In a very testy questioning from Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oreg.) challenged him on why he signed the letter recommending the firing of FBI Director James Comey, and accused him of “stonewalling.” The combative interaction occurred Tuesday. 

“I believe the American people have had it with stonewalling,” Wyden began. “The American people don’t want to hear that answers relevant questions are privileged and off limits. Or that they can’t be provided in public, or that it would be ‘inappropriate’ for witnesses to tell us what they know.” 

“We are talking about an attack on our democratic institutions,” he continued, “and stonewalling of any kind is unacceptable. And General Sessions has acknowledged that there is no legal basis for this stonewalling.” 

“So now to questions,” Wyden said, “last Thursday I asked former Director Comey about the FBI’s interactions with you, General Sessions, prior to stepping aside from the Russian investigation. Mister Comey said that your continued engagement with the Russian investigation was ‘problematic.’ And he, Mr. Comey, could not discuss it in public.” 

“Mr. Comey also said that FBI personally had been calling for you to step aside from the investigation at least two weeks before you finally did so,” he added. “Now in your prepared statement you stated you received only ‘limited information necessary to inform your recusal decision.’ but given Director Comey’s statement, we need to know what that was.” 

“Where you aware of any concerns at the FBI or elsewhere in government about your contacts with the Russians,” Wyden asked, “or any other matters relevant to whether you should step aside from the Russian investigation?”

“Senator Wyden,” Sessions answered forcefully, “I am not stonewalling.”

“I am following the historic policies of the Department of Justice,” he explained. “You don’t walk into any hearing or committee meeting and reveal confidential communications with the president of the United States, who’s entitled to receive confidential communications in your best judgement about a host of issues. And after being accusing of stonewalling for not answering, so I would push back on that.”

[It gets worse!  See video on site]

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If our government ... at the time Nov. 2016 ... held by Demoncrats ... have anything to cry about it's because they choose not to do anything that would secure our election process!! Yet it is the DNC that was the Russian target ... allowed by a private server on the Clinton residence. The blame game is always the main page of the Demoncratic playbook. Pathetic.

If  nothing else, these hearings are good for showing the public just what is going on.  Sessions asked for this hearing and he came ready and he was right to get forceful with Wyden. That guy  just looks nasty so I wasn't surprised when that's what he turned out to be. Dems will love it but fair-minded people will be upset by the lack of respect shown Sessions.  And Trump. The dems are trying to get Sessions to resign.  They've been calling for that and are still. He'd better ignore those idiots. The know this guy won't be bought as they are trying to tag him as.



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