Phoenix Official: Work with Feds on Immigration Hurts Local Policing

"Phoenix Official: Work with Feds on Immigration Hurts Local Policing"

By Joel T. Vernile, Cronkite News

WASHINGTON – Phoenix Assistant City Manager Milton Dohoney joined local officials from across the country Tuesday who said it’s not their job to do the work of federal immigration authorities.

Dohoney joined state and local officials on a conference call in which they said that helping federal agencies in raids and in “rounding people up for deportation” would divert from local priorities and damage community trust, which is vital to local policing.

“We’re not trying to supplement ourselves or replace what we do … as if we were federal officials,” Dohoney said on the call organized by the International City/County Management Association. “We’re trying to build trust.”

Dohoney and others on the call said that having local authorities assist in the enforcement of federal immigration law would have a “negative impact” on communities.

“For us to solve criminal matters, we need information from the public,” Dohoney said.

But in a statement Tuesday, an official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said that it was a failure to cooperate with federal officials that would hurt public safety, not cooperation as the local officials claimed.

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Also see Milton Dohoney make yet another remarkable comment in this interview from soon after he was first hired by the City of Phoenix, where the interviewer, current City of Phoenix Manager Ed Zuercher, introduces Milton and his work as a "City of Phoenix employee serving the community everyday," and Milton's 1st line is "I've been in this business for 30 years."


Public Service?...

It's just 1 more example of the persistence of this kind of mindset, where some government employeespublic servantsact as if the government is theirs to run like it's their own private business enterprise. Here, transforming public policy through the projection of personal politics, never mind the preservation of morality through the Social Contract and the Rule of Law. This is what misguided "Moral Relativism" is all about.

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This guy is just rationalizing his personal Liberal views to inject them into his job duties, ignoring his responsibility to, and will of, his law-abiding citizens.

Where you happy when the feds came in on Finicum?  When the feds get involved people die and there is little transparency.  At least there seems to be an attempt to prosecute, FBI agent accused.  

Our police force is based on a very functional and efficient outline known as the Peelian principles, described by Robert Peel (Father of Modern Policing) in 1829..  Here is a link to the Wiki about the Peelian Principles.

As you notice, virtually all of the principles described have been violated by our police (legislature, the real culprits...)  Especially number 4, where "To recognize always that the extent to which the co-operation of the public can be secured diminishes proportionately the necessity of the use of physical force and compulsion for achieving police objectives."

This does not build trust in the police. We saw this happen during the life of the 18th Amendment, where the governmental agency (Bureau of Prohibition, Volstead Act of 1919)  lost virtually all public support.  Most of the local police (and representative) seem to be drinking with the rest of the town people, so it focused on the Federal authorities.

It has happened again in the War on Drugs and is responsible for many of our social and economic problems.

I thought you'd like a shot of our great sheriff's tank..  It is a good example of how the drug war has grown, over a trillion dollars spent since the 70's.  A war that cannot be won.

Police have become warriors, we need to return them to their role as guardians.

I seriously have to think, what's worse, the immigrants or the Feds? Does this not encourage the overstepping of the government?

While we appreciate you sharing some important historical info, and how we must keep everyone and everything in check, your statement "I seriously have to think, what's worse, the immigrants or the Feds?"and your making 0 mention of the essential theme or point of why we're sharing this story in the 1st placeshows, whatever your intentions, you're susceptible to either or both missing the point or taking some things too far. 

Comparing this to the tragic death (killing? murder?) of Lavoy Finicum?...

Back to this story, to keep things in perspective and on point:

If a person is present in the U.S. (here, in Phoenix) without the official permission of the U.S. government, this person is an "illegal alien." You call the person an "immigrant," so, in a way, you undermine your standing.

After that, your (almost) moral equivalence between "illegal aliens" and "the Feds" is also going too far (let's remember it's now a mostly "America 1st MAGA" administration).

The primary point of sharing this story is to expose the sad and tragic reality that there's high ranking officials at Phoenix City Hall (here, Milton Dohoney, hailing from Cincinnati) who are proud of themselves for being more interested in supporting and protecting illegal aliens (law breakers) than observing the rule of law and supporting and protecting the citizens of Phoenix in particular, and Maricopa County, the great state of AZ, and the U.S. in general.

We met Lavoy Finicum's wife, and expressed our heartfelt sympathies and condolences. We're extremely skeptical and suspicious of "the Feds" actions in that incident.(and other LEOs of other jurisdictions, some local, who took action, right or wrong). 

Let's all be careful to avoid being reflexively and negatively triggered at the mention of "the Feds," especially when we're trying to take care of business here in Phoenix, identifying illegal aliens for ICE, for the good of We the People here in the greater Phoenix area.

I agree that we should not have sanctuary cities.  The retort was to show that over the last almost 100 years the police tactics that are being used, literally p**ses off the public.  18th Amendment made the 'feds' look worse than the criminals to many.  Again deviating from the Peelian basics, attempting to make moral laws.

The police (any of them) cannot operate effectively without citizen assistance. That public acceptance of the police has continually eroded.   I have watched the feds since the late 1970's and question many of the deaths (like Finicum.)  How much more American can someone be, yet he was rolled over by the feds. I think he death kind of pushed me over the edge. It didn't help my view of the feds.

I'm sure you've heard that the feds are actually profiting from the 'open boarder?'  At least that's some of the talk.  We have many reasons to question the feds, which should have been doing way way back. I guess is it safe to say, if they had been doing their job, this wouldn't have been a problem.  How many more Finicum are there out there?

The government has it's place.  It's quite clear the Mayor and I have different reasons for our position.

Your sense of humor appears affected by your naivety on the use of physical force by police if you use a picture of Sheriff Joe's tank as an example of police overreach in the fight against drugs.

Sorry for the delay, I had a router/firmware issue.  The picture of the tank was to show how the Feds have escalated the drug war.  When I was in the PD, they started issuing vests for protection.  That 'tank' is costing us plenty just sitting there.



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