With all that has been going on in our country, the YUGE sigh of relief that Hillary is not our President but that Trump is, we have tended to think it's time to sit back and relax.  All is not right with the world yet.  Deep State is still alive, but not as well as before.  This is not the time to turn our attention away from current events.

Rogue CIA has been supplying technology to provide North Korea with a nuke.  That rogue agent has been stopped by President Trump.  We have to wonder how many others are out there.

This is the kind of video that makes you want to say, nope, that's all taken care of now. None of the is a problem any more.  But remember how many times President Trump has mentioned MS13?

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Thank you for posting this video. I have been following her for a while now. I truly hope our President is truly on top of all this corruption.

You're welcome, Sandra.

Sadly, she injures her credibility a bit when she described last week's launch of Musk's rocket as including a launch angle change and failure that resulted directly from Trump fighting back against Musk's giving secrets and uranium to the North Koreans.  She may have some good points in there, even if they weren't tied together connected, or substantiated, very well; but informed people won't take her seriously until she takes out the easily disproven conspiracy goofiness first.

She does a good job tying all the loose ends together.

Kind of reminds me of the 50s when the Rosenbergs were both electrocuted for supposedly giving away nuclear secrets to the Soviets.  Are we being kinder to those who actually provide the weapons themselves to our enemies?  Beats me.

There was proof that the Rosenbergs participated in espionage. I do believe that it was Truman's Whitehouse that actually sent half of our materials that were in stock for building nuclear weapons to the Russians. 

The "Deep State" military industrial complex was fully functional and in need of an enemy worthy of major expense to keep up with. There might not have been the need for an arms race, with the Soviet Block, to the extent there was had these transfers of materials and technology failed to take place.

John, FDR's Chief of Staff was Harry Hopkins. He was a communist and a spy for the Russians. He literally ran the country for much of FDR's 2nd term and short period of his third. FDR was very ill most of that time.  The head of the dept that shipped materials around the world said in American Betrayal that every day, he would receive a box of documents to be shipped to Russia.  This went on for most of the war.  It seems logical to say it was Harry Hopkins that gave the Russians the secret documents.  When asked if he know what he was shipping, he said he did not but he suspected it was secret documents. Russian was a so-called ally but Stalin had the ear of Hopkins who advised FDR and there was no reason to be shipping so much material to them during the war.

The CIA has been running the world for the Faceless Ones.  Even the CIA was being used ...... just like Soros and his sons' Open Society organizations.

The swamp is bigger than what we thought.  It's gonna take some more Drano. 

This is interesting in so many ways.  I had to blink at a couple of her statements but for the most part I have to repeat, this is interesting in so many ways. The Deep State traitors react very viciously to being exposed, so this lady should expect a tsunami of snide remarks rendered in monosyllabic, middle school verbiage.  My latest novel, co-written with Steven Seagal, "The Way Of The Shadow Wolves" also paints an extremely unfavorable picture of these  trolls, which has them up in arms and on the attack from all corners, with the latest being the very predictable Arizona New Times. Their assaults have pushed the book up the genre lists that dispel their lies.  An inconvenient consequence for them.     

Hadn't noted that book.  Will get.

As vicious as they are, they know well the potential punishment they face and may react far more viciously than snide remarks.  This is a game played for keeps.

Looking for Steven's name on our local library, all they list are 28 action films.  My guess is that your joint book, late 2017, is already slated for production! <g>

It's available at amazon.com on Kindle/tablets.



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