Editor: The democrats are so rabid about hanging Trump with Russian misdeeds and are building such a fantastic story surrounding Trump and the Russians that they never stopped to think about the possible blowback.  When Congress or a Special Investigator opens an honest investigation (sorry for that oxymoron!), real facts may be uncovered. Oh, my!  Democrats were giddy with anticipation of the fake news they could put out when they heard subpoenas were being prepared on the Russian investigation. Too late they discovered the subpoenas were against the FBI, CIA and NSA on the unmasking of incidental individuals.  Such as Mike Flynn! Now it's like turning on the lights in DC and seeing the roaches scatter.  President Trump, however, seems unruffled!]

The House Intelligence Committee issued seven subpoenas on Wednesday in its wide-ranging probe of Russian election influence and intelligence gathering, and for the first time demanded to know whether President Obama's former United Nations ambassador Samantha Power sought to unmask spy information on Americans. 

The panel issued the demands for documents to Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen and one of his companies, as well as one subpoena each to former Trump National Security adviser Michael Flynn and his firm related to Russia contacts.

But the biggest surprise came when the panel issued three subpoenas seeking information on the unmasking of political figures in U.S. intelligence reports, adding Power to a list of two other former officials who have already acknowledged unmasking Americans names in intelligence reports in the final months of the Obama administration.

Circa first reported last month that former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice and former CIA Director John Brennan sought unmasked intelligence on Americans that had been gathered by the NSA.

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I can't wait until the Russians did it blows up in the left's face big time

The likelihood of Samantha Power, Susan Rice, John Brennan, or any other Dem openly testifying before Congress on their unmasking role, election influence, or Russian connection is inversely proportional to their degree of personal or party guilt.  They'll either say No to the subpoenas, plead the 5th, or say 'Sorry, I do not recall'.  Congressional Republicans do not ever seem to win these games, given their lackadaisical questioning and lack of focused follow-up questions.  (Not sure they really want to; or that those who really make the decisions want them to).

Maybe the hearing committee with have sense enough to hold the hearings behind closed doors where they can't use the "classified info. Can't reveal to the public" excuse.  Maybe

The Republican GOPe is neutered by the very same "investigations" of personal destruction from anyone associated with the Obama administration. Trump needs to fire all associated with, or gave to, Obama's campaign !!!!!!! He needs to grow the brass balls ... N O W ... for they are the leakers of information set out to destroy him ... and our Christian heritage. No questions asked but actions P E R I O D ... and that includes the IRS head, and in the Pentagon. Enlarge the dumped tank of liberal leftists. "Liberty once lost, is lost forever" - John Adams.

But to the best of my knowledge, Trump does not have any politically experienced, street-fighting true conservatives as key advisors.  So he won't be thinking like you and I would be.  In that sense he seems to be a bit politically naïve, even if he is a shrewd business thinker and manager.

The snakes from The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil have no conscious and can never be negotiated with, Trump had better use his knowledge of the Bible and defeat this evil if he is a Christian in acts not words

Oh how I hope those rotten apples take root at the feet of BHO!!!!!!!

You & me, Sparky!! It seems like if the Dems do something then it's okay; however, if the Repubs do something then they go through the ringer for their actions!! I could see nothing better than rotten apples taking root at the feet of BHO!!



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