Freedom Caucus Chair Mark Meadows and member Rep. Jim Jordan are calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign over Justice Department leaks to reporters.

Meadows and Jordans’ call is in response to The New York Times’ report over the weekend that insisted the FBI’s probe into Russia collusion was started over George Papadopolous’ drunken conversations and not the Steele dossier. The report relied on four anonymous intelligence officials.

“The alarming number of FBI agents and DOJ officials sharing information with reporters is in clear violation of the investigative standards that Americans expect and should demand,” Meadows and Jordan assert in an opinion piece for The Washington Examiner. “How many FBI agents and DOJ officials have illegally discussed aspects of an ongoing investigation with reporters? When will it stop?”

Meadows and Jordan say that ultimately the responsibility for such leaks falls on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and if Sessions can’t get the leaks under control then he needs to be replaced.

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the Russia investigation, but it would appear he has no control at all of the premier law enforcement agency in the world,” Meadows and Jordan write. “If Attorney General Sessions can’t address this issue immediately, then we have one final question needing an answer: when is it time for a new Attorney General?

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Jeff Sessions is playing a game of charades.  Pretending to be the Attorney General of the United States.  Doing the absolute minimum so as to continue to occupy this extremely important office.  The latest, the demotion of the Bundy case prosecutor is the latest example.  The acting U.S. attorney for Nevada, Steven Myhre, broke the law!  Instead of being fired on the spot, Jeff Sessions only demoted him.

Now we are certain that Sessions was not President Trump's pick for AG, but was the pick of Paul Ryan, John McCain and the rest of the anti-Trump Congress.

Jeff Sessions MUST GO!

Are these the same "Republican" "Freedom" Caucus members who inflicted Paul Ryan on us as Speaker?

As I recall it, a handful did vote for Ryan but most didn't.  I was POed that Matt Salmon waited till the last minute to vote YES - he wanted to see how the vote would go so he would be on the winning side. Leading from behind!  He's history now and we all hope Andy Biggs will be better and he is a member of the FC.  I'd like to see a list of those calling for Sessions' dismissal/resignation or any other way to get rid of him.  It seems he allegiance is to McConnell, not #POTUS  Mark Meadows is a man to watch and Jordan has been consistently conservative.

What a difference a couple of years and a change in presidents makes. Just shoot me now if I have to look at that smug face of Paul Ryan again.  Does the FC actually think they can get the Trump Agenda through Ryan?

 I have been hoping, probably too wistfully, that Sessions is just feigning fecklessness, and that behind a non-transparent veil he is working with Trump to build cases for taking down the political operatives in the senior ranks of the FBI and DOJ.  One can only wish.

I've been hoping same, Mike. But it's been a wasted year at the DOJ.  Time ticks on.  We are likely to lose the Senate (not that it really matters under McConnell) but it does matter.  A new democrat Senate might immediately instigate impeachment proceedings against Trump.  We are going to give up a republican seat to Sinema in 2018.

I keep hoping that Sessions and president Trump have been creating chaos while they are making indictments without the press bothering them. But it's time to start arresting people.

Perhaps Sessions would claim that he's being thorough so as to make an airtight case against Obama, Hillary, Comey, etc.   But there's more evidence that points to him just stalling.  Either way, Trump is smart.  I don't see Sessions staying as AG more than a month or two if no indictments are made.



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