He was Primary Sponsor of National Popular Vote but now claims to not know what it is

 [Editor: We believe Montenegro - he was told to sponsor that really horrible bill because his controller, CQ, told him too.  He never read it, never did any research, didn't ask any questions and didn't engage a single brain cell that would have told him he was selling out America with that sponsorship!  Is that the kind of person we should be sending to Congress?  Aren't there enough of those kind of lawmakers taking up space there already?]

Peoria, AZ – Sheriff Richard Mack, candidate for US Congress in Arizona’s February 27 special election in CD-8, says he has reached his limit on Steve Montenegro’s hypocrisy for his support of the National Popular Vote. Stated Mack, “Steve Montenegro is a flip flopper of John Kerry proportions. Republicans didn’t want President Al Gore or President Hillary Clinton, but Steve Montenegro followed the dictates of his political superiors and pushed the ‘National Popular Vote’ while in the Arizona Legislature. Now that he is running for Congress he has at various times claimed that he never voted for it, that he voted for it but wasn’t a co-sponsor of it, that he was a Primary Sponsor of it but only because he made a political deal to support it, and that he supported it but that it wouldn’t get rid of the Electoral College.”


Sheriff Mack continued, “The bill he was Primary Sponsor of but now disavows was called the ‘National Popular Vote’, so obviously it violated the Constitution and eliminated the Electoral College. Getting rid of the Electoral College would have given us President Al Gore and President Hillary Clinton, so as a Republican I don’t know why he could think that it was ever a good idea. It certainly wasn’t a principled decision that any conservative would have considered. And as a practical matter it gives more voice to the voters of California and New York at the expense of the voice of Arizona voters, so I don’t see why he thought it was a good idea for that reason either.”


The National Popular Vote bill which Montenegro was a Primary Sponsor of can be found at https://legiscan.com/AZ/sponsors/HB2456/2016


Sheriff Mack also stated, “Steve Montenegro needs to be accountable for his record and quit running from it. Why he thinks that he can fool the voters of CD-8 with his blatant #FakeNews is beyond my comprehension, and I am tired of his not telling the truth on this matter. Leaders lead. He followed his political masters and now he realizes he got fooled by them. We don’t need him in Congress to be fooled by new political masters like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. We need principled conservatives who will follow the Constitution.”


“While Sheriff I fought to protect the Constitution by suing the President of the United States and winning a landmark US Supreme Court case,” Mack continued.  “I will continue to fight to preserve and protect the Constitution as a member of Congress and help President Trump ‘drain the swamp’ in the GOP as well.”


Mack gained national attention when he sued President Bill Clinton over the Brady Gun Ban winning in the US Supreme Court. Since that landmark Supreme Court ruling Mack has written six books and appeared at over 300 conservative political rallies nationwide. He has stood against the incursions of the Federal Government and has fought for civil rights from Hawaii to Bangor, Maine. He is the Founder and President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) and is in the NRA Hall of Fame.

-30-                                                                    ###

Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Sheriff Richard Mack for Arizona's CD8 Special Election

Click here to read about it


Sheriff Richard Mack is a candidate for Congress in the Arizona Special Election GOP Primary on February 27. For more information see www.SheriffRichardMack.com

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It would be interesting to see what the correlation is between who the Republicans were who voted for the NPV Compact in Clair's list and those who worked with CQ and were part of the intermingled Clean Elections funding accusations.  That same correlation study could be done for some other highly questionable causes, too.  Then we can all decide if we believe in coincidences.

And many have claimed he has used his printing company to make and send out some of those very disingenuous mailers, then data mining the returns and selling the info to unspecified clients.  I was not able to find out who his clients were for the NPV and the mailers-data mining projects, though.  Apparently they don't have to be disclosed, which is understandable but at the same time worrisome if not a bit scary.

Just for fun, I cross-compared the Y/N votes from the Republicans on NPV in 2016 against whether they participate(d) in Clean Elections (CE) or use the Traditional method. I used current and archived data from the CE Commission since some of those who voted are no longer in office.

In summary, 15 (50%) of the 30 total Republicans voted N or NV on NPV. 14 (93%) of that group did not use CE either in 2016 or currently.  The only exception was Townsend, who uses CE currently (but not in 2016), and who did not vote.  11 Republicans (37%) voted Y and did not use and still are not using CE.  This group includes Montenegro. The other 4 GOPers who voted Y do currently use CE. 

Now, the interesting part.  All 4 (100%) of these Republicans who voted for NPV and are currently using CE did not use it in the 2016 election.  So, they switched from not using CE at the time of their vote for NPV to using CE later.  There were no Republicans who used CE in 2016 and then stopped using it.

Of the four sponsors (all GOP), 2 did not vote, and the other two split between Y and N.  Livingston was the only sponsor who stayed with his original position and voted Yes.

Now it's up to others to see if they can find any link between the votes of the 4 (Finchem, Kern, Campbell, and Thorpe) for voted for NPV then switched to CE, plus Townsend, to any potential association (e.g., CQ) or cause (e.g., CE).  Not making any accusations, but coincidences sometimes do give you pause.

Although I agree with Mack about Montenegro, Mack's far from pure in what he presents--and what he omits--about himself. And for Mack to refer to someone else as a "flip flopper" is downright hypocritical, not to mention laughable. Here's Mack's sordid political history of flipping, flopping, carpetbagging, and omitting the truth about the lawsuit.

There's much more to this candidate than he and his team continue to present to the public--and Arizona Freedom Alliance could better serve the electorate of CD-8 by publishing "the other side." Let's start by noting Mack's a carpetbagger who doesn't live in CD-8. Yes, I know that's not a bar to running for the CD-8 seat, but to me--and from comments posted online by others--it's an issue, and I won't vote for him or any other carpetbagger. Before anyone takes exception to my referring to him as a carpetbagger, let's review some of his history that's conveniently missing from his campaign literature and the biography his campaign published.

  • He was, in fact, elected twice as the sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, before he was then defeated in 1994, and in all those elections he was a Democrat.
  • In 1998, he ran for sheriff of Utah County, Utah, as a Republican, and he lost--beaten in the primary. Note his carpetbag began picking up some mileage.
  • Then, in 1999 he ran for Provo City Council, a non-partisan post, but was again eliminated in the primary. Pattern of losing? I think so.
  • Then as he was gearing up and filing to run for governor of Utah, in 2004, as a Libertarian, Mack said "No way I could be in the Republican Party anymore." Since his supporters don't refer to him as "Governor," it's easy to know the outcome of that campaign. He lost--or he quit!
  • Time to drag his carpetbag again, as he returned to Arizona to run for U.S. Senator in 2006--still as a Libertarian. If nothing else, he was consistent in this race too--as he lost.
  • Loading up his carpetbag once again, Mack went to Texas where he ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 21st congressional district in 2012. For Mack, it's clear the "anymore" in "No way I could be in the Republican Party anymore" was more short lived than a dictionary definition suggests. In this campaign he returned to the Republican Party and ran as a Republican. As you might expect, after reading his history, Mack lost in the primary.
  • Carpetbag time again, as he's back in Arizona, living in one congressional district, but running for office in another.

Let's review: He's been a Democrat (the only elections he's ever won, until he lost), a Republican who publicly turned his back on the Republican Party, a Libertarian, and back to being a Republican as he's pursued elected positions. He's also given his carpetbag quite a workout as he's tried to get elected in Arizona, Utah, Arizona, Texas, and back to Arizona.

Conclusion: The reason Mack's a prolific author--and not a career politician--is he's a prolific loser of elections. And, his past actions show that despite him running as a Republican this time, he'd be a better fit to run in the Chameleon Party. That's the party with the motto "Whichever Way the Wind Blows--Go There!"

These details are readily available for anyone who conducts an internet search. Here's a link to some of them: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/525036574/Candidate-changes-par...

Now, let's tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the lawsuit. The National Rifle Association (NRA) recruited Mack to be the lead plaintiff for the NRAs lawsuit. The NRA did that to gain standing in the court and allow their suit to be heard--and ultimately won. This is standard practice for advocacy groups, because the groups have no legal standing in their own right. An honest candidate would provide the details and not present this as an individual lawsuit and claim the outcome as an individual victory.

FYI, I served more than 30 years on active duty in the military and have faced Sergeant Wrath, Lieutenant Wrath, Captain Wrath, Major Wrath, Colonel Wrath, and General Wrath--and I continue to stand and fight. Any wrath I might garner from the Mackers won't amount to a whistle in a hurricane. But, thanks for your warning--much appreciated.

George: We post any and all legitimate press releases on Republicans.  We got a message from Lovas campaign a couple of weeks ago.  It was purely an electioneering piece.  Responded that we would publish a press release that contained the info our readers have asked us for such as his voting record, a bio and particularly, his wife's bundling activities for John McCain because any connection to John McCain is of great interest to our readers.  We are awaiting a response.

We also realize there is no perfect candidate just as there are no perfect websites.  That is human nature and has been so since the fall of man!

Also note: President Trump has also been a democrat as has at least one of our true conservative team members.  We don't consider that to be a fault but instead, a plus that someone came to their senses.

Thanks for your feedback about what you will and won't post. Although you certainly don't need my vote, I agree with your position.

As to changing parties--once--I get that too. What I don't support is Mack changing from Democrat to Republican (once), to Libertarian (twice), especially when he made negative comments about the Republican Party, to Republican (thrice), to whatever and wherever the winds of change blow him next. That's especially true when he refers to another candidate as a flip flopper. His flips and flops make him the poster child for flip flopping. What Mack is, is an opportunist, and his payback for that is he doesn't get elected. My prediction: he'll fall short this time, just as he has in the past. Of course, he's able to try, and his supporters are welcome to advocate and vote for him--and as I'll continue to research and post about his fact-based checkered history.

Actually, George, have you taken a long look at the Republican party lately?  McCain. McConnell. Lyndsay, Cornyn, Rubio, Paul Ryan, McCarthy and on and on.  I don't much like the Republican party, either as it stands today and in the recent past, say the last 30 years.  BUT - to be sure, I support the Republican party that was brought to bear under Lincoln. Again, imperfect but not as imperfect as the dems.  That Republican party has disappeared and has been replaced by the Uniparty. I miss the Republican party!

I agree, and as it seems you do as well, I choose to try to change it from within. Also I'm in full agreement Montenegro has flip-flopped on issues, and that's not the same as changing positions,  over time, based on newly discovered information or changing circumstances. I have done the latter, and no one who knows me will ever accuse me of flipping or flopping. What I take issue with is Mack's accusation when he's done the same--maybe worse--and his failure to own his record. He may have amnesia, but he shouldn't rely on the rest of those interested in this race having it as well. The internet has made almost all things knowable to anyone willing to search. All political candidates and other public officials would do well to remember that--and to hire opposition researchers to look for their own dirty laundry.

We always appreciate your vote, George, along with as many as we can get!  Thanks.

Post all you want on this site, respecting the rules laid out on our Home Page.

Steve Montenegro's support of the NPV is an indication that:

1) He either does not understand the Constitution and the Electoral College—in which case, I strongly hope the voters of CD8 do not send him to the Washington Swamp, where we already have quite-enough congressional swamp denizens who don't follow the Constitution—

or, 2) He doesn't care what it says and means.

I heard and recorded Montenegro at the Candidate's Forum in SCW in January, claiming as he backpedaled, that the NPV would not have affected the Electoral College. . . .

Ignorant . . . or, desperate?

Whichever the answer is, that's not someone for whom I would cast my vote—

As to Richard Mack, facts and details are important to me, so, I'd just like to fill in a gap in the resumé presented by George Moriarty—

Having owned property in Navajo County since 1980, I also lived there for many years.  In about the end of 2014, or, 2015, I learned of the Constitutional County Project, which was an ambitious plan centered-around Richard Mack being elected Navajo County Sheriff, and becoming a linchpin for other Constitutional Conservatives to run, win and turn Navajo County into a Constitutional County.

Two Far "Left" sites reported Mack's announcement in December, 2014, that he was going to move to Navajo County, Arizona, to run for Navajo County Sheriff as part of the Constitutional County Project.

I heard about the project from Former Mesa State House of Representatives Candidate James Roy, and learned he planned to move to Navajo County to establish residence in anticipation of the Project.  Although, I thought it was rather ambitious, considering the political demographics in the county, and wondered why they had chosen to begin with a very hard-nut-to-crack, I thought it sounded like a grand plan at the time—if it worked—and distributed flyers for the project.

However, I cautioned James and a couple of others who were involved in the Project; wondering how they planned to overcome the demographics entrenching the overwhelming Democratic Party influence in the county.  And, I warned them that it would not be an easy task to defeat long-time Democratic Sheriff K.C. Clark, and other Democratic county officials.

Although there is a large contingent of Constitutional Conservatives in Central Navajo County, there are enough Dems and RINOs in the central county to join with the Bookends: The Apache, Hopi and Navajo Nations, in the north and south ends of the county, to ensure the election of Dems to the countywide offices.  And, of the five county supervisor offices, three are filled by Dems on the north and south ends; the two central seats are filled by Republicans.  It is frequently lamented by Central County Republicans and Libertarians, "Ohh, if only we could secede from Navajo County!"

Well, Fast-Forward to 2016; the plans must have gone awry (I was no longer residing in Navajo County, so don't know the details personally).  But, I found an article on ADI in July, '16, that reported that Mack lived in Maricopa County, and he planned to work for a Republican Candidate for Navajo County Sheriff as her Undersheriff, if she won the election.  She did not win the Primary.

[Strangely, a Wikipedia Mack Biography reports that he ran for Navajo County Sheriff and lost by 10 points to Sheriff Clark[e] in 2016.  This report is obviously inaccurate, as a quick check of the Election Results shows.]

Just a little investigation and good judgement in choosing one county out of the 1200+ American counties to invade and reclaim for Constitutional Governance would have revealed that Navajo County, Arizona, was NOT the one in which to begin the ambitious project.  The Constitutional County Project Web-links now reach a GoDaddy announcement that the domain name is available. 

As an unsuccessful Candidate myself, I certainly don't have a problem with candidates running, losing, running again, losing, sitting one out, and running again!  My mother always taught us:

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again!"

But, with my innate interest in "Just the facts, Ma'am," and in the details that inform conclusions derived from facts, I just wanted to fill-in that resumé gap a bit—

For Liberty!


Without Liberty, FREEDOM cannot exist!

LIBERTY begins in our own BACKYARD!

Good report, Itasca.  Two things I know:

1. K.C. Clark is a very good sheriff and although a democrat, he is well liked by republicans and gets a lot of republican support because he does a good job

2.  You failed to mention the serious illness Mack had during part of the time you mention that nearly killed him.  I hear he has made a full recovery but he was out of politics for some years.  Could it be that he thought he was up to the task but then realized it was a bigger task than he was medically ready to take on?

I do wonder why there are two distinct camps on Mack: those who cannot find a good word to say about him and those who think he's a "Joe Arpaio" type of guy who just goes ahead and does the right thing.  We read on a previous post from a woman in Utah who said how lucky we would be to have Mack as our Congressman because of her extensive experience with him in Utah.  A personal testimonial, not taken from public records that don't record how the citizens reacted to his time in public service or news reports that are too often unreliable.

Thank you, Pat.  Likewise!

1.  As I reported, I thought the Project was overly ambitious.  But, I also thought it was a grand plan if it could succeed!  Because, my neighbors and I learned up-close-and-personal that certain aspects of Navajo County Government are notorious in the State for being far-from "Sunshine & Roses."  Sheriff Clark's Department is not excluded from that reputation.

2.  Had I known of Mack's illness, I would have mentioned it.  I did see the comment on the ADI article regarding his health, but, it was an unsubstantiated anonymous comment that I could not use to reach any conclusions.  As I mentioned, I didn't have personal knowledge of what apparently went awry.  However, I am always open to garnering additional Facts!  Yours regarding Mack do augment my own hope for filling-in the resumé gap "a bit."

I don't consider myself as being in either of the two distinct camps you describe.  My perspective does not focus on personalities.  I try to cultivate objectivity as I search for Truth—seeking the LORD's help. 

In my earlier comment to a January post, I acknowledged readily that in the SCW Forum I attended, the two candidates who actually talked about the Constitution were Clair Van Steenwyk and Richard Mack.  For me, that is saying good words about both candidates.

As reiterated in Paragraph 1, above, from my original comment here, I thought the Constitutional County Project—and by association, Mack's part in it—was a grand plan, if it had been better considered.

So, my perspective isn't a case of my not finding a good word to say about Mack.  It is that, at the Forum, I found his answers to the questions showed noticeably-less depth and breadth of necessary knowledge, and "Fire in the Belly" behind them as Van Steenwyk's answers. 

I do note that many informed CD8 voters are concerned that Richard Mack resides outside their district, and has not worked to advance district concerns prior to deciding to come from a different district to run for their open congressional seat.  I realize it is lawful to represent a congressional district in which one does not reside, but—having been faced with an out-of-district candidate in my own CD5's 2016 Race—I know there are many voters who do not embrace these candidates if they know the facts.

Perhaps information such as George Moriarty's Mack resumé is very important to CD8 voters who want to believe that the candidate they support is actually fully-committed to representing them and the Party whose Nomination he seeks.



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