House Republicans Blatantly Betray Voters, Fully Fund Border Invasion in Massive New Spending Bill! (AND Fully Funds Obamacare)

Finish your drink and sit down before read this. What you're about to read is going to instantly make you red in the face.

We've always known coward liberal Republican John Boehner is worthless when it comes to stopping Obama's agenda. That isn't a surprise. But it is surprising that it only took a month after November's landslide election for Boehner and his liberal allis on the hill to completely stab voters in the back on the border invasion currently happening at our open southern borders.

The massive and outrageous spending bill Boehner's team of looters is about to push through is not only loaded with pork, and not only fully funds Obamacare, it actually INCREASES spending to help those illegally crossing our borders.

I kid you not.

Via Washington Post.

    The bill only funds the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees most immigration policy, until February. But negotiators gave new money for immigration programs at other federal agencies. There's $948 million for the Department of Health and Human Service's unaccompanied children program -- an $80 million increase. The program provides health and education services to the young migrants. The department also gets $14 million to help school districts absorbing new immigrant students. And the State Department would get $260 million to assist Central American countries from where of the immigrant children are coming.

Did Boehner's team of looters make any attempt at all to defund Obamacare? Nope.

    The law is still funded, but there's no new money for it.

They even gave outgoing Congressman Eric Cantor some pork as a final parting gift.

Read more at Right Wing America

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GOOD OLD BOY NETWORK STILL ALIVE AND WELL! Why is anyone surprised by this? We once again funded the campaigns hoping for a program of solutions and what did we get...funding to protect Rinos in Africa! Not to mention Obamacare and, and, and...SHAMEFUL and Disgusting ...

The real question on this and other betrayals such as CISPA, Patriot Act, NDAA, Funding NSA, Indefinite Detention and so much more is done by GOP Incumbents and yet everyone continues to vote for them or Paraphrasing Einsteins Definition of Insanity; Vote for Incumbents and expect a different outcome, well to me this explains how we got here.  Now to me the Real Question is after watching all those on many sites, twitter etc. is what do any of you intend to do about it besides TALK, as that's proven not to work, as the better of Two Evil Incumbent GOP Kool Aid hasn't worked for US, let me know if any are ready to form groups, committees etc. to stop this in 16. God Bless You All; Van 

This is the old Congress. The new Congress doesn't start until January.  Boehner is supposed to be a shoe in for Speaker again but that just might not be so true.  He was reaffirmed for the Lame Duck session which is thankfully short--but not short enough.  If the voters continued to stay engaged with their Reps that might change. Retreating from activism when the lame duck is over assures Boehner gets another year as speaker.  Don't like it?  DON"T let up.

Congress only won 7 new seats so don't expect a change there, by the way Boehner is only one vote so why did the rest of these GOP Re Elected Conservatives vote to support this, guess they know they're safe for the next two yrs. and then figure on another two with GOP Pres., the only fools here are the ones who believe these lying so call public servants.  This is a good example of Einsteins definition of Insanity, and I'll paraphrase; Keep Electing Incumbents over & over an expect a different outcome, makes those who voted for them over & over Insane, glad I didn't join in. God Bless You; Van

If U think Boehner or McConnell is listening after the November 2014 elections this should make it clear that they are not and never intended to.

What Happened to Prop 122 or Don’t Our Votes Matter?


        License Illegals / AZ Must Nullify Federal Supreme Courts Slavery


AZ and other states are protected under the US Constitution and the compliance with it by a Moral People and Government, we have neither, so unless those opposed to this are ready to remedy it by doing what they did in the 60's just more talk, chatter or whatever else you want to call it, Civil Disobedience, which is what

those all over the country have been doing by supporting violence against Law & Order with the support of the media, Hollywood and pro athletes etc..


If those who say they want Freedom won’t Stand Up and Fight for it by a simple demonstration then I don’t really believe they’re at all interested in keeping it.  It’s time for All Freedom Loving US Citizens to join together and March especially here in AZ, we don’t seem to have anyone in DC taking a Stand with US on this last ruling by the US Supreme Court ordering US to allow Illegals to attain a form of Legality by getting AZ State Issued Drivers License, well what do We do about it, since it seems to be obvious that those in office have no intention of doing anything and monitoring them isn’t working, nor writing, phoning, messaging etc.  I’m hoping this will be the straw that breaks the Peoples Backs and moves them to March, if not get ready for more Government Inflicted Slavery.  AZ Prop 122 Remember.

The US Constitution gave us the tools we need; the remedy is Nullification / 10 Amendment of the Constitution; the States inherent authority to enforce the law, Article I Sect. 8, Clause 15 & Section 10, Clause 3 to secure our borders. Nullification of the Courts, Congress & White House will fix the problem; US Constitution gives US Our God Granted Unalienable Rights & our Founding Fathers through “divine” inspiration put into that divinely inspired document and that is the US Constitution including ARTICLE V & Especially the TENTH Amendment, time to Enforce It.  We passed in AZ Prop 122 Enforce It or Resign Your Office.

The Citizens of the State of AZ need to March for Freedom and hoping some of you will feel the same if so, lets set a time and day to meet at the Capitol and see if we can get the same participation for what’s Right as they do for what’s wrong, let us know, we’re ready to go.   AZ’s Elected Officials silence on this is deafening or is it that they actually agree and glad they can blame Obama?

We have failed to do the job, by allowing Congress, White House and of course the Courts to Ignore & Enslave We the People by Legislation & Interpretation.  
God Bless You All; Clair & Jean Van Steenwyk  /  US Citizens for AZ Prop 122

We'll see.  All State government has to do is say NO, period.  But remember obamacare, we said NO and Brewer said 'yes'....wonder where she will be employed in 2015?

Insist that Gov. Brewer puts out an Executive order not funding the Licenses and then all Ducy will have to do is reinforce it, as once this ship leaves the dock they'll all have excuses why they can't stop it and usual. This is what we get when the voters re elect the Incumbents, more of the same rhetoric when asking for votes and more the same bad votes when they get back in office. God Bless You; Van 

Each of us needs to contact Brewer.  I will.

Contacting any of them is a waist of time, as proven by the votes they just cast on HR 5759 and others, they know what we want and voted for, however all they cared about was getting re elected to do what they did this tine as before and will do again if the American votes are Gruberized to vote for them again, Einstein definition of Insanity paraphrased; voting for incumbents and expecting them to  a different result from them. God Bless You; Van

so why did U suggest?

If the question is why do I suggest Marching, because it's an movement of people not just emails or calls, which for the most part have proven not to work.  However look at the results of Marches even the ones many may not agree with, the Politicians fear US when we take to the streets as that gets coverage in the public forum and at times a new leader or leaders are born and some even in office who are fearful of voting don't have near the fear of standing toe to toe then as the #'s demonstrate to all that the People have had enough, hope this answers the question, along with if we March together this may also develop a movement to vote the bums out. God Bless You; Van 



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