On Tues., Jan 31, 2017, PLEA sent a letter to Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton expressing our strong disagreement and disappointment with recent public remarks he made on January 25th with regard to President Trump’s Executive Orders.  For far too long, law enforcement officers in America have had to put up with anti-police sentiment at all levels of government. At the national level our federal partners in ICE and Border Patrol have had to work under government imposed restrictions that have hindered their ability to effectively perform their jobs to adequately protect the nation.   

     Over the years, the City of Phoenix has lost numerous officers and had several others injured as a result of open border and sanctuary city policies that facilitate ease of unlawful entry into the country.  As one of four border states, Arizona sees high amounts of human trafficking, drug trafficking, illegal immigration and higher rates of violent crime that typically accompany this type of activity.

      Mayor Stanton’s comments with regard to turning the Phoenix Police Department into a mass deportation force is baseless and inflammatory.  The Phoenix Police Department has a sound, detailed, well written policy in its Operations Orders regarding enforcement of illegal immigration. Despite what politicians may think or want, police officers have to uphold their oaths of office and operate according to the rule of law.  Presidential Executive Orders are federal law that cannot be disregarded simply because they do not comport with someone’s political agenda.         

     PLEA has great respect for Mayor Stanton’s right to publicly express his opinion.  Likewise; PLEA also has the right to publicly express our opinions and stand in defense of our membership. click Here [LINK] to read the response letter from PLEA to Mayor Stanton.

Source: MCRC Briefs Feb 2 Edition

Editor's note: Do not think this is a Phoenix issue.  It will spread to YOUR city.  What happens in Phoenix doesn't stay in Phoenix.

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Great letter Mr. Crane! 

Fantasy, Hypocrisy and Lies 

When will these self-pontificating political class thieves see us a nation that is defined by its borders, culture, and language? We are nation of diverse peoples, for many left their own homeland because there was nothing left there for them to "prosper". In much the same way that the Blacks left the south to earn wages in the industrial north. Its not about a "race" of people, its about the opportunity to better one's self and individual success, but respect the nation ... FIRST.

Today we don't have that, as our border is nothing, they walk into America unopposed, no sponsorship, no jobs as the current LAW REQUIRES, and little skills that benefit all. This systematic invasion of all peoples and races MUST stop. It is up to "We the people" who are legal citizens to ethically, and morally fight this, for we are not citizens of the world ... we are America unique to the world, or we are the worlds socialist collective salves, like is the case in so many other world nations ... bound to government handouts.

What citizens "fear" is the loss of our nation to those who don't care about American laws, or our meaning to the Christian world.

Will be leaving the house in just over an hour to go knock on doors with Chris DeRose in a runoff Election for Phoenix CCD seat # 3 that Bill Gates vacated without giving any of his supporters any advance notice!!

We started from behind but we are catching up our CPC (City of Phoenix Committee) of the MCRC and CPC1.org Citizens of Phoenix 1st!  gaining members and supporters.  LOTS and lots of folks are sick and tired of how the Firemen controlled Council members vote!!



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