An AFA member and solid republican broached a subject with a team member. It was about birth rates in the west. “I've been saying it for years, but now the first fruits of our demise are ripening. Is it socially unacceptable to tell people to have children? I sure hope not, or else we are over as a nation,” he said.

I got to thinking about the impact of that statement in today's world throughout the west, particularly the USA.

To explore that, we need to go back to the early 70's and how the current one world order was already at work under the radar. That was before the internet where we now go to research almost anything. It was also well before George H.W. Bush signed the Rio Treaty at the 1992 Earth Summit, committing the United States of America to this concept of Agenda 21/One World Order/Globalism. What was actually happening in regards to families in the early 70's, probably in the late 1960s?

Agenda 21 was already at work. Talk was already underway about abortion. People were already lining up on the issue on one side or the other. Some countries used abortion as birth control, never realizing, or maybe they did, that was real life that was being flushed away. In 1973, the Supreme Court settled the case but not the argument by ruling in Roe v Wade that abortion was a “woman's right till the third trimester.” It was at that point that the claim it was all about a woman's health became the left wing talking point. The human embryo was left on its own!

That was not all that was going on in America at that time. There was also the drumbeat that the planet was too crowded. Couples must not have more than two children. Larger families were looked at with circumspect; pushing guilt on large families became de Riguer, socially acceptable. No one really considered what was behind this theme. No one knew about Agenda21/One World Order then.

Fast forward to the early 80's when illegal immigration soaked into the American conscientiousness. People had been crossing the Rio Grande into Texas and making their way across America for years. No one knew for sure just what that would mean in the years to come.

By the 1990s, governments and agricultural farm owners were saying we must let these people into the country to pick the fruit, pick the vegetables, work in the hay fields. So, in they came on temporary worker visas. And then they disappeared, migrated in the shadows to other states.

For American citizens, they were still weighed down with the idea that no family could exceed two children without causing chaos worldwide. However, replacement rate fertility requires each woman to replace herself. According to the CIA World Factbook, there are 107 boys born for every 100 girls. Thus each 100 women need to bear 207 children, on average, in order to produce the 100 girls needed to replace them. Dividing 207 children by 100 women equals 2.07 children per woman, which convention rounds up to 2.101. In third world countries, the rate is 3.3 children per couple to maintain a stable population. Why, if this was known then, and it was, was the government with the help of the media, advancing this scorched earth policy against families?

Now, here we are well into the 21st Century, we have a declining population in America and also in Europe and other western countries, particularly working age population. The extortion of Social Security or raising taxes will not be enough to repay those who paid in, by force, because of the decline in the birthrate across the western hemisphere. Government shills are using this to justify entry into the United States of illegal immigrants and quasi-legal immigrants from middle-eastern countries to make up the loss of population able to be productive. That's their story!  

There are reasons for the loss of workers other than the lower birth rates and smaller family size such as drug use, new diseases, societal violence that increased over the past decade but even before that, the U.S was in trouble. No matter, western populations stopped replacing itself in the 70's.  We've been duped!

The result of declining population in America is clear. Fewer people to maintain a healthy military; fewer people creating jobs, starting businesses, to take care of the elderly, to contribute to the economy. We now have 1 in 5 Americans on some kind of welfare2. With a declining working age population, that is not sustainable. Let's be clear, this does not include Social Security benefits, the ponzi scheme that FDR foisted on us.

At the same time, muslims are procreating at the rate on average of 12 children per child-bearing female. Among many muslim countries, polygamy is the norm. They have carried that behavior into western countries, primarily in Europe, where muslims are slowly, but not too slowly, overtaking native born citizens. Sweden is one country that has awoken from a stupor and is trying to reverse that trend. It's hard to get the genie back in the bottle. We know that the muslim culture's pure goal is to take over the world for muslims, eradicating all other cultures, religions, customs.

Does this bring us back to the Agenda 21/One World Order? In my opinion, yes. More people in America are being pushed into poverty causing them to be dependent on government. Obama is bringing unknown numbers of refugees from muslim countries into America and placing them in the care of unsuspecting communities. At some point, the well runs dry and considering that we are nearly $20trillion in debt, not counting the unfunded liabilities such as Social Security, medicare and medicaid, this starts to look a lot like a long range plan to combine countries of the world under one central government. Perhaps, a muslim dominated government!

We can easily see how fewer than two point one children per couple over four decades, how nearly one million abortions per year3 with an estimate of 50 million abortions since Roe v Wade was decided and women's reduced interest in traditional family life, has had an intended negative impact and a devastating social shift on the survival of America as set forth in the Constitution. America as a sovereign nation is teetering on extinction.

1Overpopulation Is a Myth 

2Who's on welfare? 

3U.S. Abortion Statistics

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I think we should enact legislation to limit muslim families to having no more than two children. 

This is actually a very good article.  What it all points out very clearly is for all of these parts to fit together, there must be a plan.  If there is a plan (and it's obvious that there is a plan), that means that people in leadership had to develop and implement the plan. It also means that people in leadership took it upon themselves to falsely swear an oath to the U.S. Constitution and made a conscious effort to undermine the document that they took an oath to support. The One World Order is nothing more than the rebuilding of the Tower of Babel.  One people, one language, one government, one religion is nothing new.  What is new is the erosion of our Constitution and the eventual loss of our freedoms. We have no one to blame but ourselves for letting America fade away through our complacency and ignorance.     

Bingo, Goldwater.  This ties the obvious together into the true plan of the Bush Crime family, Clinton, Obama and even the ones before.  I don't see Reagan in this mix but could be wrong.  The obvious is not always obvious but you can't miss the plan when you read this article.  Thanks AFA.  Once again, you inform in a most instructive way with a lot of real events that are all related one to the other in perfect order.  Now, how do we break the barrier against large families?  It's ingrained now in the minds of the child bearing Americans.

A great book, "The Death of the West", was written 15 years ago by Pat Buchanan on this exact subject.



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