't hear the President say if NOKO attacks the US, it will not go well and the US will destroy them.  Maybe they should have stuck around to hear those words delivered with absolute determination.



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