I’m being told by several sources that Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor are plotting to give up trying to either defund or delay Obamacare.

This comes at the same time the Obama administration admits it will be months before their Obamacare website will be fixed and Kathleen Sebelius is saying if people want out of the mandate they can pay a fine.

Nonetheless, Cantor, Boehner, and with them Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn are expected to cave in and fully fund, unimpeded, Obamacare.

They will work up a new deal that includes a debt ceiling increase with a few sops to the GOP as cover. The only change they are still considering it the medical device tax repeal, which is being heavily lobbied for by former Boehner and McConnell staffers who left for K Street.

A number of Democrats who are recipients of campaign cash along with these Republicans may provide a crony capitalist bridge over which this one tax repeal can pass while leaving in place all the other taxes, penalties, and fees.

But John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, and John Cornyn will ensure that Obamacare is fully funded and give the American public no delay like businesses have.

In doing so, they will sow the seeds of a real third party movement that will fully divide the Republican Party.

Source: Redstate

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It's being reported that this afternoon, Boehner and Cantor will present a debt limit increase until Nov 22, calling it a "hard deadline."  This sounds a lot like Obama's disappearing hard red line!!  They will require congress appoint a budget super committee to deal with the "hard deadline" but a clean continuing resolution will be passed now.  

Source: Fox Business

I do not believe it will spur a third party....I believe it will finalize the one party - democrat rule.  They are winning for the people, and once they cave it will be over for good.

Seems Eric Holder was right all along... we are a nation of cowards, at least among our Congress.  Disgraceful.

When the massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch occurs and Congress is made redundant, none of the current parties will survive.

well there is always 'we the people' although when I talk to folks most are so frustrated or scared or worse apathetic....

I don't see this as a cave. The GOP just shutdown the government for us.  We got what we wanted. They stood up to Obama and the Democrats.  What do you want from them and what do you expect when they don't have the Senate?   Give the GOP the Senate next year and much more can be done.  A 3rd party is absurd.  How many teams in sports.....2.  You don't add a 3rd team to a football game.  What you do is hire new players, new quarterback and improve your team, then get the win.

Sandi, who is that fine patriot standing with you? He is a good-looking sports fan, too. What I want is for the House to withhold funding for Obamacare and fund the rest of the government as the first CR was crafted. I am in spirit with Senator Ted Cruz who stood for us for 21 hours to speak about the US Constitution.




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