Just hours after the FBI’s top lawyer, James Baker, was reassigned, WaPo reports that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will retire in a few months - once he becomes fully eligible for pension benefits.

McCabe, who has been the target of Republican critics for more than a year, spent hours in Congress this past week, facing questions behind closed doors from members of three committees.

Republicans said they were dissatisfied with his answers:

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), has called for McCabe’s ouster, saying he “ought to go for reasons of being involved in some of the things that took place in the previous administration. We want to make sure that there’s not undue political influence within the FBI — the [Justice] Department and the FBI.”

Democrats called it a partisan hounding:

Democrats emerging from Thursday’s questioning of McCabe urged him to resist Republicans’ calls to step down, saying the GOP’s new focus on McCabe smells of political opportunism. “Mr. McCabe should in no way be fired by biased political commentary,” said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tex.).

But whichever it was, The Washington Post reports, according to people familiar with the matter, McCabe plans to retire in a few months when he becomes fully eligible for pension benefits.

As a reminder, McCabe was former director James B. Comey’s right-hand man, a position that involved him in most of the FBI’s actions that vex President Trump as well as the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state, a matter that still riles Democrats.

McCabe won’t become eligible for his full pension until early March. People close to him say he plans to retire as soon as he hits that mark.

“He’s got about 90 days, and some of that will be holiday time. He can make it,’’ said one.

A spokesman for McCabe declined to comment, as did an FBI spokesman.

There is good reason to question McCabe's perspective and un-biasedness...

His wife, a Democratic candidate for a Virginia Senate seat in 2015, had received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from the political action committee led by a close ally of the Clintons. He had also been part of discussions with Justice Department officials that critics said prevented FBI agents from more aggressively pursuing their investigation of the Clinton Foundation. Agents were trying to determine if donations to the foundation were made with an expectation of government favors from Clinton or her allies.

[Editor: In a "few months?" So we the people can pay his 6-figure pension forever for cheating we the people? Sen. Grassely, Director Christopher Wray: fire his sorry butt today! Then bring him up on charges for "collusion" with the Russians, or at least the Democrats, against a candidate for President.  At least.]

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Fine we have to pay another crook for life!

There are 90 days to fire him!  Send message to FBI and Sen. Grassley to fire him before that.  Now is good.  Jan 2 is also good.

One less swamp dweller!

I cannot believe this Deep State Agent is still on the job.  I mean, really?  This man has violated his oath of office in so many different ways he should have been gone when it was discovered he was used by the Deeper State to once again white wash the vast left wing Clinton criminal enterprise. For what reason should he be allowed to retire and live on a pension that should be given only to those who retire from service to this country honorably ?  This makes no sense and as retired federal law enforcement officer I know of no way, shape or form that this man shouldn't be criminally investigated for attempting to manipulate a presidential election.



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