Phoenix Vice Mayor Accuses Councilman of "White Hyper-Masculinity" in Cultural Center Feud

Phoenix Vice Mayor Accuses Councilman of "White Hyper-Masculinity" in Cultural Center Feud

By Lindsay Moore, Phoenix New Times

Phoenix Vice Mayor Laura Pastor is not holding back.

In a statement on Wednesday about the city's planned Latino Cultural Center, Pastor called out District 6 Councilman Sal DiCiccio, saying that his criticism of a Latina consultant's work was not only "fake news" but "a sad display of white hyper-masculinity."

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How can such a bimbo be elected to such a position?  And worse, she could be in line to be the next Mayor.  Is she just trying to suck up to all the Latino voters for her political career, or does she really believe that silliness?  Too bad the councilman can't sue her for unprovable public slander.

First, thanks to the Team at AFA for putting out this kind of Phoenix news.  My comment is that I wonder why it's necessary to develop dissension between cultures/races like Phoenix is doing with their sanctuary city policies and anti-white pro-illegal policies. It's not our job to build up the Latino community. Our job as citizens is to be mindful of all citizens. How about this: let's drop the PC and go for latinos adopting the culture of America since they so desperately want to be here.  Otherwise, they should stay in their country and help it become a better place to be.

That is an easy one Pat. The old adage "divide and conquer" still holds true many centuries after it was first recognized. Sun Tzu the art of war is supposed to be 2500 or so years old from what I understand and this was one of the items recognized as weakening an enemy, to divide them up among themselves and try to control or enlist them to your side.

Why do you think the Global Elite are so intent on bringing in people who will not assimilate and become citizens, in every sense of the word, within the country they are coming to. It is further divisiveness they are fostering to defeat the indigenous people within their own borders. These policies weaken our country and endanger every citizen living here. Look at the problems caused in Europe and here through the Sanctuary, allowed and encouraged, of undocumented Aliens and Refugees from majority Muslim countries. Few of these people ever really assimilate or blend with our culture, their own culture discourages anything but a war with other cultures in the case of the Muslims and we have provided to many benefits to the undocumented aliens they would have to give up to become citizens and truly American.

If ever again we Americans can get together without a qualifier, Brown, Black, Latino, Hispanic, African, Native, European, Christian, Jewish, Gay, Straight, and just be patriotic freedom loving Americans who wish the best for our country and all of our citizens the enemies of Liberty will be defeated here and we can resume the job as, God's example, of a successful Republic.

Well stated John Powelson. Most people in the United States are welcoming to those who want to live in America and go by the rules.  I was born and raised in San Francisco which was a melting pot of people from all over the world.  We all got along with each other because we were neighbors and wanted to have safe, prosperous communities.  We had no government rules to do this. It is what we do as people who love God, our families, our communities.

Those in the government who use the race card, the all-white-men-are-bad card, etc. are using the divide and conquer tactic in hopes we end up hating each other. Very sad situation indeed. The good news? We do not have to fall for their evil ploy.

Nan; thank you so much for your words & thoughts!  I was raised in a small town in Pa & that was exactly how we did things!  There were many newly arrived immigrants from Italy, Poland, Greece, and other countries, (all wanting to assimilate) and never had any problems.  We were only in competition when there were football or other games!  Nothing ever violent or disruptive!!

Thank You, very well explained ! 

Why is it that only in America do we approve of non-assimilation, but in other nations they have laws against it? Because we are unique to the world of nations, and we have borders and oceans to protect us from their evil. That is ... IF... we get a strong border wall to stop the drugs, and the money flowing into Mexico, that aids in their quest for our destruction from within. Stand up for Freedom & Liberty, or lay down like a cowering shaking dog. Just look at Canada and what it is becoming.

Unfortunately I've had to deal with Council member Laura Pastor on a couple of other issues. All I can say is this: "Dumb as a Box of Rocks"! 

She's jealous that he's more masculine than she is. 



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