A U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent shot and killed a man who was suspected of illegally crossing into Arizona from Mexico, according to border officials.

At about 10 p.m. Thursday, [June 9] an agent was attempting to arrest a man believed to be crossing the border illegally in the Yuma Sector near Somerton when the man grabbed the agent's radio and collapsible steel baton and began striking the agent in the face and head, according to a report from Border Patrol officials. The man reached for the agent’s firearm, after which the agent shot the the man, the report said.

Both the agent and the man were taken to Yuma Regional Medical Center, where the man was pronounced dead. The agent sustained a concussion as well as several bruises and lacerations on his head, face and torso. He received stitches for at least one of his wounds.

The agent was placed on administrative leave in accordance with Border Patrol policy.

Officials have not released any information on the identity of the man the agent shot.


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I wonder how long it will take to charge the border patrol agent with murder?  Do the right thing, get put in jail.

So according to you is it OK for an armed Law Enforcement Officer (who is sword to protecting America), to be beaten with abandon, and for the illegal not to expect any consequences for his action? Your saying that you'd rather "protect" an illegal caught??  Would you say that about an ISIS terror agent? 

Yeah that makes so much sense doesn't it. You do the crime, you PAY A price for it ... if your stupid enough to think you'll walk in our nations "house" free of consequences. Why not give them free food, a home, a car, water, and our cash ... so that they can ... become an ILLEGAL Demon-crat voter.

Uh, John, put your outrage aside.  Pat J's comment was sarcasm based on what we see every day: the good guys get the rap for doing the right thing and the bad guys go free. That's what the Obama regime does. Have you heard him even mention this incident?  NO. To him, the border patrol guy hurt an innocent refugee!  He will probably stand trial a la Baltimore/Ferguson police!

And just yesterday Fox News was playing a clip of Gary Johnson gushing about how these people only want to come here to work.  The lengths some people will go to get that landscaping position.

The fact that this man would have beat our border patrolman to death seems to be unfathomable for people on the left.  Curiously, they have no trouble imagining that the entire blame for the violence in San Jose after the Trump Rally lies with the Donald himself.  Following their logic, the border patrolman got what he deserved and needs to be held accountable for the death of the migrant he victimized.

This is the divide we Americans find ourselves in right now.  It's not black against white or rich against poor.  It's our values.  We used to value honesty, hard work and the truth.  Some still do.  But for a growing segment it's all about the image and how things look.  We are completely to blame.  We have abdicated our responsibility to raise children of integrity and too often left the job to big education, who was only too happy to take over for us. 

The challenge:  Take your children/grandchildren  to church this weekend.  Do not just drop them off.  Sit with them in church and let them understand that you will be attending Sunday School exactly like they are.  The one thing they will not have in common with those protesters at the Trump rally is that they attended church as a family this weekend.  Those protesters all have "raised by the nanny state" written all over them.  It's very unlikely that they have ever heard the Gospel message of love and redemption.  A pity, since it's the only thing that will ever give them any peace.

Paul Yoder:

Unfortunately the outcome of this may not be the right one. (Right on IMO.) I agree with everything you said. I wish that we were not involved in this 'divide' that we Americans are involved in right now. I know it would be easy to point fingers & blame it on someone else; however, this is a problem that involves everyone that prides themselves on being an American. Having taught school, I can appreciate your comment about education. It seemed too often that the teachers, including yours truly, was left with the responsibility of bringing up children. Taking children to church is an excellent idea. However, like you said, you cannot just take them & figure that the pastor or minister will make a child a Christian. I am aware of a party who most willingly takes their Grandchild to church. The first time this person took this Grandson they told me that they had communion. I immediately asked if they had explained what communion was all about to this child & was promptly told that this child just copied what everyone else did. And then was told that since the parents didn't attend church, it was not this person's responsibility to explain what communion was all about. To me that was sad b/c the least that this person could have done was explained what communion was all about to this child. I realize the child just copied or followed what all the others were doing & yet to me, that really wasn't a correct way to take communion. Thanks for the great post. Btw, I had always heard that Yuma had such great border control down there. I was surprised to hear that this happened where it did. I hope that the man that rightfully shot this illegal alien will not be punished for doing his job. However, like I said in the beginning, the outcome on this may not be the right one. (IMO that is.)


I've always heard they have a good one in the Yuma sector. What would have prevented this is an executive branch that enforces the laws of this country.

That "fence" bill that Congress passed a bill in 2006 (The Secure Fence Act) which required the construction of a 700-mile double-layered fence (along five stretches of the border most appropriate for fencing) ... is ONLY 36 miles of the 700 miles of double-layered fencing as authorized. You will hear a talking point from the Left that 652 miles of fencing have been completed, but most of those fences are easily penetrable or downright worthless.  Roughly 299 miles are covered by simple vehicle barriers, of which more than half are constructed by temporary welding materials that are dilapidated. Congress essentially gutted the Secure Fence Act in 2007, granting the DHS secretary discretion to waive the double-fence requirement and a number of deadlines.  Consequently, the success actualized in the Yuma sector was never allowed to take root elsewhere.  American lives are NOT Safe !!!

Israel has a fence that works, 90% reduction of Arab terrorists,  but we don't, so welcome to the Immigration of Muslim Terror cells.

Seems to me, that this should be SOP on the border! Shoot a few more and maybe the flow will slow! With moral at it's lowest point ever, BPO agents are being asked to do the impossible! Enforce the laws or obey the POS in the White House! I say enforce the laws, Seal the borders and elect Trump!

No mention of the country of origin. Courious?

This is what passes for a fence and it's better than much of the fence that is just barbed wire and posts.  I pulled this off my friends power point

Pat J,

I've seen pictures of the 'dang' fence & yet this is the poorest example I've ever seen. No wonder that we are the laughing stock of these people who have literally 'walked' into the S/W states.This is totally disgusting & to think that our country has the audacity to call this a fence!!



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