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The Past and the Present - Thomas Sowell

From Townhall:

If Newt Gingrich were being nominated for sainthood, many of us would vote very differently from the way we would vote if he were being nominated for a political office.

What the media call Gingrich's "baggage" concerns largely his personal life and the fact that he made a lot of money running a consulting firm after he left Congress. This kind of stuff makes lots of talking points that we will no doubt hear, again and again, over the next weeks and…


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Show your appreciation to Sheriff Joe

Great idea from Charlie:
Our state budget is balanced because of Senator Pearce which means out state taxes will not have to be increased. The crime rate is down so our families are more safe due to Sheriff Arpaio. As you see the  Arizona Republic is trying to remove Sheriff Arpaio from office as they did Senator Pearce. I think we need to show Sheriff Arpaio that we appreciate what he is doing. It would be more impressive if we all sent him a letter of support by regular mail.…

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The Winds of Change by Warren Buffett

There is a great article sent in by Linda that every conservative should read.  To do that go the Watching the Elections in the Groups tab.  We will make it easy for you.  Just go here:

Click 'Join'…


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We the people must act

We do not deserve the protection of the government unless we protect ourselfs from that government

We must be informed no one else will inform us we must inform our selfs and act. Begin with one meaning yourself and we win.

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Seeking 2/28/2012 Pres Pref Election Exit Poll Volunteers

If anyone would like to hlep verify the vote for the Arizona Presidential Preference Election on Feb. 28, 2012, please let me know.

# thx!

~ Clare

(480) 964-0199 direct

(480) 250-2000 cell


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Obama Accused of Treating Israel ‘Like a Punching Bag’

From Newsmax

Jewish-American conservatives have taken out a full-page ad in leading newspapers urging the Obama administration to “stop blaming Israel first.”

The ad by the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) ran Thursday in The New York Times, Miami Herald and several other…


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How the Leftists Stimulus Plan Works - A Primer

It's a slow day in the small town of Pumphandle and the streets are deserted. Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody is living on credit.

A tourist visiting the area drives through town, stops at the motel, and lays a $100 bill on the desk saying he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs to pick one for the night.

As soon…


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Call Iowa from Home for Ron Raul!

To make calls to Voters in Iowa for Ron Paul
       (they vote on Jan. 3),
go to the link below.  You must download Google Chrome.
They will supply the phone numbers.
~ Clare

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Michele Bachmann

RE: FA's email "Have You Ever Wondered About This?
        "Doesn't the conservative side of this country want a more conservative nominee like Michele
         Bachmann . . . "
Don't be fooled (as the TEA Party apparently has been).
Michele Bachmann and her husband were IRS attorneys.
They knew the law didn't apply in the Private Sector - but still made $ for their…

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Religion Affiliation Map of US, by state

Very Interesting......

This is great... this map gives you the percentage of Christians and all faiths in each state...

Click on the following and see the different religions by state and elsewhere by holding the cursor over a state.  Note where the Muslims are!!!…


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S1867 Misinformation

When spreading rumors, it is a good idea that the rumors be accurate. Otherwise one runs the risk of losing credibility. There is plenty to dislike about this bill, but detention of US citizens is not one of them. 

Here is the claim by Downsize DC:

 URGENT Indefinite Jailing of Americans, and Others Get It Worse

Posted by Jim Babka

The U.S. Senate is about to take some law enforcement powers from the Justice Department, and give greater…


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A Note from the RNC Political Director

[Editor's note: While this is favorable news, don't let it make you complacent.  We are looking at truckloads of money being spent by leftists in AZ to cheat or do whatever necessary to assure a win.]
On a sidenote, I was listening to Hugh Hewitt the other day when he said that Arizona is now a blue state with its redistricting.  Let's prove him wrong!



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Taking the unions to court in Arizona - Goldwater Institute

posted at 12:20 pm on December 8, 2011 by Jazz Shaw

Regular readers will recall our previous coverage of the ongoing saga of the Goldwater Institute and the investigative work they’ve done regarding public worker unions abusing taxpayers in Arizona. Whether it’s paying union officials full time salaries on the taxpayer time while doing no work for the public or trying to…


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My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
Thomas Jefferson



The best in books to make every conservative start thinking in new ways about America and the world being controlled by the Obama Administrations AND Republicans and Democrats.  Some surprises are in store for those who look!




Suppose the earth and its inhabitants exist in order to identify just what causes mankind continually to suffer so many troublesome problems and afflictions.








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