Editor: With Pro-illegal immigration/pro-amnesty House and Senate members, we wonder if such a common sense law can ever see the light of day.  But we can dream, can't we?  A similar bills have been introduced in the past couple of years, but none have seen the light of day.


Oakland mayor inspires new bill which could lock up officials like her

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said in a recent op-edfor the Washington Post that she originally ran for office because she wanted to change the way things operate. She may be changing things more than she thought and in ways she never imagined. Following calls to investigate her decision to alert illegal aliens in her community to an impending ICE raid, Iowa Congressman Steve King (R) has introduced legislationwhich could lock up public officials obstructing justice in this fashion for as much as five years. (Washington Times)

Tipping illegal immigrants off to a looming immigration sweep could net sanctuary city leaders jail time, under a bill announced Monday by Rep. Steve King.

The Iowa Republican dubbed the bill the Mayor Libby Schaaf Act, after the Oakland mayor who alerted California’s Bay Area to an impending sweep this year, a move that immigration officials said helped hundreds of people escape detection.

At the time, the chief of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Ms. Schaaf was essentially acting as a “gang lookout” tipping off lawbreakers when police came through their neighborhood.

Mr. King’s bill would include a penalty of up to five years in prison for any state or local official who obstructs enforcement of federal laws.

“I want lawless, Sanctuary City politicians to hear this message clearly: If you obstruct ICE, you are going to end up in the cooler,” Mr. King said in announcing his bill.

I somehow doubt that King is expecting much support from his Democratic colleagues on this one and the bill may be nothing more than an effort to make a point in this debate. I’m also not sure there’s really a need for such a law. As we’ve discussed here previously, we already have laws on the books which cover this. Under Title 8, Chapter 12, anyone can be charged with harboring or shielding from detection any illegal aliens, leaving them subject to a fine and/or not more than 10 years in prison. I see no reason why an elected official such as a mayor wouldn’t be subject to that law.

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Expect no action against the Oakland Mayor save yourself from disappointment.

Honestly the U.S. Senate the current crop will not do common sense solutions and they could care less what we think. A vote for McSally then you get Flake/McCain bs. If we vote in Ward I do not think she will fold and if she did we can say we tried and keep trying in subsequent elections.

I sense a red wave a coming in CA. 

Entering this country should be a felony up to two years in prison and anyone giving them aid a class 3 felony 4 years in prison.

Let's give credit where due. Steve King has always been on our side in this fight. He and a few others have been there for us regardless the personal cost for years. Marginalized by his fellow congress men and women, like any who wanted to enforce our laws and punish the law breakers, he and a handful of loyal elected have worked against the mob to keep amnesty from going forward. Without his and the few loyal voices in congress there would be millions of new Democrat or Communist citizens voting and we would never have seen the election of Donald J. Trump. The McCain/Kennedy voting Republicans would have us under the thumb of the Global Elite forever. It has turned on ever smaller numbers and even small amounts of vote fraud will be the margin of victory in the future. Wake up everyone you know and get them and your selves involved the big battle is yet to come and President Trump can't do it alone. We need to replace McCain with a real conservative and if we get a RINO in his place we need to recall and change to a real conservative. I am hearing that our Governor may have made a deal to appoint Cindy McCain to the Senate. We don't know about her politics but I am not very hopeful she will go against her husbands current policy.

Why haven't we recalled McCain? Don't the people have a voice anymore? Is it that we can't collect enough signatures to get rid of this corrupt and treasonous piece of garbage? You should be able to go to any VA Hospital in the state, and get all the signatures that you need against "Songbird" McCain. Aren't "We The People" in charge anymore? If not, isn't it time to stop paying taxes to them? "No Taxation Without Representation" comes to mind. Since Congress won't control the purse strings, shouldn't "We The People"? I have to give Congressman Steve King credit though, for trying. Sadly, until the PEOPLE are put back in charge of our government, bills like his will just be tossed to the wayside. Our Forefathers are rolling in their graves......

In an online Political Insider quicky poll about appointing Cindy McCain  to fill out John's time. The responders overwhelming were against big time.

Question is what will Ducey do. Can't see appointing Cindy McCain a plus for the Gov in this election year.

These political anarchists forget that they swore an Oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and that simply means - whether you like it or not - you MUST abide by the law - if, the RULE OF LAW is to mean anything.  No one suggests that they forfeit their freedom of speech, but, as Sworn Officers of the Congress, State Legislature, County Commission, City Council, elected or appointed - the law must be enforced to the extent declared by law.  As a Constitutional Republic, there are methods by which laws can be changed - but, until such a change occurs, the laws must be obeyed and enforced to the fullest extent of the law.  In today's America - political anarchy is out of control.  The methods by which elected and appointed public employee's circumvent the law is reprehensible and, the types and groups of people that they use to do this is beyond the pale.  Groups like ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER and anti-2nd Amendment fanatics (Kids), the New Black Panthers, Illegal Aliens, et al - are harnessed by the lure of money and other promises of benefits - all paid for by the tax payers who may very well stand in opposition to their actions.  It is indeed a dangerous example to be shown to some very ignorant and dangerous people in our nation.  We were and we still should be the nation that sets the example of faithfulness to our founding documents and respectful to our founders and those who followed who have sacrificed life, limb and treasure to secure the future for us and for our posterity.  To be sure, those who hold positions of public trust - should not and must not be engaged in tyrannical activities that tell but one side of the story and undermine the facts and the truth presented by the other.  Indeed, these public servants should never be engaged in activities which undermine and violate the laws that are on the books and if they do, then they should be subject to the scrutiny of the people and those who voted for him/her.  The United States was, is and remains a bastion of hope for the rest of the planet.  Unlike the UK, the EU, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, Mexico and Central and South America - we exist as the giant of the world - not because we are ethnically diverse, multicultural, multi-religious, etc., but because we are all those things due to our ability to assimilate all of these differences into lasting traditions and values.  Today's corrupt politicians....the political anarchists within our Federal, State and Local governments are hard at work creating ethnic and racial wars in an attempt to tear the fabric of our nation apart and to shred the rights and freedoms guaranteed to us as enshrined in the Constitution.  Should they be held to a higher standard?  Of course.  they swore an oath that requires them to faithfully discharge the duties of their Office and to uphold the Constitution.  To say otherwise is nothing short of chaos and the groundwork for political and civil rebellion.


I am not one who thinks "we must lock them up" let me explain. Locking them up should be for time only until they are thrown out of the country. Catch and release or catch and put in jail are equivalent in some sense. Lots of $$'s to go thru the process to get to incarceration then incarceration for housing them. Then depending on who is in office may still face the release stance into our communities or the $$ cost to return the offener to home country.

In the case of crossing our S. border illegally open the gate and dump them into Mexico. 

Mexico has responsibility and one they do not perform. Their responsibility is that they do little to nothing to protect their borders and all in for invasion of the USA.

Mexico must be held accountable. Besides a big beautiful wall, increase of border agents holding Mexico accountable would be effective and I might add holding countries accountable, with hold aid, who send and allow their own citizens to pass through Mexico to our S. border.

We must get tough to solve this problem.

Don't get me started on remittance issue.

If only we could throw these mayors and other moronic elected officials out of the country over sanctuary cities and protecting illegals while they kill, rape, rob, drug and otherwise commit mayhem on America citizens. But these blokes are American citizens and we cannot, without extended court proceedings, throw them across the border, as fetching as the picture is.  Lock 'em up!  It's cheaper than what we now spend on these illegals.

I do not know for sure that it is cheaper.

To me while its true, very true, the quality of who we elect is an important responsibility least we end up with republicans who served on the gang of eight.

A bigger question I think is to contemplate the whys of the push to thrust animals into our communities to prey on the masses for the class of folks living behind protected wall space will enjoy protection and most will live unprotected in ghetto like environment.

We have 8 years of Obama and about 6 from Bush of catch and release. Both made it clear that there was no will on the governments part to remove Aliens criminal or not. Believe it or not Bill Clinton was the last President till DJ Trump to enforce actively the laws governing illegal Alien removal. Bush had a program to remove criminal aliens but was soft on those working jobs which in some jurisdictions like California meant the criminals would not be removed either unless BP caught them in one of their roundups. The number of illegal aliens spiked upward to between 20 and 30 million. California alone has 10 million. The illegal alien groups admit this and are proud of the number. There are advertisements in the Spanish language news papers in Mexico and California telling them how to get benefits and free college in California and classes on how to avoid problems and obtain services they need or want. The cost of the criminal aliens isn't born only by the state there are untold billions lost in California alone to burglary, robbery,murder and injury, drug overdose, violent behavior, drunk and drugged driving by illegal aliens the cost of which fall on the citizens to pay the bills, for the most part, and then the state and local government cost come to account. Because we didn't lock them up they continue their crimes and create more victims and others see there is no down side to being a criminal so more participate and it expands and cost more and more. Where we don't punish the crime gets more violent and more frequent, even with the political class this is true. Our elected seldom fear getting caught if they are in the dominant party. Bill Clinton, Hillary and Obama are prime examples and they to will walk free. 

We need stiff punishment of illegal aliens wether they have committed other crimes than coming here uninvited or not. Put them in work camps for 6 months first offense and 1 year second and 5 years for the third and deportation by slow boat to the farthest southern port in Mexico when they are sent back. I doubt any will try for a fourth conviction and 10 years or more. We should also pass a law allowing anyone hurt by an alien released back into our society, illegally, to file suit against the pension and property of any public employee, Judge or Officer, including political officers, who participated in the release.

I agree with Michael J.  Article VI of the  Constitution of the U.S. clearly states, " senators, representatives, judicial officers, state legislatures, shall be bound by 'Oath' or affirmation, to support the constitution."  Therefore, if they break the 'Oath' they should be impeached.

Impeachment is a scare crow with no teeth. No actions are likely regardless of the office of the offender. It has been used so seldom in the past that none of the current office holders or those in recent memory have any fear of it at all. Bill Clinton had charges brought but the Senate refused to even look at the evidence to consider the question, so no conviction by the Senate defeated it completely. The Senate and much of the House are so corrupt now that there will never be a large enough group to convict any with the possible exception of a move to save themselves from criminal prosecution for other crimes the majority may have been involved in. I think it is this fear that keeps the Democrats harping on impeachment against President Trump even though he has done nothing to warrant any investigation much less charges.



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