One week ago today, accompanied by a subject-matter medical expert, I presented an intelligence briefing in the Arizona State Senate.  The Intelligence Briefing Packet is attached.  Besides the legislators present, the Arizona State Superintendent for Public Educationaccompanied by two of her department chiefs, and two directors of influential associations attended by invitation.  Senior policy and legislative analysts also were present from both chambers.  Several days have passed, and I deliberately embargoed the release of contents so additional elected officials in and out of Arizona could receive and digest the information you are about to read.


Please take the time to read the content of this most critical work.  Please take every opportunity to distribute this packet to all on your mailing list.  Our Nation is facing a very serious, very sobering set of challenges, and there are people in elected office who choose to do absolutely nothing but put a verbal political “spin” on these National Security challenges and threats and redirect your attention elsewhere.  Point the finger, raise their voice, and convince the electorate they alone are standing in the gap to protect our fellow citizens; in reality, nothing is done!  What you are about to read in this briefing packet does not respect or even acknowledge political party, elected position, or social standing…the weapons described are non-discriminatory, and attack equally.  


Thank you for all you are accomplishing to make America a better place to live, and to keep the light on the hill shining.


Best regards,

             Lyle –

[Editors note: Mr Rapaki is a recognized expert on these issues.]

Attachment of the Briefing.  Please download and send to others: AZ%20State%20Senate%20Briefing%20-%20Entire%20Presentation%208.17.2... 

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I and one other member of the Oracle Neighborhood Watch Alliance, attended this mtg. and have since put out the alert in reference to.  Had anybody been paying attention to the illegal alien invasion by the Central American kids a few yrs. ago, they would have been able to monitor and predict this outcome.  We have sent out warnings since the invasion began (you can verify by going to our Fb site at the above listed address).  And now we have the Obama admin. purposely bringing over thousands of refugees that are not vetted politically nor medically.  When one looks at the total picture of this administration's handling of the alien invasion form the South, the Open Border's policy (allowing sick illegals and terrorists to enter), their handling (mishandling) of the Ebola situation and then the Unvetted Muslim Refugee Resettlement program, one will start to see the handwriting on the wall as to the admin's intent.  And it isn't good!  One even might surmise that we have the enemy in the Wh.

You mean that the foreign born, continuously lying, pot smoking, socialistic, treasonous, murderous, monkey faced muslim with homosexual tendencies could possibly be America's enemy?  Naw

That's the one:)

And how many years did it take all of us to get that Obama is an illegal Muslim alien, himself? We all have egg on our faces for this one! Nobody can say we were not told the truth and "they" are still calling Trump a birther?

@Brad  I think most of us knew very early on, like before the 2008 election who this guy is.  The media knew but you wouldn't catch them spilling the beans. Blogs like this one certainly busted him.  The public at large snoozed through that part.

sad buts true



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