Having spend most of my working life in the transportation industry, I find it very interesting that every politician talks a good game about the influence of the “drug culture” and what to do about it, but they don’t FOLLOW THE MONEY of it.
     That led me to an article I found. In the African nation of Nigeria, in an upscale uninhabited apartment they’ve found by an anonymous tip the discovery of $43 Million in U.S. cash neatly arranged in 3 fireproof steel cabinets. Seems very strange doesn’t it? The location was not even all that suspicious for it was on the seventh floor of a pretty ordinary higher end apartment building. The 4 bedroom space was rented but not occupied on a regular basis. But why, are the banks in Nigeria all that unsecure? No they are, but corruption doesn’t use the normal processes.
     How many times a year do we get those pesky emails telling us that we’ve won a Nigerian “lottery” or “inheritance” from people we don’t even know? Well that family tree has some very deep roots of corruption both here, in Mexico, and in Africa.

     The initial tip of this newly found cash came in from a neighbor that noticed something odd about the apartment. A nosy neighbor suspected something amiss. She saw a female person of interest, shabbily dressed coming and going at night with bags of clothes. She thought the woman might have been “homeless” by a disguise, and when the police had a hard time getting into the apartment building itself, their reasons were sustained. 

     That initial tip came because the Government of Nigeria in December 2016 started a new “whistle blower” campaign against government corruption. The incoming tips from this new program had already led to other large stash in the days before this find. In a smaller bust, a local market was found hiding cash adding up to $1.5 million in Nigerian naira. At another separate location, they also recovered $877,000 from a shopping center. Between December of 2016 and February of this year, tips helped to recover a total of $180 billion.

The stash found in the Lagos unit adds to the $180 billion already recovered via the program.

     Under the Nigerian program the “whistle blower” may be entitled to anywhere between 2.5%-5.0% of amount recovered. In order to qualify for the reward, the Whistleblower must provide the Government with information it does not already have and could not otherwise obtain from any other publicly available source to the Government. Now we realize that corruption is not new to Nigeria for a large part of the money recovered before this has been linked back to Saudi kickbacks to groups like those who use that cash to protect influence of the Saudi oil industry.  Since our materialistic human nature is open to these types of bribes, and we know that our southern border open to human smuggling of illegals and gangs, why doesn’t our government concentrate on the flow of DRUG CASH leaving the USA ? After all it is a two-way street, a street that is allowed to be travelled on by government, and just like a funnel concentrate our efforts on the flow of cash to find “the heart of the matter”.

Our government told us that "new money" printed would have safeguards against counterfeiting by the use of magnetic strips ... and we still can't find Trillions of dollars moving by the billions?  

     Why is that? Because the cash is there … moving by way of transport vehicles and ships heading back into Mexico. The cash involves Trillions of dollars every year, moving freely, except for an occasional bust of drugs, and a little comparative cash hoard. Now since we know nothing is free … and a drug cartel does not rely on “bank transfers”, isn’t it time for our government to “follow the money” to the source of our drug habit … perpetuated by unending government spending … to solve a problem that government seemingly created in the first place … buy NOT STOPPING this crime to humanity.

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