Editor:  Identity politics is gaining a foothold everywhere in America.  Our Republican leadership, both in Arizona and nationwide seem oblivious of their lack of leadership on every topic while the Democrats are organized, active and visible.  Productive!  Republicans are squabbling over who has the best write-up in MCRC Briefs.  NOT Productive!  This undeniably is aimed at the destruction of traditional families.


The Phoenix Pride Parade features 2,000 individual participants with decorated vehicles, colorful floats and thousands of walkers, with more than 15,000 spectators.

Phoenix will join a nationwide trend of painting crosswalks with a rainbow design to celebrate the local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Three of the largest LGBT organizations asked the city to install two rainbow crosswalks in Phoenix to convey permanent support for the community.

The City Council voted unanimously (with council members Sal DiCiccio and Jim Waring absent) Tuesday to allow the crosswalks if the groups foot the bill for the installation and maintenance, which they've offered to do. 

The new crosswalk designs will be displayed at Seventh and Glenrosa avenues and Central Avenue at Portland Street. That's near the Parsons Center for Health and Wellness, where several LGBT organizations are located. 

"The time is right to move this proposal forward to bring rainbow crosswalks ... so that our city can continue to embrace and thrive in our diversity and our inclusion and in welcoming all people who wish to visit, live in, work in, build a business in or simply enjoy the city of Phoenix,"  said Michael Fornelli, Phoenix Pride executive director. 

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Editor:  It's become crystal clear: gay Americans are somehow more worthy than ordinary traditional Americans.  Non-religious Americans are more important to the establishment than ordinary traditional Americans.  Illegal immigrants are now more desirable than ordinary traditional Americans.  Teachers who break the law to "march" aka Strike are more put-upon and thus more sympathetic than ordinary traditional Americans.  Where does that leave ordinary traditional Americans who just go to work every day, take care of their families, contribute to the American dream?

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Backgrounder on the overall movement:

LGBTQ Pride, Gay Pride, LGBT Pride

"You can walk with pride in these cities with permanent rainbow crosswalks"

"Cities across the globe have added a touch of LGBTQ visibility and pride by painting rainbow crosswalks on their streets. They are often temporary, put down to coincide with Pride, before being painted over and returned to their original, bland look.

Some cities have decided to take a bigger stand in showing they stand with the LGBTQ community by making their pride crosswalks permanent.

As we recently reported, the city of Lethbridge, in Canada, is getting both a permanent transgender pride flag crosswalk and a permanent rainbow crosswalk. They will be temporary at first, due to scheduled development in the area, but will later become permanent.

Here are some that are already here, queer, and not going anywhere."

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People are asking, "What about the City of Phoenix Adopt-A-Street" program (which, maybe, seems to be the right way to go about this)?

Adding, "This latest stunt looks more like "Co-Opt-A-Street."

Others also point out how they may be open to a temporary installation for things like an annual commemoration of a "(fill-in-the-blank) celebration" month, but, as per the main story, Phoenix is going to make this a permanent unconstitutional imposition installation. That is, unless good people out there shut it down like it should be.

Oh My God


Everybody, when your dogs need to take a dump, take them for a walk on these sidewalks.

Since when should we cater to the demons among us.  Not on my watch. 

Leadership is  ... just as in parenting ... to stand up and say NO ... to those whose desire it is to thwart an immoral evil for our democratic representative Republic. It starts with and "inch" and giving "a mile" into socialistic collectivist group thought. There are too many examples of what it does to instilling a responsibility for ourselves and our American values.

These people are determined to turn us blue and they are also dedicated.  On top of that, they are organized around the idea that Trump is evil and is destroying this country.  Facts don't matter.  The real problem is that republicans have no leadership here.  the state and mcrc county boards are focused on dinner parties, awards that are meaningless and a useless daily newsletter that says nothing.  and Sinema is so likeable in her new ad that we are going to have a dem Senator.  Yeah, I know, we already have two but they wear the R label which controls the Supreme court confirmations.



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