If you are concerned about border security, you should know about a potentially very important public meeting --an unprecedented meeting of many experts, elected officials, and people concerned about America--which will take place March 10th in the tiny, isolated town  of Animas, in the SW corner of New Mexico.

Both the Arizona AND the New Mexico Cattle Growers Associations are involved in sponsoring this meeting, along with the town of Animas, NM, where a resident was recently physically attacked, apparently by a border crosser.

The reason for this meeting: The entire area south of I-10 is now considered physically dangerous for people living there. In other words, it's not just the areas close to the border, anymore. 

The stated purpose of this meeting is to bring together people from BOTH states, including residents, interested members of the public, elected officials, and people from the cattle industry, who must work out in the field, under dangerous conditions, and figure out a way to bring this increasing threat to the full attention of the American public, nationwide. 

That's why I say this meeting is unprecedented, and why I recommend that you seriously consider attending. 

Here is the brief announcement that caught my attention, the other day: 

The Arizona Cattle Grower’s Association and the New Mexico Cattle Grower’s Association and the community of Animas, NM will be conducting a “Calling Washington Home” public meeting at 6 pm., Thurs., March 10 at the Animas High School Auditorium, 1 Panther Blvd, Animas, NM to discuss citizen concerns regarding their safety and security on the US/MX border. The increase of illegal immigrants and drug/human smugglers from Mexico has created a common fear among border residents for their safety and the safety of their loved ones. A recent attack on a local citizen has spurred one local business owner to now use the “buddy system” for any work to be done within 30 miles of the border, meaning that a job that used to require only one employee will now require two. Pleas for help and protection from Washington are falling on deaf ears and the citizens are fed up. Presentations will be made by a diverse group of knowledgeable experts that have been involved with this ongoing issue for years. It is the hope of the planning committee that this meeting will bring the safety and security concerns from those residing south of Interstate 10 to the general public’s attention, as well as to those in Washington that really can make a difference.  Contact: Erica Valdez 575-202-9547

Here are the contents of the email I sent to a friend, describing the information I gathered about the meeting, by phoning both the Arizona and New Mexico Cattle Growers Assns and also Erica Valdez, whose phone is listed in the announcement above: 

I have contacted two people involved in the meeting: 

1) I emailed Erica Valdez, whose name is listed at the end of the Briefs report, and she replied, but added nothing new. I believe she lives in Animas.

2) I also spoke to Karen Cowan, executive director of the New Mexico Cattle Growers Assn, one of the two main organizers, and took the following notes from that conversation: 

Notes from my conversation with Karen: 

  • Karen suggested that we get there by 5pm, as the elected officials will be coming early, and there will be chances, hopefully, to speak to them directly. 
  • There will be 6 or 7 experts on the following topics (I did not get them all): animal health, value of real estate in the area south of I-10, impact on small businesses, impact on families in the area south of I-10.
  • NO Border Patrol agents will be speaking. 
  • She has recently learned that NM has become a weak point on the border, because the NM national guard is not being sufficiently funded to fly the border (one of their main missions). They only have enough funding to fly it 6 mos of the year. 
  • Their main purpose in holding this meeting is to have a discussion and try to come up with ways to bring this worsening situation to the attention of the public, nationwide. They do have several people reaching out to Trump/trying to contact him about this. They agree he would be the one to get the job done! Instant spreading of the word. 
  • I told her that I would help, using Arizona Freedom Alliance and my own blog, which I am finally launching. 
  • The event will be fairly scripted, till the end, when they want to have an open discussion on solutions with the elected officials. 
  • Also, at the very end, they want to make sure there is time for people to mingle and talk.

Possible official attendees Karen mentioned: 

  • Martha McSally
  • Someone named Pierce from AZ (current elected official)
  • Lt Gov of NM
  • Secs of Agriculature from both states
  • Federal animal health officials
  • county commissioners and supervisors (not sure if both states)

Regarding driving in that area: I asked Karen if I needed to worry about safety on the narrow highways we must travel between Animas and I-10. She said it shoulid be fine, because there will be a lot of people on the highway, leaving the event. But she added that she would normally NOT recommend driving on that highway at night. How about that one?

TRAVEL TIMES: Phoenix to Tucson is 2.5 hrs. Tucson to Animas, 3 hrs. 

If you plan not to drive back toward Tucson, you can book a hotel in Lordsburg, NM, just 35 miles from Animas. Go back up to I-10 and turn east to Lordsburg. Book ahead, as the people involved with the cattle groups are doing so, now. 

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The Oath Keepers from both Az. and NM will be in attendance to show our support of the farmers, ranchers and communities in the region.  

Curious that directly impacted sheriffs do not seem to be involved.

Lew Levenson

Both of the shrfs. from Cochise Co. in Az. and Hidalgo Co., NM will be there.  As well as several state legislators

Would love to go but need a ride.



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