More winning - Supreme Court rules against mandatory union fees in Janus v. AFSCME

BREAKING NEW: JUSTICE ANTHONY KENNEDY HAS JUST ANNOUNCED HE WILL RETIRE IN JULY.  This barely leaves time to confirm a new Justice before a new Senate takes over.  Critical to keep the Senate.  Critical to defeat Sinema in AZ.  MARKETS REACT ON THE DOWNSIDE.

For decades, unions have controlled workers in the public sector - government.  The Constitution does not provide for this type of control and we can be sure it was a democrat president who allowed the unions to take over public sector employees, forcing them to join the union whether they wanted to or not.  Dues have been automatically deducted from paychecks, no questions asked or answered.

As of today, those days are over.  Thanks to Mark Janus, a government worker who had worked in government in the 1980's and did not have to pay dues to unions but now in his government job, those dues are taken from his paycheck without his consent.  Janus filed a suit against the unions which went all the way to the Supreme Court that, today, ruled in favor of Janus.  What a coup.  What a victory for government workers across America!

The vote was, again, 5-4 in favor of Janus.  The dues had the tremendous misnomer of a name: fair-share fees.  Notice how dems always select a name that sounds so reasonable while picking the pockets of citizens everywhere.  In the ruling, it was decided the fees violate "the free speech rights of nonmembers by compelling them to subsidize private speech on matters of substantial public concern," the majority wrote in its decision in the case, Janus v. AFSCME.  Isn't that sweet!  A real Constitutional decision.  Non-union workers have been forced to pay the fees to unions.  Only a democrat could dream up such a scheme and then get government toadies to go along with that scheme.

Could this spell the end of unions within the public sector?  If workers don't have the dues confiscated from their pay checks, will they write a check for those dues?  Or will they start to question whether the dues are worth the money they spend on them.  Time will tell but the best case scenario would be for unions to get out of the public sector altogether.  They don't belong there.  Government was not set up to line the private pockets of charlatans.

Since these unions control teachers in public schools in America, we have to wonder what will happen to Red4Ed.  They will not go away.  They will find a way to be even more radical.  Already, they have scheduled more protest marches in Phoenix to call attention to the initiative they hope to get on the ballot to give even more money to "education." We the informed people know that is cover to get their democrats elected.  It's a diabolical plan only rip-off artists like democrats and radicals (we repeat ourselves!) could dream up.

Justice Samual Alito wrote the majority opinion.  Voting with Alito were Justices Thomas, Roberts, Kennedy and Gorsuch.  Gorsuch, you may remember, argued against the unions when he was judge in a lower court.  Unions are crying the blues over his confirmation today!   To find out more about this decision, go HERE. And then thank Mark Janus for his guts!

Are you tired of the winning yet?  Something strange has come over the Supreme Court Justices.  Wondering:  will this have any effect over confirmations of Trump appointees?  Yep.  It will be a fight royal from here to the end of the Pres. Trump years.  The President is expected to nominate at least two Justices before 2020.  That is why it is critical for Republicans to keep the Senate.  Even the worst Republican would not dare vote against a Republican President's nominees.  Except Flake, of course, but he's only a pretender to the party.

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This could be the first step to education reform in America. As a majority of the teachers in WI stopped paying their unions, I suspect most of the country will also. With one of the main contributors to our decline in education out of the way, we have to now go after and shrink the over controlling local administrations. Take the power of education away from the crony capitalist and governments and back to the parents, teachers, and kids. 


Got to and learn what they're doing for education!  See what you can do about getting one of their schools into AZ.  Totally Constituionally centered/

How do you pronounce AFSCME?  Sounds like AF-SCAM.  Fits.

Good common sense ruling from SCOTUS.

I've logged into the Kennedy story six times and within seconds my Firefox closes.  Fascinating.  The Dems are sure going to be further confounded.  Awwwww....didums feel Bad?  LOL



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