Frank Riggs. Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction

I am researching/vetting and thought these were interesting articles considering the fact that Mr. Riggs has run for Governor and is now seeking office as Superintendent of Public Instruction. I am always on the lookout for Globalist connections to candidates. Mr. Riggs has admitted to working for Heritage so I wanted to see exactly what that may mean. The other link tends to show he may have been offered a job if he supported in a big way legislations which would benefit a company he went to work for later. I believe the people who vote for him need to know what kind of candidate they are considering. Like McCain some candidates may not tell us what they are really up to, it is, I believe, important for us to vet them and look into what they have done in the past and who they have been working with. Mr. Riggs is starting to look like a career politician with ties to the globalist agenda taking jobs occasionally from those he helps with legislation he may have supported on behalf of that company. I know it happens but don’t think it is a desirable trait for candidates I want to vote for.

Here is a link to the story about "Never Trump" Frank Riggs showing his California training and ethics. Just another McCain or Flake???

Here is a link to a story about the Heritage foundations links to the Rockefellers and some of their dirty tricks. Read it and tell me if we should trust them. Mr. Riggs seems very proud of their actions he was involved in. Check this link and see if you agree with their programs as a whole. Below that is a copy paste from the page. UNESCO and NAFTA were both mentioned as part and parcel to this.
Below is an example of what is written in the above link

The Free Trade Agreement got the ball rolling for the development of skills standards by the newly formed National Skills Standards Board. It was endorsed by the U.S. Labor Department Secretary’s C
ommission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) study originated under Labor Secretary Elizabeth Dole. This eventually led to the School-to-Work Opportunities Act and the dumbing down of  American education curriculum for the global workforce training.
Link below from a Google Book about Congressmen who basically work for lobbyist after getting them grants. Mr. Riggs is one of the featured stories in the book. Here is the link.
I will put more in as I find it, What do you have on the candidates who claim to be conservative??? Let's all find out who these people are and what they are before they get into an office!!!!

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sealed?  That's weird.  I thought only Obama sealed records.  He needs to answer that.  Sealed means something you don't want anyone to know about.

Seems that real conservatives are the only ones who do not seal records. Yet another reason to spend our votes carefully.

This I believe, link to IMG below, is something Mr. Riggs was using in his campaign for Governor before he switched to Superintendent Of Public Instruction. If Mr. Riggs was so against what Trump was saying, while running for President that he would not vote for him, as the law provided, how can we vote for Mr. Riggs now for any office???

I believe Mr Trump is doing a great job, best I have seen during my life time, and I am proud to have supported him from day one and before that.



Nicely done.  I saw Mr. Riggs' reply on MCRC Briefs and yes, he is very proud.  Out of all the candidates, who is your choice?

Editor's note: this article should have been posted on the Elections tab but we will leave it here so as not to lose the comments.

Further, Frank Riggs took exception to this article.  We agreed he could write a rebuttal.  What he sent to us is more of a campaign piece than a point by point rebuttal.  Nonetheless, it was decided to post it.  We don't allow candidates to use our site as a campaign vehicle so we have removed his contact information.  AFA does not endorse candidates in elections but only seeks to inform.  Here is what Riggs sent as a rebuttal, unedited:


I read in AFA a delusional, conspiratorial theory that attempts to link my association with The Heritage Foundation to the "Rockefellers", UNESCO and NAFTA. Perhaps the writer has been doing Common Core math and thinks 2+2=6! He's obviously unfamiliar with my proven record of educational leadership:


Elected member of the Windsor, CA Board of Trustees (K-8 Public School District);  President of the Board for two years and recognized for “Distinguished and Devoted Service as President” and for “Dedicated Service to Children and Parents.*


EVP of the nonprofit Charter Schools Development Corporation (CSDC) from 1999-2001 and its CEO from 2004-2012. CSDC is a national Community Development Financial Institution dedicated to helping public charter schools with predominantly low-income student populations acquire, build and finance their facilities. I directed and oversaw the activities and personnel of CSDC from a start-up organization to the sector leader providing growth capital and facilities financing to charter schools nationwide. Under my leadership, CSDC financed and developed over 300,000 square feet of campuses for 12 Arizona charter schools serving over 5,000 Arizona students in grades K-12 and won the 2011 Wachovia Wells Fargo NEXT Award for "demonstrated excellence in financing."


Founding Board President – Arizona Connections Academy, a nonprofit, statewide, accredited, K-12 online school, 2003-2004. 

After serving three terms in Congress, I accepted an offer to join The Heritage Foundation, the leading conservative think tank and public policy institute, as the Visiting Fellow in Education Studies. Here's what they said at the time, "As Chairman of the House Early Childhood, Youth and Families Subcommittee, Representative Riggs spearheaded many cutting-edge initiatives like school choice and charter schools."
I'm the only candidate for Supt. of Public Instruction who's co-founded a successful Arizona K-12 school, and as a former school board president, has twice hired, and been the direct report for, the superintendents of both districts.
The writer quotes leftist professors who are opposed to school choice to try to justify his conspiracy theories, but the facts, and my proven leadership record, speak for themselves.
Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

Lots of credentials here but makes me wonder if he couldn't keep a job?  I question how conservative a congressman from CA could be.  I'm still looking at candidates.  I don't like the disrespectful way he answers the first post person, John Powelson.  Politicians should remember that we all vote and they should be respectful toward all, esp if they want to change minds

I have found some substantive data about Frank Riggs’s performance as a sitting congressmen on the website From the data I saw, it seemed to me that Riggs had a fairly lackluster congressional career.

While in office, he missed about 314 votes—a number that describes as well over the mean for vote missing.

An interactive map on the site shows where Riggs’s votes fall on the conservative—liberal continuum. His icon fell right in the middle of the pack of Republicans, which, to me, is also lackluster. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that Riggs voted more conservatively on the bills that were most closely watched by his strongest conservative voters. The rest of the time, his votes may have wavered farther to the left, resulting in his middle-of-the-pack outcome. That’s my estimation, of course, not a proven fact. But it is where my gut leads me. I’m not interested in middle-of-the-pack people, and I am not drawn to the “mugwumpy”, i.e., wishywashy points of view that tend to go with that designation. As I see it, you are either a conservative or you are not. You either uphold the Constitution to the letter, or you aren't a constitutionalist. There is no available middle ground, i.e., no place for someone like Riggs.

I am also concerned by the fact that he sponsored very few bills, in his two short stints as a congressman. And few of them had many co-sponsors. Mostly, Riggs co-sponsored bills, i.e., rode the coattails of Speaker Newt Gingrich, who was on a role, at the time, with the Contract for America.

The only important bill Riggs sponsored was the Charter School Expansion Act in 1997, while Clinton was president--an education bill that I guess may have been fed to him by a lobbyist, cause I don't see any signs of him having carried any torches for ideas that he revered. The Act created the climate necessary for the Charter Schools Development Corporation, a new financial corporation, to go from start-up to national leader in charter school financing in short order, thanks to the sudden exponential growth in the number of charter schools, nationwide. The passage of the bill guaranteed fulminating growth in charter schools, all of which needed financing.

The question of whether charter schools are good or bad isn’t really germane to this discussion. What I have a problem with is that Riggs sponsored a bill that guaranteed the swift growth of lucrative business for the company that may well have written the bill It certainly grabbed my attention to learn that Riggs left Congress the very next year, for an extremely a cushy job on the Board of Directors of that same company--the Charter Schools Development Corporation.

They always say “follow the money.” There were many many millions involved, here. Given Riggs’s lackluster career as a politician, prior, I can easily envision this cushy job as a solution, of sorts, for this congressman. He left Congress and enjoyed a very soft landing in the private sector, with a company that made many millions from one of the few bills Riggs ever sponsored.  

Most concerning to me are Riggs’s continual attempts to get into public office. He doesn't seem to care which public office. He's had two brief stints as a congressman. He made a failed attempt to run for AZ governor, a few years ago. And now he's going for another statewide office a few steps below that of governor. Apparently, he isn't attached to any one office, because of his expertise or a personal affinity for a specific aspect of governance. It seems he just wants to be "in office." Sorry, but that doesn't feel quite right, to me.

Personally, I reject the concept of career politicians. Any candidate who has a university degree in so-called “public policy” drops OFF the list of people I would consider supporting.  To me, career politicians have an inherent conflict of interest with the people they are elected to represent. Not good!  For God's sake! They are devoted to their own advancement through the system. Once that devotion is in place, there is no room for devotion to serving the people, the Constitution, or the nation.

In that context, ask yourself what it means when people spend their adult lives trying to build a career in politics, even though they keep failing at it. This is a mindset I don’t particularly respect. Heck! I don’t even respect it in successful career politicians!!! In my view, there is whiff of cravenness in a years-long pursuit of politics, as a career. I will go so far as to say that I strongly resent all career politicians. To me, the moment a person decides to actively pursue a career in politics, he or she has a conflict of interest, and the wellbeing of the voters and the country will always come second.

Lastly, I went to all the links provided by Scott Powelson, regarding Riggs and the Heritage Foundation, and I concur with his views on the Rockefellars and everything else in there. Since 2013, I have considered the Heritage Foundation to be a globalist-allied enterprise. I was first alerted to that possibility by their actions at the so-called “First Convention of Arizona Tea Party Leaders,” which was sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, Heritage Action, and the, with lunch provided by Chik-Fil-A.

I can give more detail, if asked, about this strange creature of a “convention.” For brevity’s sake, let me say that I left there with huge concerns about both AFP and Heritage. Both those organizations spent the whole day harping on two messages, which I paraphrase below:

  • If you learn anything that’s important for conservatives to act upon, don’t try to do it, yourself. We have experts stationed right in Washington. Get the info to your regional director. He or she will get it right to the specific person in Washington, who will know just which congressmen or senators we should confront to make sure something is done. Leave it to the experts.

But I say: If you give Heritage the benefit of the doubt, here—as leftists both expect and NEED all good conservative sheep to do—all of this may just sound like their sincere effort to help our cause.

Here is a question for you: 

What is the worst thing you can do to a grassroots activist bunch of people—the cream of the crop, so to speak...the people who were more seriously involved in grassroots effort than anyone else? The founders of the very first tea parties across our state!?

Answer: The worst thing to do to them is to discourage those true activist patriots from direct action! I find it highly suspect that both organizations seemed to be stressing precisely that to this group of tea party heros.

Lastly, there were zero break-outs for discussion, zero workshops. In other words, this was NOT really a convention. The convention theme was a ploy, I felt. The organizers assumed--unnecessarily--that we needed ego encouragement to entice us to come to the meeting--which, in itself, says even more about their mentality, doesn't it?  The truth: Not one of these people had quit working hard, throughout the Obama presidency, the most demoralizing time I remember experiencing in my entire life.

I am convinced that the real purpose of the meeting was not to hold a convention, but to expose the most active, most productive tea party leaders and activists of Arizona  to carefully targeted disinformation that was aimed at discouraging their activism.

But, their incessant harping on the name “tea party,” in particular,  made me realize that their greatest wish was to destroy our faith in that name--“tea party.” It had become so iconic, it intimidated the Left!

In fact, they worked very hard, that day, to make us all feel ashamed of of the tea party name! I left that so-called “convention” angry, shocked and disgusted at the thought that both AFP and Heritage seemed to be working against us! And I clearly remember that 2013 ushered in a period of deep demoralization in the conservative movement, which never lifted until the candidacy of Donald J. Trump. For a couple of years, we all felt that we had lost, that it was essentially OVER. During that time, Trevor Loudon came to town and reminded us that the Tea Party had, indeed, stopped the preplanned, announcement and establishment of the actual global government, which was slated for that period of time. “You guys stopped it! He kept repeating that, probably because he knew how badly we needed to hear it. Still, the malaise did not lift, that I know of, until we suddenly felt the Trump wind blowing in 2015. It came in the nick of time.

Now, we're in a new era. The Trump era. Trump is winning bigtime. But, if you are anything like me, you are still half dazed and almost giddy with surprise and pleasure. But it is time that we clear the air, once and for all. If we ragtag suburban gray-haired patriots, most with no political experience whatsoever, had the strength and spirit and enthusiasm to prevent the carefully pre-planned launch of a real global government, run by the U.N., then we have the strength to keep going and restore the constitutional republic, and, with it, the hope of the world. That starts with helping Trump to Drain the Swamp. He cannot do it singlehandedly.

So far, it feels like we're acting largely like spectators. Personally, I have felt myself basking too long in the rarified glow of winning. But Trump really cannot lift the entire nation and reinstate the republic all on his own. Patriots in every locale need to push up against the Swamp. Those of us over 60, or so, are uniquely qualified to initiate that pushing. We need to convince ourselves of the truth of that statement, by taking serious note of the fact that we are the last generation, or three, that carry the culture of that republic, and still remember the scent and the feel of what the country, and its culture, are supposed to be like.

We alone have the power to reinstate that culture. We can do it simply by acting as if it were already back in full force, and by ignoring political correctness and all that goes with it, as if they were already gone. (That’s exactly how the globalists foisted all of this onto us!) The globalists have shown us, by doing it TO us, that that is precisely how you lift (or lower) a culture. BY LIVING IT.

How does that point reflect on the current election for Superintendent of Public Instruction? That’s easy. Do not support any candidate you are not completely sure of and satisfied with. We lost the republic, once, by giving far too many people the benefit of the doubt. No more Mr. or Mrs. Niceguy. We have a country to save. The best rule of thumb: Make every decision as if the country literally stands or falls based on it. In a way, it surely does, because even the small things added up to the trouble that continues to threaten us. Most of all, remember that election decisions are still the only input we are allowed, in this twisted version of our republic. We can’t afford to screw them up.

Excellent writing and thinking.  I wish this was a stand alone article so maybe AFA would publish it.  I concur completely with AFP. I was suspicious of them the first event I went to. Nothing has changed my mind since.

Glad to know you agree on AFP, and thanks for the compliment. I was rather aroused about this issue, and it was an excellent opportunity to raise the issues that, for me, surround it.



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