By now, all of you in Phoenix and probably the rest of the valley know that the uninformed voters in Phoenix voted themselves a tax increase for the next 35 years to fund light rail and other transit programs.  Perhaps you noticed on Saturday & Monday, the nightly local news ran reports on the light rail.  They all made it look like so much fun to have light rail to ride.  On Saturday, Fox Ch 10 did a long report on the early opening of the extension into Mesa, interviewing those riding for FREE on opening day, laughing and oh, so jolly.  Clearly, they don't know that the light rail everywhere it's been built fails to even break even.  They lose money everywhere and will here, too.

One person surely knows because ABC 15 ran a report on the 10:00 news interviewing Bill Smith who informed voters that Prop 104could not come close to paying for the light rail.  His comment was surrounded by more upbeat reporting on the Proposition.  Clearly, Ch 10 & 15 were wanting that Prop to pass and were unashamed about using their "news" broadcast to put the proposition into the best light.

Mesa's light rail into downtown was opened seven months early and on the very day voting began for the Phoenix light rail.  Coincidence?

Voters also re-elected Mayor Stanton by a wide margin.  Be prepared for Phoenix to go the way of Detroit because they just can't collect enough of your money through taxes to pay for the deficit that will be created with this $31.5 Billion boondoggle and all of the other giveaway programs that Stanton outlined.  Thanks to Anna Brennan who bravely put herself out there to give voters a choice.

All of that not withstanding, we congratulate a small band of devoted citizen activists who worked their hearts out making calls, knocking on doors, making and installing signs all over Phoenix against Prop 104.  The leaders were Sparky, Tom and Don and we salute them for their love of duty.  Many others, even those not in Phoenix, joined them to make calls and knock doors.  Hats off to all of them for demonstrating the best among us in their civic duty!  You guys have set the standard for what needs and must be done to take back our country one city at a time.  There is no failure in putting forth your best effort and these folks did just that!

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There is a reason that demcorats depend heavily on young voter identity politics - this is the only group willing vote themselves into debt! Their take home pay will continue to be cut for the next 20 years forward - just when they need it most!

Low information voters did this??????  It is a direct result of the propaganda deluge of the media.  Misinformation is the tool of the alliance of the "shiney-eyed do-gooders" who believe they are doing the right thing and the chambers of commerce and unions who benefit by it at our expense.  It has now gone beyond the simple explanation of "Liberalism is a mental disorder.".  (And it is.)  If we are ever going to take this country back we will need to take back the media. If we are ever to take our cities back, we will need to start with holding these elections on the first Tuesdays of November.

Tom Morrissey 

I think it was no coincidence that proposition 104 was dumped into an election when neither Waring, DiCiccio or (I believe) Gates was up for re-election.  Very probably the incredibly low voter turn out was because those, largely conservative, voters didn't come out and support their incumbent.  Everyone expected Stanton to win handily, so that was another reason to not bother.  You can bet that none of the vote harvesting was going on in the Arcadia or Awatukee districts.

That said, voters need to wake up.  We all know that the public sector unions will not rest until they have turned Phoenix into Detroit.  This "victory" never should have happened, and it wouldn't have in the last city election because the liberal districts weren't voting.  Today every election matters and every voter needs to show up.  That this proposition was decided by less than 100,000 votes is disgusting. While it was a defeat for our side, the low voter turn out was a defeat for democracy..

Councilman Gates ran unopposed.

Well said. Why are so many people so willing to be defeated that they won't do the simplest thing, VOTE, to fight it? That is disgusting.

Well said, Alan.  I will take umbrage with one statement: 47million people in America, most of them illegals, are on some type of welfare.  That is by no means a majority but it's enough to skew the vote. And the ballot harvesters are happy to vote on their behalf and take their ballots: voting welfare!  We believe the biggest problem is ordinary people who are just too "busy" (read "lazy") to bother to vote and too ignorant to understand that these are taxes that come right out of their pockets and THEY are volunteering to pay.  If they had to write a big check each year for all the extra taxes they are paying, it might make them say Whooaaaa!  Statistics tell us that conservatives are in the majority by pretty healthy margins.  But where we are is most of them won't get off their collective lazy butts to save their cities or their country.  They are "busy" which is an entitlement mentality in itself.  On everything else you say, you have your finger firmly on the problem.  Apathy is the most insidious quality in people and apathy is the foremost part of most thinking... or rather, non-thinking.

Could it be that we are totally unorganized? Could it be that 90% of the work is done by less than 10% of the people? I guess we're all too busy or too discouraged to take up the gauntlet and challenge the status quo. Where were the funds to fight this nonsense? Just like the redistricting, we were blindsided again by the dark side. Can we get organized and build an army of citizens so we have a voice? A BIG voice.

Sparky, Tom and Don put on a clinic on how to defeat the cheaters.  NO ONE ON AFA should have been blindsided!!!  We posted screen grabs of those on CASE who were collecting ballots and blasted that out for every one to see.  We put out at least three calls for anyone anywhere to help them.  With few exceptions, only people from LD23 stepped forward to help with $ to their PAC and phone calling.  Those who did not ignore what we sent out could very easily have offered some help.  I hope you were one who did.



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