The subject of drones along the southern U.S. Border, especially near Waco, Texas and the southern Arizona Border has NOT been a welcomed discussion for the past couple of years.  Even with preliminary or reasonable suspicion the topic has been virtually off limits.  During the past year there was “soft” evidence to increase suspicion that drones were deployed by Cartels along the southern Arizona Border for transporting small amounts of narcotics.  It is possible these few drone incursions were test trials as to the financial application and reliability of such narcotics transport mode.  More alarming and only discussed in hushed tones far from the public was the theory that cartels were beginning to explore drones use for surveillance operations, and additional human trafficking and narcotics cover and support.  Even far more hushed were conversations among Intel specialists that collusion might be occurring by and between certain cartels and ISIS.  


The Obama crew throughout federal law enforcement and national security made such discussions unadvisable and punitive if they occurred formally.  Political correctness and the very active promotion of no borders was the rule of the day.  The Border Wars were simply not covered by any media, and alternative means of shedding light on the heinous activities along the southern border were attacked vigorously.  Other than “speechifying” many Republican office holders showed little-to-no leadership protecting and maintaining security for our southern Border or National sovereignty.  So…the bad guys had great latitude to practice and improve techniques with drones.  While a physical border wall is critical and much needed in spite of what RINO Republicans pontificate; active measures confronting the growing sophisticated drone use must be developed.   --Lyle Rapaki

By AST AdministratoOctober 25, 2017

Mexican police reportedly pulled over four men driving a stolen pick-up truck and discovered a drone carrying an explosive device in the vehicle, leading some analysts to fear drug cartels may have figured out how to arm the devices to attack opponents — including those inside the United States.  Federal police discovered the drone attached to the IED last week during a traffic stop in Guanajunto, where several cartels are known to operate, including the Sinaloa Cartel, Small Wars Journal reported.

Besides the drone, police found phones, an AK-47 and ammunition.  An improvised explosive device was taped to the drone, 3Dr Solo Quadcopter that could reportedly be detonated with a remote control.  It was not clear if the four men were a part of any criminal group.  The drone had a range of about half a mile, but modifications would have allowed it to fly farther.  Earlier this year, top security chiefs cautioned Congress that cartels and terrorist groups could use drones to strike targets within the U.S., The Washington Times reported.

(FBI Director Christopher Wray has warned US Congress on Wednesday of imminent terrorist drone attacks on the US soil. Courtesy of C-Span, Chuck Ross and YouTube)

Cartels have been known to use “potato bombs,” a round-shaped device with shrapnel and explosive device inside but this was the first known use of a drone carrying a bomb, Small Wars Journal reported.  U.S. officials were aware cartels used drones to carry drugs into the U.S., but the use of an explosive device would be a significant development.  In August, the U.S. Border Patrol arrested a man retrieving 13 pounds of meth that was dropped by an unmanned aerial vehicle in southern California, The Washington Times reported.  (13 pounds of drugs seized, worth an estimated $50 thousand. Courtesy of Fox News and YouTube. Posted on Aug 21, 2017.  Meanwhile, FBI and National Counterterrorism officials told Congress last month they were wary of ISIS terrorists using weaponized drones to attack the U.S., The Washington Times reported.  “Two years ago this was not a problem,” Nicholas J. Rasmussen, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, said at a Senate hearing.  “A year ago this was an emerging problem. Now it’s a real problem.”



Lyle J. Rapacki,Ph.D.



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Armed drones now, what's next?

Surely we can use our existing technology to shut this down before it begins.  But our decision makers will need the political courage to make the ongoing and minimum-notice tactical decisions to make lethal responses readily available at the precise moment they are needed.  No more delays while DoD lawyers review the international law and relationship ramifications.  Not to mention we can employ reverse-connection communications to pinpoint the exact source of the drone command source.  Identify, then take them out.  Let's quit screwing around and get the job done to protect Americans with less political correctness.

to Mike

UN Agenda 21 join Canada USA Mexico etc until we are one then South America then districts drop bombs on USA we drop real bombs we take over Mexico. These commies have it all thought out.



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