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We must be ever vigilant on how the GOP officials vote, on how they talk, on what they do and who they support!  And that is all GOP lawmakers across the board!  We already know what the Democrats will do!!

Please post your comments and verifiable information about anything you learn about our lawmakers.  Please include a source so people can do further research.

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The Republican Party Platform, 2016

The Conservative side of the ledger needs to aggressively address voter fraud, instill fiscal responsibility and run electable candidates with Constitutional principles.

This page is for informing about what Republicans are doing to advance those principles.

It's time to cut loose such pseudo Conservatives as Karl Rove, Dick Morris and others who are Establishment Republicans more interested in their own power and less interested in America as a Constitutional country and against tea party grassroots values.

Every day, you get calls from dozens on "conservative" organizations wanting your money.  This is the time to be very careful who you donate to.

Do Not Donate to American Crossroads.  Do Not Donate to Mitch McConnel.  Do Not Donate to the Republican National Committee/National Republican Party/Republican National Congressional Committee or Senate Conservative Fund.

Go to Open Secrets to check out any PAC that wants your money BEFORE you donate.

Further Food For Thought: “All Republicans should ask Republican candidates their position on the Republican Party Platform. If you get a ‘deer in the headlights’ stare, you might understand how we can sometimes be so confused by their positions on issues,” quipped LD19 PC Joe Hobbs. “We are trying hard to pay attention to their core values in the debates and there are a number of candidates who seem to be ‘Totally Unaware’ of Republican values. Some of the candidates seem to have dropped out of the sky with big bags of money and have declared themselves Republicans without understanding hardly anything that we can support. Hollow campaign promises will not fool us again. You are RINOs and you are not welcome here. Our Republican Party Platform is the only true definition of what a Republican really is. It was written by grass roots Republican activists from all 50 states PLUS Presidential nominee, Donald Trump. It defines us. It is our benchmark. It defines our DNA. I absolutely will not support any Republican candidate who does not understand and support the Republican Party Platform – all of it! See 2016 GOP Platform

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Would You Vote for This Man?

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We know that being on the Board of AZGOP is the easiest job in town.  Lines controls the entire board, no one gets to say a word unless Lines put them on the board. Unelected "staff" are getting paid by Lines to do his bidding at board meetings and…Continue

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AZGOP Trying to DUMP Robert's Rules of Order!

Started by Joe Neglia. Last reply by Jay clagg 6 hours ago. 1 Reply

This is a long article, so here's an abstract for those in a hurry: The Establishment has successfully used RONR to shut down the Grassroots in past years. The Grassroots have subsequently learned how to prevent this abuse. The Establishment,…Continue

End Proxy Abuse

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by Arizona Freedom Alliance 7 hours ago. 10 Replies

Would you go to the polls on Election Day and take with you all the Early Ballots your neighbors and friends had received but did not bother to take the time to vote for themselves, check in at the polling station and then proceed to a booth and…Continue

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Flake And Corker Are Running: Sunday’s Comic

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by Vince Ansel 11 hours ago. 5 Replies

By: Red Pill Approved Comics October 29, 2017Senators Flake and Corker…Continue

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A look at AZGOP 2017 - Pathetic

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by Arizona Freedom Alliance on Saturday. 19 Replies

[Editor: The following is from Jim Ehl who has tried to bring sanity back to the AZGOP for years.  He has not been successful and in that, he is joined by many others trying the same. The problem is that the AZGOP is owned by the establishment…Continue

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A View of the Watchamecallums Republicans Meeting, election results

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance. Last reply by Ernest Mc Collum on Tuesday. 14 Replies

The Mandatory Meeting of the Maricopa Republican Committee, held on Saturday, January 13, went off very smoothly and efficiently, to every conservatives surprise.  (relieved sigh)  Those who routinely attend these meetings have become accustomed to…Continue

Tags: resolution, debate, speech, proxy, harassment

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Comment by Myrna Lieberman on October 24, 2017 at 5:46pm
My sense is that those who do not think
Dr. Ward is not a good candidate continue to hope for DeWitt which will not likely to happen. They have no one else in mind to run but attack Dr. Ward. I am not "selling" her just pointing out the Republicans will attack her
I have a sense that McCain has another Establishment candidate to replace Flake
Comment by Clair VAN Steenwyk on October 24, 2017 at 4:01pm

Dewit may run now as he wouldn't be running against an Incumbent but for an open seat which means it's a head to head and no splitting of the vote.

Comment by Myrna Lieberman on October 24, 2017 at 3:14pm
If there were more to the story of Wards staff resigning it would have been a major story for the NYT. They sound like disgruntled employees and or the work of the McCain ma chine.
Comment by Myrna Lieberman on October 24, 2017 at 3:08pm
So Jasper who should be Flakes replacement? Do not say Jeff Dewitt because he will not run.
Comment by Clair VAN Steenwyk on October 24, 2017 at 12:49pm

AZ Now U Must Decide on US Senate!
Read & Share!

Sen. Jeff Flake just announced on the Floor of the US Senate he'd not seek re-election in 2018, so now the question for all of us is who will we Support & Vote 4? I for the most part have stayed silent on this subject and only hope that those who have the Spirit of Freedom burning within them will now step up and run for this Office or I'm certain the GOP Elite already have a replacement in Line to take Sen. Flakes place. 
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Comment by Jaspersgoat on October 24, 2017 at 11:19am

There is a lot more to the story.  There's a reason her top two staffers are apologizing for legitimizing her campaign.  I wonder what happens if Bannon figures out she's not better than McCain.  She's keeping a winnable candidate from getting in-again- and actually winning. She will not be our next Senator. If Flake doesn't get her, Sinema will. But I hope she does get elected, people find out the truth about her and then she's unseated in 6 years. You'd think a state as active as AZ could field a decent candidate.

Comment by Jay clagg on October 24, 2017 at 10:27am
Makes me wonder , if they are intolerant of discussion maybe there is more to it.
Anyone but flake / MAGA/ Drain the swamp
Comment by Myrna Lieberman on October 24, 2017 at 10:06am
The women who responded to me were intolerant of my opinion . They told me to F myself and other foul language. They would vote for Flake over Ward. These women are not thinking about what is good for AZ . They are narrow minded and responded like
catty high school girls
Comment by Pat J on October 21, 2017 at 9:41pm

OMG. What a thing to say about women who don't like Ward ( I assume that is what you meant). Have you considered they know her and they are right?  There has been all kinds of things posted on this site about her baggage. Her senate record is just ridiculous. You know she goes on about her experience but she spent one term and a few weeks in her second term before she started to campaign as the THIRD candidate in the 2016 race. Then she spread fake news that the second person in was a spoiler, very dishonest like the fake media. She tried to get the school superintendent stripped of all authority which could not be done in that year except she provided the strike everything bill to do it and supported it. Might I suggest that those supporting her have the "anyone but Flake" mentality but if she would get the hell out, at least two good possibilities with better chances of beating the dem would run. So if the second candidate in the 2016 race was the spoiler as she said, then that is HER this time. She may beat Flake but she won't beat the dem & that is the ultimate goal, Right? Please, Myrna, do some homework. And don't blame others for being factual. I bet they will all hold their noses and vote for her.

Comment by Myrna Lieberman on October 21, 2017 at 6:56pm
What exactly is the problem with Dr. Kelly Ward? Steve Bannon is endorsing her and she has Robert + Rebecca Mercer as her benefactors. Where is the evidence that she is "Mccain" light? The comments from women o Facebook just sound like a bunch of
cats with nothing credible to say. The most important issue is to get Flake out. My sense is that Republicans will act like brats and not vote giving the Democrats an easy win and turning AZ


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