Police State Files: No Intel used to start Rogue FBI/DOJ Investigation of Trump

Take a deep breath and fully absorb the words of the above title.  The information that California Republican Representative Devin Nunes has been fighting to obtain from the US Justice Department for many…many months has finally been received by the Congressman.  After receiving the Justice Department information, it instantly became clear to Rep. Nunes why it had been hidden for so long.  What Nunes discovered was—to say the very least—a bombshell proving to be of major importance to the fabric of our Republic; a Republic that was being summarily and surreptitiously unraveled by said justice department with apparent coordination and liaison between that governmental body and the US State Department.

What Rep. Nunes found was there was never any Intel on any collusion with Russia (or any other country) and/or criminal behavior from or by Trump campaign members or now President Trump.  In other words, there was no “intelligence” to trigger any investigation!  There was, however, enough collusion and massive criminal intent and behaviors coming from the FBI, DOJ and the Hillary Campaign to choke a horse…or a Hippopotamus. 

The purpose of this collaboration between these powerful US governmental departments was single-fold.  It was to bring down Hilary Clinton’s rival for the presidency of the United States—Donald J. Trump.  It appears that longtime friend, confidant and Hillary Clinton “fixer” Sidney Blumenthal worked with others at the State Department, in order to develop and implement this subterfuge against Candidate and now President Donald J. Trump, the American people and the United States’ Republic.  There truly is no other word—save one—for these actions.  This is the greatest form of Treason ever to have been unleashed upon We-the-People since the founding of our republic.  The Marxists have been at war with liberty and freedom since their ideology was founded.  And…they still are.  Isn’t it time that we tried the perpetrators rather than slightly slapping them on their hands and letting them return to civil society to sow more crime and chaos?  In my opinion…it is most definitely almost past time to do so.

“If they have escaped the corruption of the world by knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and are again entangled in it and are overcome, they are worse off at the end than they were at the beginning”—2 Peter 2:20

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I wish there were a definitive way to show many of these traitors as having ties to International Socialism and perhaps even Marxism.  They need to be outed, maybe starting with some very strong penalties for treason to rattle their cages, and then continue to expand the hunt for the rest of them.  I have long had the belief that we have a cadre of at least several hundred (likely way more) Soviet plants who have been long-term citizens here, rising to the top throughout society, government, corporations, universities, and federal agencies.  Add to them our own brand of American-bred Marxist wannabes and sympathizers who want to create chaos and re-invent our governmental system.

If you really want to get mad about The Deep State Globalist  read Peter Schweizer's  "Secret Empires"!!

I want the documents turned over to the Congressman to be released to we the people.

Hillary, Comey and Obama can all hang together ........ on the same day ........ on the same hill.



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