Oh, sure, we knew when DeWit played footsie with activists on a possible run to replace Flake last spring that he was gunning for a position in the Trump Administration.  And why not?  He was a full 100% supporter of candidate Trump from the beginning, capable as a Treasurer and as CFO for the Trump campaign.  Who would rather run for Senate or any elected office over working for Trump?

But working in NASA as CFO was never on our radar screen.  We expect the reason this took so long is that other jobs were offered and rejected until one came along that suited both DeWit and President Trump as well as DeWit's family.  The confirmation process will be a doozy given how dedicated DeWit has been to Trump and how hysterical the democrats are on that topic.

We are sure you have plenty to say on this:

Arizona Treasurer Jeff DeWit nominated by Trump for NASA finance post

Arizona Treasurer Jeff DeWit has been nominated to oversee the finances at NASA, the White House announced Wednesday.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration job, which is based in Washington, D.C., requires Senate confirmation and involves overseeing an estimated $20 billion budget as well as the agency's financial operations.

By joining President Donald Trump's administration, DeWit, who was chief operating officer of Trump's presidential campaign, ends speculation about his political future, including a potential run for Arizona's open Senate seat.

The 44-year-old Peoria resident said accepting the nomination wasn't an easy decision.

“However, when the president of the United States asks you to serve your country, it is my duty to answer the call.”

Jeff DeWit:

"Since the conclusion of last year's presidential election, there has been much speculation as to what my future was going to be, and my response has been and remains that I truly love Arizona and my current role as state treasurer," DeWit said in a statement. "However, when the president of the United States asks you to serve your country, it is my duty to answer the call."

DeWit said he would remain in his current post for now.

DeWit said his "deep love for the state of Arizona and the opportunity to keep serving the wonderful people here at home is something that constantly tugs at my heart. This is definitely a tough decision."

If DeWit leaves his current post, Gov. Doug Ducey is required to appoint a replacement from the same political party — Republican. DeWit’s successor would have to run in the next primary election if he or she sought to keep the seat, former state elections director Joe Kanefield has said.

Ironically, DeWit’s tenure as treasurer is perhaps most memorable for his clashes with Ducey, his predecessor as treasurer. [yes, we will miss those!]

Continue reading and see video...

We wish the DeWit family well if this gets confirmed.

NOW, the two candidates for the Treasurer's office will be lobbying hard for that appointment.  Of the two, Tom Forese and Kimberly Yee, we prefer Yee but Forese is more apt to fall in line with the McCain owned governor.  Whoever gets the nod, even if it's only a couple of months prior to the primary, will get to run as an incumbent in the General Election.

The chief job of the state treasurer is to manage the states investments to get the highest possible return while preserving capital.  It's uncertain whether either of these two have the skills to do a credible job on that.

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I didn't see that either. I expected him to be in the WH or somewhere very close. Frankly, I thought NASA was pretty much dead. Maybe DeWit will help revive that although not sure that is the most critical agency he could have helped.  I also wish him good luck and don't become a swamp creature.

We wish Jeff & Family well in his new post as we know that the Politics he experienced in AZ wasn't always that pleasant for him, as he stated at a meeting he asked some legislators for some assistance on an issue and they responded to him what will we get ( Paraphrasing ), and he said it disappointed him that they wouldn't do the Right thing without expecting something in return. I believe just one of the reasons he decided against running for AZ Treasurer again which we know he'd on won easily.

We also realize there's a Jo Ann Sabbaugh running for Treasurer as well who's down Tucson way, and will probably be able to get the signatures and 5's to fund her campaign against Forese who we in SCW, SC won't support as he and others have voted to raise Utility costs at every opportunity supporting the Utes against the customers big disappointment he, Little, Tobin have and believe will continue to be.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk   

Doug Little is no longer at the ACC. Trump gave him a job as Assistant Deputy of something. Disappointed in Trump for not checking this guy out more.  How long before he becomes a swampster? 

He's always been one, however now has more power than ever before far to many have the Presidents ear that are cut from the same cloth but helped with campaign and therefore gained the positions that way.
God Bless U; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

To our knowledge, Doug Little did very close to nothing on the Trump campaign.  No one we have spoken with knows how he got a plum job but he was obviously connected up the chain.  Maybe through his wife's position with major radio network.

Maybe to some other GOPers who worked on the campaign hoping for a position and now have the ability to push up others on the Food Chain.

This comes on the heels of the great CFPB leadership debacle. How interesting. 

If Mulvaney, as he purports, 'kicks the tires' of that unconstitutional pile of you know what; can DeWit be far behind in sniffing out the spending habits of that one-time great space agency? I've always been curious about exactly what entailed 'Muslim outreach.' It looks as though I (and the rest of us) will get to find out.



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