An Arizona Republican is calling on special counsel Robert Mueller to recuse himself from the investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia in an op-ed published Wednesday.

Writing in USA Today, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) said Mueller's investigation has gone "far beyond the scope of his original charge."

"Unfortunately, taxpayer resources are being used to scrutinize anyone and anything that fits into a preconceived notion that Russia colluded with the Trump campaign to 'fix the election,'" Biggs said.

"Mueller has demonstrated he is incapable of leading a focused, unbiased review of his initial assignment," he added. "His witch hunt must end."

Biggs attacked the special counsel over agents on his team critics say are biased against President Trump. One FBI agent, Peter Strzok, made headlines this month after text messages revealed he referred to the investigation as an "insurance policy" against Trump's election. Strzok was removed from his role in the investigation.

"We should be deeply concerned with Mueller's unlimited reach and unvetted hires. The way Mueller has conducted and unilaterally expanded his investigation, the subordinates he has hired, the persistent leaks from his office, and his abuse of attorney-client privilege - would all suggest his preference for questionable tactics," Biggs wrote.

"He has repeatedly shown that he has no interest in ending his crusade. The credibility of the American justice system - and indeed, our representative republic - is at stake," he added.

Continue reading... and be proud to have a Congressman who is not afraid to buck the system.  Let's put the pressure on him to refuse to get sucked into the swamp as so many other good conservatives have!  You can catch Congressman Biggs on Fox Business frequently.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Rep. Biggs also carried the Water for Gov. Ducey on stripping Authority away from the Supt. first with the Amended HB2184, which was then passed in the Senate and killed in the House, then when that didn't work, he put in the Amendment on SB 1469 to Strip the Peoples duly Elected Supt. of Public Instructions Authority and hand it over to the Governor Appointed Board of Ed CZARS in the Reconciliation Bill, which by the way isn't really allowed by AZ State Law, result less power for the People and more Power for those appointed, this isn't what most would call a Republic Form of Government. I also realize it's extremely easy to stand up against the other side, but would like to see more stand up against the Real SWAMP Managers who control both houses meaning the GOP Leadership Federal & State. God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk  

You might be right, Claire. If so, that was very bad but the fact is we keep looking for perfection in our lawmakers and initiatives and things like the tax reform. Negative people will always find something negative to say about just about anything because every single thing in life is flawed. Everything. I personally have had my fill of the negativity and at least Biggs is standing up against Mueller. Name one other AZ congressman who is doing that. What I hear is silence. I read the article completely and I didn't see anything that said Biggs is perfect but he is surely more conservative than any others we have. They all turn and Biggs may, too.  For now, I support him on this issue.

Thank you Con. Biggs! I completely agree with you. In answer to Clair's statement, thank you, Clair, I completely agree with you, as well. I was devastated as I watched what took place under Doug Ducey's pressure. I once told Doug I would be delighted if he proved me wrong. He proved me more right than I ever dreamed. Integrity and "the people's voice was compromised.

My point is really simple, political theater against Mueller is futile as Pres. Trump won't fire him, it could cause a Constitutional Crisis, which is what the Dems want. I want those in AZ & DC to Expose those in the GOP who don't support the President or basically US on the Issues, which would mean most of them as has been the case for years now. I love to see elected officials speak out but not to just attack the other side when there's so much obviously wrong in the GOP. I know many don't like house cleaning, and it's always those who do it who become unpopular in the beginning, but it must be done and especially in AZ with 20 GOP Representatives in AZ voting FOR the National Popular Vote, and other bills not in our interests, and count on the voters either not knowing or holding them responsible and in most cases voting for them again, this is indeed what must stop or we'll lose our Freedoms even if we control everything as the differences between the two isn't that great. God Bless You; Van 

Clair, you are right that President Trump will not fire Mueller but he can legally do it.  The Congress has to take this up and it is their responsibility.  GOP will not attack or even call out their side to any substantive degree or publicly.  That is wishful thinking. But I do expect them to go at it privately.  House cleaning and Senate cleaning is a dirty biz and best done in private if possible. It's more effective to do that with the unspoken threat of going public.  It is we the active people who need to find a better way to inform ignorant voters.  They are not going to inform themselves.  Democrats organize and Republicans circle the wagons and shoot.  Will we ever learn?

Mr. Van Steenwyk is correct.  In fact, I was the only person in attendance at the State Senate Office Building welcome forum sponsored by Americans For Prosperity at that time, in which I publicly questioned then Speaker Andy Biggs about this issue of stripping authority from the SPI and wrongfully transferring that authority to the BOE.  He replied to me that (1) his action was in accordance with the Arizona Constitution, and (2) that he had spoken with SPI Diane Douglas no less than (17) times on this issue and that Diane had agreed with him on the matter.  I called Diane on my cell phone at that moment in time and asked her if that statement regarding her consent was true.  She replied that she was NEVER consulted about this issue by Andy Biggs and NEVER spoke with him about this.  I then publicly indicated to Andy Biggs that his assertion was apparently at odds with Diane's account as told to me.  Biggs was visibly annoyed and stomped away at that moment.

     I do, however, wholly support him in his efforts to reign in the inefficacious grab by Mueller who is an apparent obstructionist to Trump as well another pawn, in the same cast as Killery's waterboy Comey, for the Deep State insurgency which festers within the FBI, DOJ, and State Department.

Ray, I wouldn't rely on Douglas too much.  I've seen her be less than truthful and she said in public at a hearing that it was fine with her to pass 2184.  I was against K Ward because she told me the same thing.. that Douglas asked her to run the bill. I didn't believe it then or now. But for Douglas to roll over on this was not the way to go.   As Pat said above, we look for and expect lawmakers to meet our every wish but that will never happen.  We are so used to getting nothing we should be a bit grateful for getting something for a change.  And then keep pushing for more winning.

I completely agree with you, Jaspersgoat, on all points mentioned.  I was on Diane Douglas' campaign Steering Committee and worked to rid Arizona of Common Core.  Diane, in my opinion, has been less than expected in certain ways since being elected.  As stated above, our reliance in most office-holders has been bittersweet at best.  But being relegated to 'being grateful' for the lackluster performance of duty that they were EMPLOYED to do, is somewhat repugnant.

Ray, I was meaning to be grateful when a lawmaker does the right thing for a change instead of calling out what they did wrong. It's been a while since we could ever find a good thing from one of our elected politicians.  BTW I asked Diane at a gathering about her promise to stop common core in AZ schools.  She confirmed that position. But I know someone who said she heard Douglas tell someone thought to be on her campaign team that she knew she would not be able to do that. Maybe that was you or you know who that was?  I learned about that after I already voted for her. Which is why I said we should be grateful when a lawmaker does the right thing even if they don't always do what we want.

Many of us spoke at the Sen. Ed Committee hearings on Dr. Ward's Amendment to HB 2184 doing what she was instructed to do by the Gov. & Biggs in taking the SPI authority away, and showed them they couldn't do that according to AZ Constitution, they all voted it out of Committee and Biggs got all the GOP Senators to vote for it, then got it killed in the House. Supt. Douglas spoke on Video at a SCW GOP group and said she opposed the final draft of HB 2184 and never supported SB 1469 and I know that to be true, and by the way the Gov. or his political thugs from what I understand threatened Supt. with a recall, so much for GOP unity and Biggs did get the SB 1469 passed with all GOP Senators, I'm not opposed to anyone speaking out against what has turned into basically us or them, but the hypocrisy is also present in past performance. We must end supporting those who Vote against us, whether we personally like them or not and try to remember we're no longer in H.S. and voting for a Prom King & Queen, they play the GOP voters like fiddles and unfortunately most dance to the tune of Better of Two Evils, I see no Good in EVIL.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

No one can dispute this: Cong. Biggs has one heck of a publicist. He's on Fox or Fox Biz on OAN every day

That's a fact, he's being prepped for bigger office in GOP, wonder what it will be?



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