In the "old days" the papal mission was to embrace Christianity with biblical words of Mercy and Grace from the pulpit that would remind mankind of the price Jesus paid for the forgiveness of the sins of man.  But oh what changes EVIL has done to manipulate those Truths found in the resurrection, and our conscious Faith in Him.  What we see today is a manipulation which has reverted back to the materialism sought by a sinful mankind which is clearly contrary to the Godliness and the righteousness of his Jesus.

     This we know ... The scriptures make it clear that God is not to blame for the world's many chronic problems.  They tell us that Satan is the true ruler of this world, and to follow him we are to take the blessing from a "creator given" life and make it all attributable to mans actions, desires, and serve that evil through its consequences.  In observation this is the foundation of the present day War between Good and Evil. People today have willingly adopted the way of Satan's way of life and materialism rather than God's way. Through this influence Satan has deceived the whole world. The entirety of western civilization has been seduced by his cunning, through his persuasive and insidious lies, and its time to understand its expansiveness into the Christian world and the papacy.

     Pope Francis calls, by way of a new crusade, for mankind to stop man-made global warming and to walk more gently on "our common home".  That is a soviet-style collectivism of group thinking. Without naming whom ... he calls for mankind to pray during this month of February "for and increase of attention to care for our common home".  If this is so true, and is a fact, then the words of Obama and Francis surpasses even worldwide terrorism and a decade of prayers will not stop this "man caused" disaster from the wipeout of humanity.  Only God knows how this will all end ... BUT in the end ... we will never know how many of these naïve sheep will really believe this propaganda of lies now coming out of the Vatican. It's all on a video from the Vatican to the Christian church. With regard to this "warming" the Pope says its  "Because it is a change that will unite us all. Free from the slavery of consumerism .... to take good care of creation".   Was not it Jesus Christ who was to do unite us all by his words and his actions??  That's not what this Pope tells the world.  He doesn't tell of the Good News of God's plan for mankind ... he'd rather focus on the benefit to himself, his church, and to government of the increased tax money flowing into the coffers that would spew forth this Satanic "man-made" global warming evil upon all.

     Consider the expanse of this evil over humanity.  So great is its influence, that most of our children are focused on it, that they now worship the deception spewed from the halls of "education" and the ministries of the propaganda machines of hate against all who simply question global warming.  When we understand the magnitude of this deception we can better grasp the roots of so many of mans problems. We have had thousands of years of evidence to see that governments have been able to solve very little, but the individual can and does solve his own problems all on his own by critical thinking. 

     Satan has been very effective to deceive the world, just as President Obama, by trying to remove our Christian heritage and grouping us all into "we are not a Christian nation" that we are a nation of equal religions, thoughts, and collective action. WE ARE NOT that kind of "equal" nation status.  We are America ... the GOD GIVEN exception to the other nations of the world.  Made so by God, for God, and adherence to the principles of Liberty & Freedom which other religions do not enjoy. It is Satan who has allowed us to be cut off from God's guidance.  The result is a global warming lie.

     It is Satan who has led us to us wanting to do things our way, to rely on ego driven selves rather than know God's authority.  Although our Christian God is always in ultimate control, holy scripture does make it clear that He is not to blame for our failings, for as Jesus told us "My kingdom is not of this world".  Yet this Pope can't make the distinction between "man-made global warming" and the increasingly dangerous path the world is on ... because he is not teaching Christian Truths, but only lies of deceit from a socialist perspective which steals and defiles the 10th commandment of God "Those shalt not covet thy neighbors goods".  The 10th Commandment involves our thoughts, attitudes, and approaches for it draws attention to our hearts and motives.  Coveting, and all sin begins in the heart of a man. Yet this man we call a Pope, in my observation, is not what he appears to be to the Christians of today.  But this we do know, the world will become increasingly more dangerous as Jesus's return nears. The transition from the ways of Satan to Christ's rule will be neither easy nor painless but it will happen whether you & I are here or not, whether caused by a man-made global warming or an expansive sun, for we are only of today ... UNLESS we know ... that  "God will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away"-Revelation 21:4.

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